Chapter 147

Zane shifted on his chair as London glided into his office like a dove. Her luscious curves teasing him as she bent down to shelve a file in the bottom drawer of the cabinet. He could feel himself beginning to swell in his cage and quickly crossed his legs, desperately trying to quell his evident desire.

"Is London on her way? The party is already going on in the conference room," London asked, giving her boss the not so subtle hint that she wanted to cut out early and join the fun.

"Uh, yes, of course, she wouldn't miss it," A startled Zane replied, blushing as London had noticed his eyes glued to her backside. His wife was indeed on her way to the retirement party, but only out of obligation for being a spouse of upper management. London had no clue in the world who the retiring Roger Williamson was, but as Zane's wife, she had to make an appearance.

Zane sighed as bit into the overly sweet marble cake, obsessively glancing at the glass lobby doors for any sign of his tardy wife. He
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