Chapter 149

***ZANE'S POV***

I had a meeting with Rio Monteleo and I was on my way to Aloha district.

London was sitting beside me and the baby was in the baby carrier beside her.

Little Dante was growing up so fast.

It has been eleven months since we last saw or heard of Oliver and Michael and I didn't give a fuck where they were hiding or what was going on in their lives.

But deep in me, I knew they were hiding underground, ready to attack at any given time.

"Dada. Dddada," little Dante sings song as he bit on his play toy.

My boy was always blabbing but now, he could call my name and I squealed with excitement whenever I heard him call out on me.

"Yes, little angel? We are soon reaching Rio's house. I bet you would want to see Kayla again, right?" I asked staring at him.

Kayla was Rio's wife, Mia's, niece and she had been staying with them since her parents died in an accident.

She was three and would talk shit out of Dante whenever they met.

"Yes. Koala... Meet baby Koala,"
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