Chapter 148


Zane has been acting off for the past three nights and I just can't because it makes my head hurt.

I have the night to myself since the baby is sleeping and here I am sitting on the patio waiting for Zane to come home.

He has been coming home lately, and although I haven't called him out on that, the truth was, I didn't know what to actually tell him.

The moment I dozed off, I heard the creak of a car and a familiar figure materialize before me. I noticed Zane before his manly fragrance washed over my nostrils. Wringling my body to a sitting position, I push my hands forward, begging for Zane to carry me.

He does and I crinkle my nostrils at how wasted he was.

"I hate that you get drunk every night you get home," I say, admitting to it.

"If I want to survive another day, knowing that Oliver is out there, at least, let me do it drunk," he mutters honestly.

My eyes flutter several times as I try to maintain my gaze on him.

"You don't have to kill hi
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