Chapter 150


Mia had baby fever, she just kept her hands on my baby and I loved the fact that Dante was loving the attention.

"You are going to spoil him," I tease her and she chuckles.

"Just like Zane. I know. I can't help it," she stutters.

Smiling at her, I grabbed the bottle of juice and poured it into a glass, I took a healthy sip.

"I can help you with the last minute things, but then, anything that comes up, you will have to sort it out yourself, I hope you know that," she says staring at me.

"Of course, I do. See, you know why we couldn't do this home at Lake Side City, Mia. The fact that Oliver hasn't made a move yet doesn't mean he isn't looking for the right time to attack. Right now, Zane wouldn't take the chance of sitting around and waiting for the man to pull up, remove his Glock, and shoot us," I explained.

Mia nodded. Keeping Dante on the play pen and helping Kayla to be beside him, they start playing.

"Why do you think Rio wanted Zane to be here?"
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