Chapter 151

***ZANE'S POV***

I watch how London squirms when I touch her, it just makes me want more. Touching her clit with my thumb and index finger, I squeeze it a little bit until she is a whimpering mess.

Covering her mouth with hers, I chuckle at it, making her sneer.

"I'll come if you continue like that," she cries out.

"Then, don't let me hold you a younger, London, cum for me," I order.

At once, she drives between my hands.

We don't have penetrative sex, but I do make her cum twice with my tongue, and at the end, I lap all of her juices, not making her drop a single one.

"Let me return the favor," London says when I try to buckle my trousers.

Cupping her face in my hand, I decline softly.

"You will have plenty of time to do that later. Not now, though," I say.

When she frowns, my eyes grow dark and my jaws hallow.

"I was in a meeting, London. Now, go check on the baby and keep Mia company. I will make sure to show up for dinner on time," I explain.

When my wife roll
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