Chapter 152

***ZANE'S POV***

I was talking to Rio Monteleo about the possibilities of establishing a stronger power and taking out Oliver in a heartbeat when I heard annoying sounds coming from the outside.

Walking towards the window, I dip my head down and see London pacing and talking mad into the phone. She looks so stressed out. Also, she acted like she was tired and the pale color of her face made me know that she was stressed out from whatever was stealing her attention.

"Something's going on with my wife downstairs. I will go and see what the problem is," I say warmly, excusing myself from Rio's office.

He stands to make it outside with me and then, he touches my shoulder. Looking behind my back, I wait to hear what he has to say.

"Take it easy with her, Zane. Remember she is just a kid and you have more experience than her. Support her, teach her what you want and you will see the rest of your world falling into place around you," he mutters, explaining to me.

I sta
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