Chapter 216


"Good girl, that is it, you take my cock so well, open wider," Rio barks out at Mia.

I've never been so turned on before.

When I feel Zane's hand slips into my folds, I gasp but he doesn't even show a sign if remorse as he notices how wet I am.

Mia is gurgling over her man's huge dick in her throat and I am here getting off with Zane's fingers in my pussy.

"You like that don't you? That's what you are, my little whore and I can use any holes in your body because they belong to me, all mine, little slut," he says more degrading words to Mia.

When he fucks her harder, I watch in shock as her hands wrap around his waist and he fucks her throat with vigour.

When he starts shaking, I feel Zane's finger rub harder against my clit and then, I shiver as I start cumming.

Rio splashes his cum all over his wife's face as promised and I squirt out on the table.

Zane looks down at me and I shut my eyes in humiliation. Double degradation.

The men have a strong game an
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