Chapter 80

***ZANE'S POV***

The following morning at noon, I was already tired of this hospital. After returning from the laboratory where a list of tests were conducted on me, I was brought back to my ward to wait for my results.

"Where is London?" I asked Russell as he entered the room, handing me a cup of coffee.

"Whiskey will do just fine," I grimaced.

"Well, you are on drugs and must be careful then," he warned playfully, shuffling the paper cup and lifting it to my mouth.

When I took a sip, I looked up at him, waiting for a reply to my answer.

"Your wife was sent home to rest. The women will take care of her," Russell says.

"The last time they were put in charge, they ended up in a club and men saw them as a free ride. Let's not forget the fact that I am in a hospital because of that act," I blurt out flaring my nostrils.

"Calm down, brother. I got guards watching them, and they are not to go anywhere without any of the men knowing. Casey knows better than to cross the
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