Chapter 9


I can't help but notice the big room that I am in. It is definitely Zane's room because it is so masculine. The room is painted black, and the view from the window is rich, mostly showing off the town.

A big closet and a door I assume is the bathroom. Thinking about bathrooms, my bladder screams for release.

"Zane?" I whisper.

Zane had been checking me out, he always seems to do this, thus, it is no doubt that he hears me call him on the first try.

"Yes, Little girl," he says his brows knotting above his head.

He just called me little girl. I don't seem to understand Zane, he spanks me, locks me in a cage and now, he calls me little girl? My ovaries rejoice which makes me shudder.

"Can I use the bathroom, please?" I ask gently, but I want him to just say yes, I need to pee.

His eyes soften with understanding, he nods his head as he slides down from the bedroom, I follow suit as he lifts his head, indicating the bathroom door.

I walk to the bath
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