Dahlia The Female Alpha Of Alpha’s

Dahlia The Female Alpha Of Alpha’s

By:  Becca Lou  Completed
Language: English
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All I ever wanted was to be loved for who I am, not what I am. It sucks, especially since I have been declared the alpha of alpha’s by none other than Selene our Moon Goddess. I never had a say. I shifted early at 16 and things went to shit. My only true friend Malachi stayed away from me and I never understood why. Not until I turned 21 and knew in that moment that history would repeat itself.

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Suzy Williams Kozi
great story. loved the characters.
2024-06-17 01:42:15
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I loved this book. It is getting hard to decide which one is my favorite, especially when each member of the family has a very unique story. What I love about Becca's books is she put you on an emotional roller-coaster, from love, laughter, betrayal and even sacrifice. Definitely check it out
2024-06-01 18:24:28
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Katie Scott
Loved the ending to this book, have been impatiently waiting to read about Rosa, so I’m super excited that’s it’s releasing in June. You have amazing talent author and I can’t wait to read the next book that your beautiful mind creates!
2024-05-26 21:05:10
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Brianna Norelius
I love these books so very much
2024-05-23 01:12:32
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Katie Scott
Love this book so far, this author is amazing!
2024-05-21 14:55:30
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Kim Cormier
enjoying the book so far just gets a bit old waiting on the mates to get together I prefer them getting together and supporting each other rather than having problems after problems after problems gets old
2024-05-15 01:33:32
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Becca Lou
Hi lovelies, thank you for reading Dahlia The Female Alpha If Alpha’s. I will update daily. Please rate the book and drop some gems. Thanks for the continued support. Much love Becca Lou xx
2024-05-02 07:15:01
93 Chapters
Chapter 1.
Dahlia POV.“Wakey, wakey hooman.” I groan, clutching the pillow tighter over my head. The one thing I hate is being woken up in the mornings, especially when I’m hungover to death. I only wish that Celeste, my wolf, would get the damn memo.“Celeste, shut the fuck up!” I moan as she chuckles in my head. Damn wolf!“Na ah, no can do princess, get your ass up. Today’s the day, we will find him. Our mate.” if I didn’t already have a banging headache, I would certainly have one now. She is bouncing on her paws, letting out excited yips and playful barks. “No, we won’t. Or have you forgotten? We don’t have one.” I snap at her as I roll over, pulling the quilt higher, when my hand brushes against something cold. She whimpers.“Of course we do. Now we are 21, we will find him. Now, up, up, up shower, shit, brush your teeth and, for fuck’s sake, brush your hair.” I crack my eyes open and remove the quilt. I chuckle, still a little bit drunk, as I find the empty bottle of wolf’s brew.Today
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Chapter 2.
Dahlia POV.My vision blurs with tears when I feel rage, sadness, shock. “Why?” my chest heaving as he gets closer. He reaches for me and I take a step back and he sighs, dropping his hand. He looks at me sadly. But I won’t fall for it.“I asked you a fucking question, Malachi. Why?” I snarl out, wanting his fucking blood.“Dahlia, listen. I’m sorry ok! I was going to tell you. I couldn’t. I’m sorry, my love.” I scoff as I look away, my fists balled and my nails drawing blood.“You knew for a long time. Yet, you ran like a pussy. You refused to look at me, you refused to speak to me. You were my best friend, Mal. But I know it meant shit to you. I can’t do this.” I say as the tears leave my eyes, but I wipe them away angrily. He sighs as he clenches his fists. Even now, he can’t offer me any form of comfort. It’s for the best.“Dahlia, I’m sorry. I never meant to cause you any pain.” I slap him across his face and I glare at him. Celeste wants his head.“You never wanted to cause me
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Chapter 3.
Dahlia POV.We shift back and make my way back to the packhouse. I need to speak to my parents and tell them what I want to do.I can’t let the pack see how much this has hurt me, so I suck it up. Hold my head high, chest out, and strut. This is my pack, my home, and I won’t be made to feel like I don’t belong here.Walking past the wolves who lower their eyes, I ignore them as I continue to walk to the packhouse when I hear a crash and my father’s furious voice. I groan as I take the steps two at a time and jog towards his office. Beta Marcus and his mate Beta Kendra are standing outside his office when I hear another crash. I burst through the door and see my father his hands planted on his desk, his fangs elongated and his green eyes shining. I look around for the danger and see Malachi and Sapphire sitting in front of his desk. I look to the left and see my mom, sitting there looking unimpressed with what is happening in here.“Ok, what the fuck is going on?” I shout as all eyes
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Chapter 4.
Dahlia POV.Back in my room after that odd encounter with the unnamed Alpha. I lay staring at the ceiling as my phone vibrates again. I groan and roll over and grab it off the nightstand and see missed calls and messages from my dad, mom, Malachi, my twin brothers, and other people. I swipe them all away and turn it off.“Celeste, are you awake?” I ask as I roll back onto my back and she hums in acknowledgment.“Who was he?” I ask her as I can’t get his eyes from my head. Those grey-blue eyes seem familiar, but I can’t place them.“Alpha Silas Reynolds. He is the Alpha from the Silver Moon pack. You have seen him before. He is allied with Venom Fang.” She says, and I sit up and think. Oh my goddess, she is right.“We can’t stay here. He will inform father and I don’t want to see him or mom just yet.” I say to her and jump out of bed and gather my things.“Dahlia, stop! You can’t keep running. Just get some sleep and we will have a conversation with him in the morning. He knows who you
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Chapter 5.
Dahlia POV.“You will have your own room and bathroom. You are the only female alpha we have that is entering our training program. We have omegas who will cook and clean. The men you will be training with are the next alpha’s inline to take over their packs, so be warned.” He says as we walk up the driveway to the massive packhouse in front of us.“I thought this was a camp?” I ask, looking up at the imposing building.“The packhouse is the training centre, the camp is behind. You, however, as well as the rest of the future alphas, will be staying here. They share barracks. You won’t be.” He says, and I stop walking.“So I’m being treated differently because I’m a female?” this is stupid, just one more example of the difference between she-wolf and male.“You are the first female alpha to come here since we started this ten years ago. Those men in there will see you as another hole to fuck and play with. The reason we started this was because of your mother.” I look at him, confused
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Chapter 6.
Dahlia POV.After dinner, an omega shows me the way to alpha Reynold’s office and I knock on the door and wait for him to tell me to enter. When he does, I walk in with my head low.“Please, sit down Dahlia.” He says and I take a deep breath and move towards his desk and sit down.“I know things are done differently in Venom Fang, but here you follow the rules. So I will let it slide just once. You are to show respect at all times. I know that may be difficult for you. You have come from the largest pack in the world. So I know you don’t see the need to stand on ceremony. But here I run a tight ship and I hold the reins.” He says, and I look at him. Did he just basically call me spoiled? “Just because I come from the biggest pack doesn’t mean I have been treated like a princess. I have been training my whole life, for a life and a position I didn’t want. So with all due respect, Alpha, you only know what you have read and briefly seen of me. Don’t confuse me with some self entitled l
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Chapter 7.
Malachi POV.Every day for the past four years, we have all tried to find Dahlia, but it’s like she has vanished from the face of the earth.Destinee and Titus have used pack resources to find her, but always come up empty-handed. Today would have been her 25th birthday, four years to the day that she left after learning of not just mine but her parents and the pack’s betrayal towards her.Every day, I try to get her to open the pack link, but nothing, not even Fenrir or Selene, have been able to find her. “Daddy.” I am pulled out of my thoughts when my little boy Harrison enters the living room, rubbing his eyes and I stand up, moving to scoop him up.“Good morning, little man. Did you sleep well?” I ask him as I kiss his head.“Yeha. But I’m hungry daddy.” He says, nodding his head, and I chuckle at him. It has been hard the past four years since he was born.Sapphire died bringing him into the world, so I have raised him on my own. We broke up not long after Dahlia vanished. Sapph
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Chapter 8.
Dahlia POV.After four years, our training is complete. Out of the twenty of us that started this journey, only fourteen made it through.“So, we heading to your pack?” Lucius says as he puts his arm around my shoulders and I roll my eyes at him.One night, while I was showering. Six of the males tried to rape me. They knocked out the omega when I was showering and attacked. I fought them off, but six on one I couldn’t. I took down three before I was slammed headfirst into the wall.It was Lucius, Brent, Johnny, and Dex that pulled the male off me and Lucius ripped his throat out before they killed the others. Since then, we became friends.“Don’t you have your own pack to go back to? Why are you so incessant to follow me like a lost puppy?” I say to him when he whines and sticks out his bottom lip. Oh goddess no, not the puppy dog eyes.“Don’t you do it.” I warn when he does it. Goddamn it.“Please, we will behave.” My eyes widen. We?“We, what we? Who is we?” I ask when I see the ot
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Chapter 9.
Dahlia POV.“Well, look who decided to come home.” She scoffs at me as I move closer. I ignore her and smile at the little blonde-haired girl, who looks extremely uncomfortable and sad.I move to my knees in front of the little girl and she gulps, looking up at the huge alpha males behind me.“Hey, what’s your name?” I ask her gently, and she looks at her mother before she looks at me.“Sarah.” She stutters out, well that won’t do. I don’t want this pup to be scared of me.“That is a lovely name for a pretty little girl, and who is this?” I turn and look at the little dark-haired boy who is looking at me with the same eyes as his father.“Harrison.” I smile at him as I stand up.“Nice to you meet you both. I’m Dahlia. Do you both know the way to the day care?” I ask and they nod, biting their little lips and I smile at them, seeing them relax slightly.“Ok, why don’t you both go and head inside while the grownups talk?” I say as Malachi nods his head before kissing his son and setting
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Chapter 10.
Malachi POV.Goddess, she looks amazing. She has changed so much, but those eyes have haunted me since the day everything went to shit. The day she rejected me. Four years ago today.“She looks amazing. I can only imagine how Celeste looks.” Hyde says as we walk towards the training ground.It is taking everything in me to not turn around and run to her. Take her in my arms and beg for forgiveness.“She does, she really does Hyde. Give it time. We hurt her. She won’t forgive us so easily. Dahlia has always been stubborn.” I tell him when he whimpers before he grunts.“She will come round when she is ready.” He says, and I nod as we enter the training grounds. The wolves are in lines and ready to train. I set my bag down and strip my t-shirt off and give out instructions.I walk around the warriors that are sparring as I feel eyes on me. I turn and see Dahlia standing with the four unknown males beside her.Her critical eye watching everything, every move. One of the alphas points and
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