Damaged and Dangerous

Damaged and Dangerous

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"DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE TO COME NEAR ME, BASTARD!” she screamed on top of her lungs as he kept walking towards like a hunter walking towards its prey meanwhile he took off all his clothing and stood straight in front of her in his naked glory revealing his perfectly carved muscular body. "I warned you to stay out of it but…. You… you are too fucking stubborn to listen me” he said staring deep in her eyes. "Yo.. you..are a fucking monster!” She said with pure rage filled in her eyes in the meantime she struggled to free her hands from handcuff which were attached to ceiling "After tonight you’ll see me as even worst then a monster, Victoria!” he replied by smashing his dark pink lips on her red one and started suck them like a manic meanwhile his hands started tearing out every single piece of clothing from her body until she was left with nothing. "Tonight, I will kill you bitch…” he said pulling away from their kiss as his hands started torturing her delicate body by digging his nails. Follow ‘Damaged and Dangerous’ to know more about story of love, betrayal, infidelity, hurt and revenge -CONTAIN MATURE CONTENT (18+), STRONG ABUSE AND WHOLE LOT OF TORTURE ACTS. SO KINDLY READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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93 Chapters
Chapter 1: Accidental Meeting
Third person POV:“Aaahhh…. Ohh… Ohh.. god… Stop it… plea.. please… stop  STOPPPPP… STOP IT SIR….” Katina screamed on top of her lungs“SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH…. SHUT UP THE FUCK UP… I PAID YOU TO CALM MY FUCKING BEAST NOW KEEP YOUR SLUTERY MOUTH SHUT UNTIL I REALEASE INSIDE YOU....” Alex growled on her face he mercilessly kept on thrusting inside her bleeding and swollen core“Sto.. stop…” Katina was saying something when Alex viciously slapped her right cheek and squeezed her neck to suffocate her in between their intimidate moments“Pleee… plee.. don’t.. it hurt it hurt’s…. Pleee… stop… let me go” she again pleaded however Alex completely ignored her pleading and brutally kept on tearing her vagina until just couple of seconds later whilst he was filled with boredom when he sa
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Chapter 2 : Marriage Announcement
Alex POV:“Wow……..” was the only word that left my mouth by seeing her.She was around 5’10 feet tall properly dress in white and red colored pure silk Indian saree (A traditional wear) with lot of expensive Jewelry, her doe like eyes were perfectly outlined with kajal, her wheatish Indian skin tone was absolutely flawless and was complementing her hazel brown orbs, her hairs were pulled back and tied up in a perfect bun with a Jasmine garland entirely tied around it, I was busy taking in her appearance when“Excuse me..? helloooooo?... Hey are you even listening to me?” she said clicking her index finger and thumb together“Aaahh….” I was about to say something but nothing came out“Can you give me my bangle?” she said pointing towards my right hand in which I was holding it, like hypnotic person I swiftly showed her my right hand“Thank you&rd
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Chapter 3: Victoria
Ethan POV:“Why.. Does it hurt brother to think of you little love… AAROHI?” Jacob said to me in mocking tone while I uncountable started punching him hard right on his face until my twin brothers interrupted us and pulled me away, I saw Jacob’s wounded jaw as he spit out mouth full of blood and wiped his lips with back of his hand “What the hell Ethan, what is wrong with you?” Adrian roared on me when I turned my head toward him “Don’t you again dare to use that fucking tone with me ADRIAN” I warned him pointing my index finger “Ethan… I..” Adrian tried to say something when  “DON’T” was the only word that left my mouth before everyone went mum except my bastard middle brother Jacob who was still smirking at me showing me his blood coated teeth’s, I felt dis
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Chapter 4: Pleasure in Darkness
Ethan POV:“Victoria” she said in her most seductive voice standing straight In front of me while I on other hand used my free hand to push and lock door behind me“Come here” I ordered her in my stern dominating voice and she closed the remaining one meter gap between us by softly pressing her body on me“Like this Ethan..?” she questioned me hearing which I immediately put back cell phone from my hand in my trouser pocket and snaked my left hand In her waist, furthermore i swiftly turned her body towards door and pressed her back hard against it while I pressed my hard body on her soft one“You Bitch how dare you to call me by my name?” I questioned her squeezing her more on wooden door behind her, we were surrounded by utter darkness because of which I wasn’t able to see her facial expression when“Ethan..” she again said in same seductive tone which burned someth
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Chapter 5: A Painful Memory
Alex POV:“Dude I don’t think that good idea..” Adrian hissed as I informed him that I am visiting Knight.Inc for searching my hot Indian beauty that was probably a top model in our company since she was getting dressed in dressing section of 9th floor“What’s wrong in that?” I questioned him back tying my shoelace by sitting on edge of my bed“Don’t you dare tell me you forgot our father warning from last night fundraiser huh?” Adrian said getting up from his bed and stretching his body“Father is already pissed with us and trust me when I tell you this that I do need his money for spending on my luxury life” He added yawing lightly, Yes! we are sharing same room since we both are twins; Adrian and I are more closed to each other than our elder brothers not just because we are twins but also because we both had almost lost our life twice once when we were new bo
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Chapter 6: Useless in bed
Third person POV:“Ethan?” Alex questioned in his deep voice and soon turned his gaze to Victoria whose clothes were little messy“What are you doing here Alex” Ethan questioned him and immediately took two step back from Victoria by withdrawing his right hand which was holding her neck from behind“Nothing, Just wanted to see proceeding of this lingerie shoot by myself” Alex replied in his timid voice as his eyes kept on taking peeks of Victoria who was busy aligning her black colored satin silk two piece lingerie which she was wearing in mean time Alex notices that it was only Ethan and Victoria were present inside studio without any of their staff“Where are all our staff?” Alex questioned Ethan as he walked and stood right in front of them however to his surprise Ethan did not bothered to respond, he simply walked out of studio leaving both of them behind.The instant Ethan left A
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Chapter 7: Unexpected Pregnancy
Third person POV:When Ethan saw Ariel standing at their main door he hurriedly got out his car and with long stride he made his way towards her “Are you out of your fucking mind, what are you doing here?” Ethan questioned her in his irritated voice “Am here to meet Jacob, Ethan please help me get to him… I really need to see him” Ariel said in her pleading tone hearing which Ethan only sighed in response “Listen.. Ariel, I know you was his girlfriend but… he is soon going to marry someone else, so it’s better for you both to keep distances from each other” he spoke in his dominating voice “What are you saying Ethan… I cannot keep distances from him, your brother promised to marry me; he said he wanted to have family with me but sudd… suddenly yesterday I heard this news… that he.. is engaged to Lisa” Ariel sobbed loudly however in response Ethan simple gave out a small chu
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Chapter 8: Termination
Third person POV:Jacob abruptly left casino along with Christopher and immediately rushed back to their mansion where from distance he saw several police car and media van aligned outside their Mansion gate “What the fuck is happening here?” Jacob lightly growled question Christopher who too had his eyes fixed on all the chaos that was happening outside ‘Knight Mansion’ “Well…. Sir, you know Miss Ariel, she was miss world and her sudden murder had caused direct link and suspect of every individual on Knight Family, since her last public appearance was only with Knight.inc as she was still holding our Top Model modeling contract” Christopher explained when in right that moment Jacobs phone started ringing loud and he saw his father name flashing on his screen “Yes?” he merely questioned his father in one word “You can see right…. What’s happening around because of your pet slut?” Mr
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Chapter 9: Pretended Mother
Third person POV:Victoria walked out of Knight.inc and immediately called someone who responded her call in just couple of rings “He terminated my contract” Victoria said in her frustrated tone “Don’t worry, come meet me now” The person on other line said “What is your location, I’ll send my car to pick you up” he added “No need, I’ll be there by myself” Victoria replied and hung up. She then quickly booked a cab via ‘UBER mobile App’ which arrived in 5 minutes.“OTP please miss” Driver question Victoria “3215” Victoria replied and got busy in her cell phone as driver started his car and their ride began towards their destination, 45 minutes later when they reached to a familiar location “Please park right outside ‘The Mahal’ mansion” Victoria said in polite tone  hearing which “Wow miss.. you stay at ‘The Maha
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Chapter 10: Secret tears
Third person POV:“Good.. now that we have settled, why don’t you go and make yourself comfortable” Kabir told Victoria who was busy throwing dragger at him with her sharp eyes however she lazily turned her heels and went upstairs towards panchi room without even bothering to reply him back.40 minutes later kabir was busy working on one of his upcoming project inside his study room which was right beside his daughter room when he unexpectedly heard some faint giggling and laughter sound coming from panchi bedroom, to scrutinize the same he immediately locked his laptop screen and made his way towards panchi room and stood right in front of her door.Kabir gently turned knob of panchi bedroom door and pushed it wide open only to see most enchanting scene playing in front of his eyes, his daughter was busy playing mini carom with Victoria while they both were laughing and giggling their heart out, the scene playing in front of K
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