Dark Blood: The Series

Dark Blood: The Series

By:  Taylor Walker  Ongoing
Language: English
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Do you want the physical copy of the series to read ahead? Search Dark Blood Series/Taylor Walker Dark Blood on Amazon. £2.00-£6.00. My name is Killian Saunders. I started off as a normal teenager living a normal life until now. I’ve been pushed from pillar to post, investigation after investigation to find the main problem with my mental health. I live in the psychiatric part of the hospital because I can be a possible threat to everyone around me. But the main problem is, nothing is helping me. No one is helping me. I have no relationship with my family anymore and I’m losing everyone I need and trust. But I feel its going to be too late until I get the help that I need. It won’t be long until I’m not me... it won’t be long until I turn into the monster I fear the most.

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22 Chapters
Happy Family (Present)
I walk into my bedroom, close my door, and shut my curtains because I want to be alone. I place my back against the door and slowly slid to the floor. My bedroom is dark and silent and I can hear my Mum and Dad argue in the living room downstairs. This is day 3 of the arguments. I know this move won’t be ideal; I know we won’t be happy because we have left all of our family and friends behind. I can only hear parts of the arguments and all my Dad can bring up is that he regrets moving. This is a selfish decision that my Mum has made and we should have discussed it as a family matter rather than her taking it upon herself to go ahead with the new job. The shouting, Banging, smashing, crying and sc
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I find myself still running. Running away from everything, I am always good at that. Suddenly I stop, I’m surrounded by trees, leaves and logs. It doesn’t take me long to realize that I am in dead man’s woods. I walk over to a log and sit down. I try to think about what has just happened back at home, but... I can’t remember. It’s like I have some sort of amnesia. The more I try to remember, the angrier I become. Last thing I remember is speaking to my Mum in the kitchen.
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The Aftermath
I awake in a hospital bed, alone in a single room. I try to move, but they’ve cuffed both my arms to the rails on either side of me. I look over to my right hand and realize I have a plaster cast on my hand up to my elbow. But they even cuff that to the bed. ‘What’s going on?’ I think. The door opens. It was my Mum. “Hi darling, how are you feeling?” she asks sweetly. I just look at her. I can’t remember what happened. I remember coming to hospital ab
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This is who I am
I sit on my bed and watch the doctor and my Mum talking. I can see them, but I can’t hear them. My Mum waves her hands in the air and it looks as if she is yelling at the doctor. I turn away and look through my window, I can’t help but stare.  “Killian,” my Mum says. I look over. Both her and the doctor were looking at me.  “Yeah?” I reply. 
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Let's Pretend
We pull up into our driveway. Our house looks normal, look as if no one is home. I take my belt off and open the car door. I stand and stare at our house; I close the door behind me and wait for my Mum.  “There you go sweetheart, home sweet home.” She says happily.  I look over to her and back at the house. I can’t help but feel something is a bit off. My Mum walks in front towards the door, I follow not far behind her. She puts her key in t
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I'm Fine
A new day approaches. I wake up in my hospital room. Silence fills the room. I don’t think I can do this anymore. I will be forever on pills to control my sanity. Who wants to live like that?    Knock, knock   
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Friendship is All You Need
I wake up in the nurses’ room with my Mum stroking my head. Even though I don’t remember how I got there, I know it was a rage frenzy.  “Mum,” I say.  “I can’t do this anymore,” I cry.  She cries too and hush me whilst still stroking my hair. 
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Is She My Cure?
Back at the hospital where I’ve never felt more comfortable. Laid on my bed with Penny cuddled up to me watching a movie. I feel like me; I feel there’s nothing wrong with me anymore. Having the perfect girl with me is my medicine. “Why did you not say anything about how you feel towards me?” Penny asks with a smile. “Same as you, a bag of nerves,” I laugh.
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The Woods
Finally, we arrive at Dead Man’s Woods. Wade pulls over into the muddy parking area. I look outside the window, it’s pitch black and thick with fog. “Well, if this isn’t spooky, I don’t know what is.” Wade says as he turns off the ignition. “I hope you have big torches Wade, the fog is really thick,” Penny says worryingly.
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Why Can't I Remember?
I stand in front of the mirror. I look at the big plaster across my neck then I look down to my wrists which also has plasters them. What am I going to do? I need to find something to wear that will cover them. I walk over to my wardrobe and open the doors. I grab my t-shirt, jeans and scarf, then I grab my black hoodie from the side of the wardrobe. I put my t-shirt on and my jeans. As I’m about to put my Van’s on...  
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