Dark Dragon

Dark Dragon

By:  Rhea Lindsey  Ongoing
Language: English
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Madchen ia a sweet girl with a past she wishes to forget, everything changes though when she comes in contact with the powerful Andrei family and draws the attention of Drago, the handsome brooding dark middle son.Madchen soon realizes her destiny has led her onto a path that will change her whole world

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57 Chapters
A New Start
 Madchen still couldn’t believe it, this was her new home! Florida!!!Searching through the jobs on Indeed, she found an ad for a respiratory therapist at The Sacred Heart Hospital in Miami, so she applied, not expecting them to call her.
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Little Girl...
“I believe it’s going to be a long day, little girl,” He said, as they walked to their unit together.Everyone there who knew her well, called Madchen Little Girl, it was after all the meaning of her German name. Her father had named her, telling her up until the day she died she would always be his “little girl,”
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The Andrei's
The father was a tall , handsome man, in his mid fifties, with a head of thick black hair, and strikingly sharp features and eyes so dark one could only recognize they were  blue hue upon close inspection.  Marcu, his son, appeared to be in his early thirties. Although not as tall as his father, or muscular, he was still handsome nonetheless, with his ashe blonde hair that flipped when he shook it and dark grey eyes. His features somewhat resembled his father’s, with his high cheekbones and sharp chin.Both were friendly and respectful to the therapists, pending they offered the same in return,but woe be unto he that pissed them off.
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My Boss is a Pervert
Madchen shook her long red tresses as she entered the department workroom.Somehow, her dark red hair always had a golden sheen to it, a natural highlight she was born with,along with her striking blue green eyes.Her German-irish heritage shown through with her hair,yet she kept a surprisingly golden skin tone.
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After a hard day’s work, Madchen, Nick and Kimber headed to their favorite bar, close to the beach. The sunset was beautiful as usual. They sipped on their beers as they watched it disappear into the water’s silver hues, while playing a friendly game of pool. The winner always played the next opponent.  
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When Madchen looked up, the strange surfer dude was gone.She shook her head and went back to nursing her drink, talking to Maya.
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Protected Against My Will
“What the…” Madchen was desperate. She pushed every button on the elevator, even the emergency call trying to escape “Adam”“Yes, can we help you,” came a voice through the intercom.
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You Have No Choice
“Yeah boss, I found her, Yes, she’s safe, no she’s not happy, Yes I’m staying with her,no the guards didn’t give me any trouble,”“Here, he wants to talk to you,” Adam pushed the phone toward her, and she took it reluctantly.
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We've Adopted You!
“You’re mercenaries!” “Close enough,” the older dr gave her a knowing look.
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Settling In
Later on, Madchen and Nick were cuddled up on the couch, as good friends would do, with Adam keeping a watchful eye on them.“Nick?” she looked up at him,
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