Dark Fate; Mated To A Cheating Alpha

Dark Fate; Mated To A Cheating Alpha

By:  M.M Chinny  Updated just now
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In one day, Alana's life was changed forever when she discovered that her best friend was pregnant for her mate, the Alpha. Worse, he had accepted the unborn child whole heartedly and wants to make her Luna and claim her, giving her her rightful mate mark which he denied her. Was the moon goddess punishing me for my unknown sins or was this a chance for her to reject her Mate and find another who would worship the ground she walked on?

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Another Luna
ALANA’S POVI held the paper in my hands, my lips trembling as I read each word. No matter how hard I tried to convince myself that this was a dream and I would soon wake up to reality, the words before me on the test sheet didn’t disappear.And neither did my mate’s prescence fade away. He was standing there, expressionless as usual as he waited for a reply from me.What did he want me to say?“She’s three months gone, and I’ve already had a meeting with the elders not too long ago. They’ll only accept Diana as my second Luna and the mother of my child if you agree with the terms and conditions of her living here as mine.”I stared at him blankly, my jaw lowered to the floor. To think my mate couldn’t stoop down low any further, to think my best friend Diana would actually comfort me whenever Lucian hit me or abused me, but stab me right in the back by actually having an affair with my mate, to think he was actually trying to persuade me into agreeing to make Diana his Luna?I knew r
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She is pregnant
ALANA’S POVFor one, I definitely did not have a weak wolf, and even though his wolf was stronger than mine by an arm’s length, I could still put up a fight with him.Most of time when Lucian was too busy for me, I was usually at the training fields with Caleb. He was a Gamma and third in command to the Alpha, Lucian, and was my best friend, the only one who had ever stood up for me all through.Right from when it was Lucian, me, him and Diana, he’s always been my anchor, and I wouldn’t replace him for anyone else in the world.So If Lucian thinks he’s going to bully me again and force me into doing what I didn’t feel comfortable with, he better think again because I will rather die by his hands instead.I could see the surprise in his eyes at my retort before he quickly concealed it with anger, leaving me stunned as to why I had never bothered to look into his eyes to let his real feelings give him away there.He suddenly grabbed my neck and forced my head to the wall, my chin raised
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He no longer loves her
ALANA’S POVWhen I couldn’t get a word out of Lucian, I just shook my head.“I’m so stupid ..” the tears which I had been trying really hard to hold in causally rolled down my cheeks. “I’m so stupid ..” I whispered again, this time, a pained chuckle escaping my lips as I turn away to leave.This time, Lucian doesn’t follow me, and when I reach the stairs, about to climb up, I turn to see Lucian still standing there, his eyes fixed on me.“Diana will bear her child out of wedlock, because she will not and can never be your Luna.”I don’t wait for a reaction and I turn and skidded upstairs, my hands gripping the railings tight.I was so blinded by the tears in my eyes that I don’t see where exactly I was headed to until I bump into someone.Sniffing, I rub my eyes and my eyes grew cold seeing Diana standing there, wondering what she was doing on my floor.The worry in her eyes sickened me, and I so badly wanted to give her a piece of my mind, but I respected the fact that she was pregna
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LUCIAN’S POVI was sitting down in the dining room, wondering if the person I had just had a conversation with was still the same Alana I knew. The timid, vunerable, intimidated woman who crouched before me In fear.I thought this conversation would go a lot smoother than I thought. Break the news to her, get her to concede to Diana being the second Luna and that was it. I didn’t expect that she’d straight up snap at me. I could see the rage burning in her eyes and it was then I realized she had probably taken a stand on her decision and was not going to make Diana, Luna.For the first time tonight, I actually found myself questioning my actions towards Alana these past few years. The part about vibrators stunned me to the bone marrow. I was bound to get horny, and I usually wanked off or spent the night with Diana. I had assumed Alana might have hooked up with other guys behind my back. Not that I cared, but I felt a funny tug in my heart when she blurted out that for three years str
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Her tears
LUCIAN’S POVI freeze and turn when I felt a soft, small hand wrapped around mine, sending soothing shivers up my spine.My eyes met with Diana’s obsidian black eyes before she patted the back of my palm tenderly.“You know how Alana can be when she’s angry.. so please let her be. I’m sure she’ll be over it by tomorrow.”“She knows you’re pregnant and the first thing she tries to do is kill you? Do you think that’s forgiveable Diana? I could have lost you and the baby or either one of you.”Diana looked horrified, and I was sure she hadn’t known that Alana knew about us or about her pregnancy until now.“H- how did she find out.” Her voice was now a hushed whisper, like she was expecting Alana to step out of the shadows.“I had to tell her, Diana. Remember the meeting with the elders? I can’t have you bear my child out of wedlock.”“Well, with how things went with you two, I don’t think she’s willing to accept me as her co-Luna.” Diana shrugged dejectedly and that fueled up the hate a
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ALANA'S POVMy eyes widened on meeting his, and he happened to see how shocked and frightened I was, because the moment I scooched back against the door, he leaned back. I turned to see what I was sitting up against, and when I saw the door, It brought back so many memories that I ended up covering my face in embarassment. He must have seen the tears and must have realized that I'm just a pathetic person who's strong on the outside and pretended not to be hurt by his actions, when I actually come into my room to bitch and mourn over him. "Are you okay? I was worried when I wanted to come in and check in on you, so I followed through the window… " I blinked when I heard him speak, and just for a second, I pinched myself internally to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Maybe it was Caleb but I was just visualizing him as Lucian. But it's not like I was blind. I could clearly see Lucian kneeling right Infront of me with worry in his eyes as he looked at me, probably waiting for an answer.
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A cheat all along
ALANA'S POV "Apologize? Did we fight?" I chuckle like I was crazy as I said to him. Help me moon goddess, I had already forgotten everything that had happened Tonight. He looked at me warily like I had already gone mad, but soon, he led me to the bed, and I giggle like a high school girl as I drop down on my back while he held me down and pulled my shoes off. Once he was done, I lay there and watched as he stood over me and began taking off his shirt. It was so mighty darn attractive watching my muscles flex without any effort as he drew the shirt down his body and tossed it to the ground. And the way his muscular contours contracted.. fuck! I was getting wet staring at him already.Arghh! I hated him so much.. why did he have to be so handsome and have such an amazing body I knew I couldn't have because he didn't even like me. I could have the best figure in the world and he wouldn't be attracted to me. "Lucian… " I suddenly call out, dramatically placing my hand against my fore
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He hurt her
ALANA'S POVHe tried to pull me back, but I drew closer with a smirk on my face. "Hey… you wanted to spend the night here with me right? So what's the big deal if I want us to fuck right now?" "Alana, you're drunk.. " "And horny.. " I cut in abruptly. "what? Are you nervous? Are you worried that what we're doing is considered cheating since you have a another woman who is pregnant with your child.. " He tried to speak, but I placed a finger against his lips with my lips pouted as I whispered. "Shhh… you don't have to say anything." I drew my hand down and slowly leaned forward so that our lips were barely an inch apart, my eyes slowly scanned him right from his dark blue eyes down to his lips. "This can be our little secret okay?" And without warning, I grad the back of his neck and pull him in closer for a kiss, taking him off guard. When I finally got a taste of his lips again which I had gotten a taste of on very rare occasions, I exploded. My wetness was running down my legs
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Their sinister plan
Alana’s POVMy eyes were awaken by the sudden ray of the sun that bounced off my face, I placed my hand over my eyes while trying to adjust to the sudden brightness that filled my room,I rolled to the other end of my bed and just as I had thought Lucian had left me after such a good night, I began to wonder if I was a fool to let him have sex with me but then again I enjoyed every moment of his fingers caressing my clitros and the feeling of his dick filling the void of my pussy that I had long to fill.“Hey beautiful.” I was stunned at whose voice I heard and the word that was said, I turned in shock, I was shocked that my nose did not just pick up his scent from the surroundings. “My love how was your night?!.” He asked, my eyes fluttering in shock, was this some kind of a dream?!, or was it a nightmare that was going to turn bad the moment I believed or was it true?.“Are you okay?!.” He approached me, I watched him walk in slow motion. It was like my wildest dream was coming alive
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He was never hers
Alana’s POVWe arrived at the river bank and a picnic was set up, I could already see them both fallin all over each other, my stomach grumble loudly, I could tell I was hungry and at the same time I was angry to see her with him.I walked ahead of them and took the best spot as my sit .“Alana, can you please move to the side so Diana can sit there?!.” My eyes widened. What was this?.A date for both of them?.“She can sit elsewhere.” I frowned at him and rolled my eyes.“No she can’t!!.” His beast was growling at me loudly, my head spinned and began to ache.I may have been with them physically but my mind was far away as I meditated on what Caleb had said, maybe he was right, maybe I shouldn’t be here, what if this was all a set up?. With thoughts swimming in my head see and my mind collapsing and restructuring; I could not find the possible answer to all my thoughts, my wolf was restless just as I was.‘I hope I am not in the lion's den.’ I thought.“Alanna…, Alanna!!.” I heard th
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