Dark Heart

Dark Heart

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Drake is a fallen angel who fell in love with a human that got him loose his wings. Now he lives alone on earth for many years. After decades, he saw a same lighting that brought him here on earth. He is sure that it is another fallen angel. Kierra, is a guardian angel who falls in love with the human she is protecting. Drake will try his best to convince Kierra not to do the same mistake that he did, but day after day she is falling in love with her human.

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4 Chapters
Sunny Saturday morning, all were packed for our family outing. As usual Mom is at her best waking us up. I heard her on the first time that she called my name but my body is too heavy to get out of the bed.“Get off that bed or we will leave you in 5 minutes!”So, I found myself inside the car in my pajamas. I think my father’s car is too small for the four of us, plus our one year old golden retriever. They pack a lot of things for this summer outing, poor car he must carry us all with a lot of luggage. My sister who is six years old was busy talking to her Barbie dolls. My father who is usually the happiest of all is singing Barney’s song.“Dad! Can you just play a song?” and he sings even louder, while my mother accompanies him with a dance. I plug my ear phone and pretend not to hear them.“Sing with us Harold!” and they are now singing so loud that even if my iPod is at its highest tune I can still hear
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“You cannot go against the rule Kierra!” his voice sounds like a thunder, though I am facing the ground I could sense that his face was curving a lot from the rage that he had from me. I think all eyes are in me right now, I can feel it.“Master, just for this time forgive me.” my face was kissing hard the ground“Forgive thy servant my lord Biel, she’s too young and curious.” A word from my lovely mother“You cannot intercede and change whatever you please to, from this day onward you will be punished, your sword and armor will be taken away from you, you will defend your human with just your ability and with less of the mighty power.”“That’s too much my lord!” I lift my face and our eyes met “How can I protect someone if I am of no armor?” his stare seems to get inside my heart, it is very sharp“And how dare you lift your eyes on our master Kierra!”
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I’ve been here before… I could hear people talking behind me, I want to open my eyes but it feels so heavy. I am listening carefully but no words from them I could understand. I am trying hard to move, but why I can’t feel any nerve in me. Finally! I could recognize a clear voice.“Mr. Carter, can you hear me?” that is my assistant, Andrea. I try to open my eyes and though I am successful, I can’t see anything. There is a bright light flashing right before my eyes, the doctor (if I’m not mistaken) is speaking to me.“Follow the light Mr. Carter.” Slowly things are getting clearer and images are staring to form, there are five people surrounding me, of them I could only recognize Andrea.“Can you hear me clearly?” I don’t know if I can hear the doctor clearly or I am just lip reading.“Mr. Carter, I am Andrea your...” I wave my hand and try to utter words (I know who you a
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The smell of a bacon wakes me; I look at my phone. It’s 8 in the morning, who’s cooking this early? I try to get myself into the wheel chair but I fail. The doctor says I can still walk, but why on earth I can’t fell any nerves in my feet? I crawl and lean on the side of my bed, looking at my two lame feet I try to move my toes, none succeed. Are they kidding me? I run my fingers on my knee, I try to feel my hands…. Why I can’t feel it? I pinch, one, two three… What is this? I hit on my feet hard, I know I hit it hard cause I can feel my fist ache, but it feels like a pinch, I tried it one more time…one hit, two hit, three....“Stop it Mr. Carter!” Kierra catch that last hit with her arms, I am sweating, she pulls me back at the edge of the bed, her two arms underneath my armpit. She’s indeed strong. I watched her as she pulls the wheelchair without a word she is about to lift me again“Let me do this
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