Dead because of you

Dead because of you

By:  Sissy Allora  Ongoing
Language: English
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They killed her husband. They almost killed her too. But she survived. A year later she becomes a detective chasing criminals. Confident. Clever. Stronger than before. He is beautiful. He is a sexy italian. But he is also dangerous. Very..very dangerous. Unscrupulous. Arrogant. See the story of Laura Rosón and Richard Valentino. Laura's boss assignes her the task of pretending to be the new girlfriend of the Italian mobster Richard Valentino, in order to find out all his dirty secrets and put him in prison. She promises herself that whatever happen will put him in jail Will he kill her? Will she put him in jail? "So if I kiss you now, you won't feel anything?" Richard looked at me. "No longer." I approached him and handcuffed him. "YOU destroyed me, Richard. And now you're going to pay for everything you've done."

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Im in loveeee ... cant wait to read more
2021-01-08 03:43:25
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Isata Mainey Sheriff
nice story
2020-12-21 16:36:50
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R.A Higheels
loved the intro💞💞
2020-12-16 06:43:04
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Rosalinda Salvador
this exciting can't stop reading...
2020-11-28 11:22:19
11 Chapters
CHAPTER 1ONE YEAR AGO.I was walking home from my usual job at the bank in our small town.I was quite tired and couldn't wait to rest.I went home and felt from the door that something was smelling wonderful. The wonderful smell of home-made pasta wafted through the air.I had the most amazing man in the world."Jack ..." I called to him."I'm here, darling." I went to the kitchen and saw him handing me a glass of wine."Very kind of you, thanks." I smiled."Let's drink for us. For our future.""Cheers," I said enthusiastically.We drank, had fun, and finally watched a movie in which, of course, I fell asleep.I remember Jack carrying me to the bed and smiling at me. Then I didn't know that ... this would be the last time I see him.NOWADAYSIt was a busy day in Miami, as always. I couldn't wait for the new case.I went into the police station, left my bag, and poured coffee from the cof
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2: I met the devil.
 "You will travel to Italy, prepare yourself." my boss shocked me."What?""Richard Valentino is only here for 3 days. You have to go to Italy with him.""My mission is in Italy? No one had told me this." I said."Is it necessary? If you can't handle it, I'll send another agent.""No, no, I'll handle it, of course.""I really hope you can do it. This man is really dangerous. Be careful." my boss looked at me seriously."I am. Always."IN LAURA'S APARTMENT...I packed my bags.I was sure he would ask me to go with him to Italy.Or at least I really hoped he would.My boss told me I had to meet Richard Valentino tonight at The Sweet Liberty bar. So I prepared myself mentally and physically.AT RICHARD VALENTINO'S MANSION IN MIAMI...Richard p.o.v."I told you, Carla, it's all over between us. Stop exposing yourself and just leave."'But darling, I love you, give me a chance.' she was s
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3: I hate this kiss.
LAURA P.O.V.Everything went exactly according to plan.I intrigued him.That was how you could intrigue a criminal, wasn't it?People like him thought they could have any woman, that any woman would fall at their feet.But I wasn't such a woman. I was going to put him in jail.My next move had to be very thoughtful. I would go to the dinner he invited me to, but I had to behave differently from most of the girls he dated, so he wouldn't lose interest quickly.ON THE NEXT DAY.I went out with my friend Emma before the meeting. "So you're going out tonight?" Emma asked me."Yes". I replied."And if all went well, when will we see each others?""I don't know, Em. When I catch him and put him in jail. I'm praying everything will go well.""I believe you can do it. You always do it. And this man, Richard ... what does he look like?""He's ..." I thought. "He's the typical ...""A man who know
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4: What happened?
We stared at each other in odd way, as if we were in a silent argument."Thank you for this beautiful dinner, Richard." I smiled pretended. "But I have to go now."I still couldn't believe that I kissed this killer.It was so ... weird, I didn't expect to think about it that much.He was good at kissing, I had to admit it.But that wouldn't save him from prison."So early? I'm flying for Italy tomorrow. Let's have some fun tonight." he suggested. “Why don't you stay here with me? Besides a restaurant, this is ....""One of your houses. I know. Thank you, but I don't want to ...."As I said this, he kissed me again.His lips touched mine. Not innocently, like a tease but hot, fiery, passionate and powerful."Stop." I said, pulling away from him. "I thought I wanted it, but no....""No, on what?" he asked."These kisses ... they are too nice.""You're right." he said immediately."So I don't think we s
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5: Kidnapped by the devil
AFTER 2 HOURS LAURA P.O.V I woke up.On a private plane.What ... what happened?"Where am I? Where are you taking me?" I shouted.Nobody answered.I was alone here.The room had 4 luxury leather seats.There were other rooms, but I couldn't get up to look at them because I was tied to one of the seats.Did these freaks want me to feel the luxurious life before they blew my brain?I wanted to spit in their faces before that.But I felt weak.These were the only people who could bring me back to the weak, scared girl I was a year ago.They took everything from me.They took away my happiness.They killed the man I loved.Just when we were happiest.I was raped.They were hitting me almost to dead.They destroyed me both externally and internally.I wanted to send them to hell.I didn't notice when tears began to come out of my eyes.And
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6: The real Richard is here again
IN MIAMI...IN FRONT OF LAURA'S APPARTMENTBRIAN P.O.V.I stopped my car in front of Laura's apartment and got out of it.It was dark, but I couldn't wait until tomorrow.I'm sorry, boss.I went to the door and knocked.As I guessed, no one opened up.Laura was not here.I went to her car and tried to open it."What? But ... how is this possible? She wouldn't ... she wouldn't leave her car like that."ON THE PLANELAURA P.O.V.He took my hand and squeezed it."You thought you'd be able to hit me?" he laughed. "You're very predictable, sweetie."He was literally breathing down my neck. He was looking me in the eyes with his typical gaze as he squeezing my hand.He was breathing hard, which made my body heavier, to take in more air.I hated my body for reacting that way to his.After a few seconds, he let go of my hand.I looked around. I saw the tray and took the glass fu
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7: The mansion
AT RICHARD VALENTINO'S MANSIONLAURA P.O.V.We have arrived. In my prison.He had to be behind bars, but instead I was under his control.Yes, I was in Italy with him as it shout be, but things went differently than planned.I didn't know what to expect from this man. He wasn't listening to anyone. He was a monster in all his form. He didn't care what was my opinion.As I entered through the front door on the east facade, I passed into a grand hallway. The predominant colors are dark with tan and gold highlights. This combination of colors is repeated throughout both floors of the house. The tall, heavy, varnished wood doors have as the top panel, colored glass panes of amber, blue and pink, in a geometric design. On either side of the main doors are smaller, longer versions of the colored glass windows.Off the main hallway, to the right, there was a large sitting room.This room contains original wallpaper including ceiling panels of
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8: I hate him
IN THE GARDEN OF THE MANSIONLAURA P.O.V.John led me out into the yard.It was so large.There were even fucking fountains in the distance."It's part of the yard. At the back of the mansion is the garden and the stables." said John, waiting for my answer.I didn't answer him, although it was the most beautiful yard I have ever seen."Have you ever ridden a horse, Laura?" he asked me.This question immediately took me to the past.Yes, I've been riding. I loved riding horses.Before. When Jack and I lived outside the big cities."Actually, yes. More than a year ago." I said quickly."That's great, do you want to try one of our horses?"It made me nervous when he was trying to be nice.I was here against my will, and he was even trying to impress me.I know my mission was exactly to come here, but I didn't imagine it that way.It had to be different. It had to be my way, not in a captive.
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9: Rome
ON THE NEXT MORNING."Get up, darling." Margaret patted me on the shoulder. "Breakfast is ready. I was told to wake you, you will leave early."God, that was right. We were going for a walk in Rome.Apparently Richard wasn't bluffing."Okay, okay ... I'm getting up." I muttered in my sleep.After a few minutes I had to get up.I went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, straightened my hair, put on jeans and a white one-shoulder tank top, and went downstairs.There really was breakfast in the kitchen. And not just breakfast. There was a lot of food on the table."Good morning, darling." Margaret greeted me."Good morning. Are we all going to have breakfast?" I asked."Oh, no. Richie's already had breakfast, and so is John. It's for you. Richard wanted me to do anything for you because he didn't know what you liked."There really was everything on the table. Pancakes with different types of syrups to them. Scrambled eg
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10: The Escape.
AT ROMELAURA P.O.V."Have you ever tossed a coin?" I repeated."Yes. Always before going somewhere.""Why?" I asked."I drop one coin each time before I go somewhere." he said, looking at his reflection in the water. "Hoping to return here alive.""Will you serve me with a coin? I want to try.""Of course." he reached into his pocket and pulled out a few coins. "Take as much as you want and don't tell me. Keep the rest to yourself." he told me.I did it.I took as much as I decided.Only I knew how much.I didn't know if this fountain really was making wishes come true, but one thing was for sure - it was magically beautiful. That was enough distraction.I had to do it.To run away.There was no way I could continue this mission.I didn't have a phone.I had no connection with my boss and my other colleagues.I had no weapon.I had no money.Things got out o
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