Nathaniel's Obsession

Nathaniel's Obsession

By:  vanilla  Ongoing
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Nathaniel meets a doctor, who takes care of his wound. No one has ever been there to take care of him. He always found himself taking care of others. He was vulnerable as a child, and he found that children made a person vulnerable. That was his parent's mistake, they became vulnerable after the had children.Doctor Rosalyn is smart, big-mouthed. She sees something in Nathaniel and tries to help him. Can she come out of it with her soul still with her, in her right mind?

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56 Chapters
Chapter One.
Nathaniel’s ObsessionNathaniel woke up in a gasp. It was the same old shit. His parents screamed as they were shot, just before the fire began. The loud cries of Isobel telling him to go get their parents forever haunted him. He watched as the clock ticked. It was 2:18 a.m, the same time every day. He woke up the same time after his nightmare every day. It was either that or a bloody Emily asking him, why he killed her.
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Chapter Two.
Nathaniel’s Obsession.Rosalyn placed a hand on her head and she took deep breaths. She had been on her feet for 24 hours straight and she didn’t think she had ever hurt more in her life. She was so tired that she didn’t even know if sleep would help her. She had just come out from the second surgery she scrubbed in today. She loved being Dr. Hunter’s intern, even if her body hated it after.“Tired?” Dr. Hunter asked as he walked out of the scrub room. He saw her standing there.“No!” Rosalyn said a little too loud, causing her superior to raise his eyebrow at her. “I have six hours more. I could go for another surgery. I feel wonderful,” Rosalyn smiles through her lie.“Well, I’m tired, Dr. Mason. You can check up on my post-ops,” Dr. Hunter said as she walked with him.“Okay,” She replied, in a way she was glad she wasn’t going to scrub into another surgery, but she didn’t want him to know she was tired.“You did good, Doctor,” He said simply before he walked away from her. Rosalyn w
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Chapter Three
Nathaniel’s Obsession.Nathaniel stared at his handwork. He just set his plan into motion. He had just stolen Octavio’s shipment and he had sold and distributed it to all the dealers around him. It was not even about the money because his parents had left them enough money to last them three lifetimes. It was about revenge. The fact that he was getting back at Octavio for what he did to his parents all those years ago.Things were looking well for him now. What shocked him was when Isobel came home afraid and in tears. He had long picked them up from Grandma’s house and they were all living together now.“Oh my God, it’s Octavio. He had a heart attack. He looked like he was going to die. Nathaniel the shipment really meant a lot to him, ” Isobel said, panicking. She had just walked into his study without knocking. She remembered the sad and devastated look on each of their faces back at the mansion. She was not going back there because she could not look in their eyes after what she ha
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Chapter Four
Nathaniel’s ObsessionNathaniel could not believe his luck when Pedro walked into the house with a crying woman. Alfonso’s woman. He didn’t even have to put any effort to get her. He watched from the camera how she didn’t struggle. He already told Hannah to prepare a room for her and the child. They moved back into their house a few days ago. There was no point in them staying in the apartment any longer. She held her son tightly as if she didn’t want anything happening to him. There was nothing Nathaniel disliked so much other than children. They made one vulnerable to everything in life. Now, the child was going to be in his way. He also saw it as an advantage if he looked deeply into it. He could control her since she would do anything for her child. The first thing he was going to do was fuck her after she got Alfonso’s stench off her. He would then send pictures to Alfonso. She was attractive enough so his dick would get up.He turned off the screen when he heard a noise coming fr
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Chapter Five.
Nathaniel’s ObsessionNathaniel pulled up the hospital. He went to the hospital a good distance from the house because it was bigger and they seemed to have more qualified doctors here. He needed Chanel to be in perfect health. He got down from his car and made his way into the hospital through the emergency room doors. Let’s see how this plays out, he thought to himself.“Hey. Let go of me.” The dark-haired lady in a white coat said when Nathaniel held her forearm.“I’m sorry—” he began instantly releasing her, he didn’t like the way her skin felt under his palm. “My wife she’s in the car. She won’t get out unless she’s seeing a female doctor. Please, you need to help..” Nathaniel did his best to try to sound distressed.“Oh my God. Is she fine? Let me get my superior. I’m only an intern here. I—I..” She started her eyes showing her concern.“No! No! She’s scared. You just need to reassure her to get out of the car. She hates hospitals. I-I just need to do this now,” Nathaniel lied an
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Chapter Six.
Nathaniel's ObsessionNathaniel woke up the next day to a great deal of pain, but it wasn’t anything he hadn’t dealt with before. He decided to stay in his room until he healed. He would make sure his meals were brought up here and anything that wasn’t urgent would be catered to when he had more strength. He didn’t want anyone seeing him this weak. Just then Rafael barged into his room, no knocking.“You see what you did?” Rafael asked in anger. It was like he had been biding his time. “You let them take Isobel, she never wanted to be a part of any of this but you forced her. Only God knows what they’re doing to her now,”“Shut the fuck up,” Nathaniel said angrily. He could not think about what could be happening to his sister at that moment. “I will get her back unharmed,”“I hope so because if so much as a hair is missing from her head, I will kill you, Nathaniel,” Rafael said dill standing there.Nathaniel only ignored him as he made his way into the bathroom. The pain his chest was
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Chapter Seven.
Nathaniel’s ObsessionDays later, Nathaniel was already up and walking again. He was back to cursing and slamming everything in his path. He let his sister down. He let his parents down once again. Isobel never wanted to be part of anything, but he always forced like he usually does.A groan left his lips as he downed almost half the contents of the vodka bottle, sitting on the kitchen counter.“You know drinking that much alcohol at once can never be good for you. Hell, you shouldn’t even be standing now,” Rosalyn said from where she sat, having breakfast. She had already missed three days of work and she was sure she was fired.“You survived a gunshot wound and you don’t even seem happy about it. Do you know how many people actually die from those in the hospital? The hospital, you know where I should be right now, ” Her voice oozing with sarcasm as she said the last part.Nathaniel only ignored her. He didn’t need to be thinking about how he wanted to get in between her thighs right
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Chapter Eight.
Nathaniel’s ObsessionRosalyn stared at the mountain work in front of her. That didn’t even bother her. It was the fact that she was left to think about all the cases she handed over to other doctors including her colleagues. She knew there were a few cool cases, but she was stuck here doing paperwork. She sighed as she picked up her pen. If she wanted to sit at a desk all day she would have studied something else, she thought to herself.“You got yourself in this mess,” She heard Dr. Hunter’s voice in front of her. Her head raised up at his voice.“Dr. Hunter, how did the surgery go?” Rosalyn asked with a small smile on her face. She was disappointed she hadn’t been in surgery with him because she knew the patient they were seeing today.“It went well, but that’s not Mrs. Taylor. That was a trauma. Her surgery’s delayed and that’s great because you will be coming into surgery right now,” Dr. Hunter said shocking Rosalyn, she didn’t know what to say to that.“I can’t. Dr. Weiss has me
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Chapter Nine.
Nathaniel’s ObsessionNathaniel took them into Rosalyn's room with her in his arms. He didn't stop placing kisses and nibbling on her neck. Rosalyn knew for a fact that it would leave a mark. Nathaniel's mark. She fully relaxed in his arms once he shut the door.A deep breath left her lips once he pulled her shirt over her head. She was left in her bra and she didn't feel ashamed in any way. Instead, she liked the fact that he was looking at her. She watched how his eyes scanned her chest before he looked back up to her face and joined their lips together.Nathaniel had never in his life felt the urge to be with someone else this bad. He was losing control of himself very fast and he didn't like that one bit.Nathaniel only pulled away from her when he placed her on the bed. He took off his shirt before he unclasped her bra. The sight before him made him even harder if possible. Nathaniel knew deep in his heart that this was not just a random fuck. It was more than that because the fee
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Chapter Ten.
Nathaniel’s Obsession"Look, Angelo. I did what I had to do for my brother. I don't want to be with you like that. Please let me go," Isobel said to him as they had dinner. He had kept her locked up for a week. She didn't see him since he brought her to this house."So your brother teaches you to sell your body. You played with my feelings, I ended things with Amanda—" Angelo didn't get to finish his sentence."I didn't make you do anything. You made it very clear who and what you wanted. My brothers will be going crazy looking for me and at this moment, that's my only concern," Isobel said almost pulling her hair out. She didn't understand why he was being so difficult."You're very lucky, Izzy. Tell your brother to stay away from us. I'll let you go tomorrow. I'll get someone to drop you off. I'm not going to force you," Angelo said. He was not going to be like his brother or Draven. He would not force another woman to be with him if she didn't want him. "Thank you," Isobel said alm
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