Deceived by the Mafia

Deceived by the Mafia

By:  Altairythosia  Ongoing
Language: English
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What if your lover is one of the people you hate the most? Patricia Arquette is an intelligent journalist who would do everything to succeed in life. Her life is going well not until she met the infamous Luca Silvestri, a handsome technology businessman who doesn't want to be on interviews. However, Luca finds out Patricia's secret and is up for a wicked arrangement. Will they be able to succeed in life together? Or their decisions will lead them to something… such as death?

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Karen Moon
Perfect book! I love It!
2023-03-28 06:21:22
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Anne McIntosh
Amazing! Keep on writing! ............
2023-03-27 13:39:25
17 Chapters
Chapter 1: Convincing
"You're not on the list, Ma'am." The secretary annoyingly said when Patricia insisted to get inside.Luca Silvestri, is one of the most sought businessmen. The same man also has strict security when it comes to who can enter his office and talk to him privately. Well, given that he owns a tech company, that only explains why the security is tight although it seems not like it."Look, Miss Secretary. My job is at risk, they are going to fire me if I can't interview Mr. Silvestri. Just this one, please?" Patricia pleaded.Actually, the company wouldn't fire her but looking at the situation, it seems like she needs to do more pleading even if it means lying to the poor secretary.She's working at Pro-Live Magazine, which features successful people all around the world. Their highlight of the month is to interview a bachelor man whose name is popular in the business industry. They could market these bachelor businessmen to gain popularity for their company to be known."Even if I wanted t
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Chapter 2: Masked with Lies
"How was it?" Kelsey greeted her when she made her way outside."Your boss is crazy! I hate him so much!" Patricia vented while running her fingers through her hair.She's huffing because of irritation. Well, irritation is an understatement, she loathed him. Really really hated him."Here's his lunch... And yours too.""Mine?""Your nana said we should eat on time. And didn't you say you will bring him lunch?"Patricia laughed with no humor, then stridden towards Kelsey. She bit her lower lip when she saw the food."I'm getting my lunch, but to hell with that damn arrogant man. Don't feed him."Kelsey laughed then get the food before she went to the door, "You really need to be careful. Didn't you know that there's a CCTV with audio in here?"If Kelsey said that earlier, Patricia would have been feeling embarrassed. But she got to meet Silvestri and she hated him."I ducking hate you, Silvestri. Burn in hell." She stated loud enough for him to hear on his audio.Patricia planned on go
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Chapter 3: Proposal and Memories
Patricia was silent the whole ride. She can't still get away from the fact that Luca has access to her. She knew that aside from her lies, Luca knew something more. Something that could destroy her. And she's not sure whether she could take another destruction or if it would lead her to death.When they arrived at Luca's house. He asked her a question."Didn't I tell you to convince me more?""I'm seducing you tonight." She nonchalantly said.Though she did not mean it. To hell with that man. Luca Silvestri is more dangerous than she thought. Did she make the wrong decision of accepting the job? Will she lose everything she worked hard for?All her life, she's been very cautious about making decisions. Why did it have to be this way now? Where did she go wrong?"I'm looking forward to it.""Oh just shut up!"Luca did shut up, but there was an annoying grin on his face and Patricia wants to wipe it off.Come on, Patricia. Think of something."Do you want to fuck me? That's why you are
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Chapter 4: News Come to Blow
"What happened to the dinner?" Clinton asked when Patricia arrived at the office."We talked about when we are going to do the interview and that's by the end of the month since his schedule was hectic.""I still can't believe that Mr. Silvestri would agree to an interview."Patricia heaves a long sigh on her seat."What's the problem? Aren't you happy about it?""No, it's just that it's weird working with your fiancee."Clinton's eyes widen, "What?! What fiancee are you talking about?""Uh. Luca?""Luca Silvestri is your fiancee? Are you... are you sure you're okay? Did you hit your head or something?"She laughs at his expression, "I'm serious. Just don't tell anyone yet, we are not going to announce it until the end of the month.""I'm really wondering why he agreed. So that explains why? When did you two get into a relationship? How did you meet?""The Barone's ball, it's been years. I've been there to interview someone and I bumped into the infamous Luca Silvestri." She stated fl
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Chapter 5: The Text
"What do you mean we need to get married now?""Your father will surely object and would call the engagement off. When we are married, they wouldn't lay a hand on me.""What is exactly your plan, Silvestri?"Luca strides towards his table after making sure that the door to his office is locked."I need protection against your father and lover.""For a hundredth time, William is my brother."He shrugged his shoulder, "If you say so. They've been hitting on me ever since my name boomed up. I'm trying to do my business here, I don't have time for them.""That's the reason why you throw an investigation on me?""It happens that when I saw your face on the internet, you seem familiar."Patricia sighed and closed her eyes to keep her composed. If she refuses Luca's offer, everyone knows that she is THAT Tricia Barone. That Patricia Arquette is just a cover-up for her to do things freely and out of trouble."When are we getting married?""Now. Call one of your trusted friends so they could b
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Chapter 6: Answers and Surprise
"Who texted you last night?"Luca asked in the middle of having their breakfast. It's just the two of them since they wake up later than usual, her Nana probably went to the park like she always does and comes back very late in the afternoon.Going back, Patricia decided to not tell Luca about her grandfather. She still doesn't trust anyone aside from her grappa and she knows how everyone is plotting harm against him, she can't let anyone get to know in regards to her suspicion about her grandfather's death. Although Luca means no harm, she still doesn't think it was possible to tell him everything about her. But hearing him ask about the message, she was not sure whether he went through her phone or not so she needed to play her cards well."Didn't you look through my phone last night?" She asked to test him."Who texted you last night?" He queried again, annoyance was lace in his voice.Patricia scoffed when she saw his expression, "Don't act like some sort of jealous husband, Silve
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Chapter 7: Search and Evidences
A week. It's been a week since Patricia is giving Luca cold shoulders. After that incident, she remained silent and even her Nana asked her what's the problem all about."Are we really going to do this again, Duck?" Luca asked when she get out of the shower.It's Sunday morning and she decided to go to church with her Nana, and of course, with Luca who is now well dressed up in all black while she's all white. Patricia just stared at him before she went to the vicinity to brush her hair. Though Luca steals it away from her and is the one combing her now. She finds it sweet."I just want you to relax while the Pro-Live Magazine Company is being renovated. What's so wrong with that?""Really, Silvestri? You didn't ask for my permission.""Finally," he whispered before he stopped brushing her hair and then hugged Patricia from behind, "You talk again."She tried to get away from his hug but it only tightened. Luca rested his chin on her shoulder, she can perfectly see their reflection in
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Chapter 8: Unexpected Turn
Patricia sat on the long longue, staring at her parents and William who stared at her with bewilderment, she hated his guts. After the incident where she found a clue that their wedding date might be the password, she immediately went to the house to confirm it.But her parents block her way, as always. They won't let her get inside as if she is going to steal something important from them. which is honestly not the case."Why did you come back? Did you change your mind about your husband?" Her father asked in disdain, clearly indicating that he doesn't like her husband. Mr. Baron probably did not expect Luca to decline his offer and that made him furious because he doesn't get what he wants."Technically, this is my house. It's my grappa's gift for me." Patricia spouted nonchalantly, she honestly don't want to say it to them, but they are making her act like this. Or maybe not, maybe she is always been like this to them. Never considering their feelings like how they never considered
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Chapter: 9 Spiral
"No, that's not the password." The words rolled out of Patricia's tongue with bitterness. Disappointment is visible on her face and she knows that Luca can see it, but never said anything about it. She can't believe she fell for that trap of whoever sends the message. She's sure that person is trying to play mind games with them. "How'd you know?" His brows quirk up. "Silvestri, you think I didn't try every possible password my grandpa would use? That's my grandparents' wedding anniversary. It didn't work." "Maybe it's our anniversary then." "No, I don't think so." "Did you even try it?" Luca's question was meant to mock her. She knew it by the look on his face. Sometimes she doesn't understand him. Luca's personality is still a mystery to her. Even though she grew up observing people's actions and words, Luca made it impossible for her to guess what he is thinking. It's almost as if he was born to be someone no one could figure out unless he tells them everything, which would
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Chapter 10: Revelation
"You did what?" Patricia's best friend, Lily, asked on the other line.After her confrontation with Luca, she immediately went home and facetime her best friend. Lily knows everything about her. Their friendship is composed of trust and openness— one can rarely find someone who shares the same bond as theirs."I told him to get lost and find a place to stay because he's not coming home."Lily gaped at her, "It's his house, Patti.""I know.""And you told him that? Why would he listen? I mean you're my friend, but he's entitled to stay there because it's technically his house. He owns that." Her best friend asked in disbelief.She gave Lily a dirty look, "I'm his wife.""So?""Well, whose side are you?"Lily rolled her eyes, "For the record Mrs. Silvestri," She emphasizes the word Silvestri as if its purpose is to slap Patricia's face with the fact that she just kicked her husband's ass out in his own damn house."I don't know, Lils. I'm not sure if I did the right thing trusting him w
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