Mending Her Broken Heart

Mending Her Broken Heart

By:  Bhargavi  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Understanding is an art and not everyone is an artist." Addilyn Ruby Smith-Garcia is a sixteen year old with a very bad past. She is known as Ruby Smith. She is youngest Multimillionaire in the world. When finally her life is somewhat better a tragedy happens and that makes her move back to her old orphanage. And she has to go back to her family. What happens when her elder sibling takes her in? Or when she made them take her in? How can she cope to live with the people that she desperately tried to forget? Will she let her walls down and let them in? And adding to that chaos, there is a Russian mafia leader who is hell as arrogant and possessive with a mysterious nature. Can they mend her broken heart? And when two opposites fall in love with their lives at stake and past coming back to haunt her, can they save her before she drowns?

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Sapphire Cullen
I love this book
2021-06-10 22:08:46
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I love this. Please update
2021-05-11 20:32:36
48 Chapters
Mason GarciaHe is 28 years old. Though Mason always maintains a cold and unreadable expression on his face he has a soft spot for Addilyn. He loves her to death and is so overprotective of her. He has light brown hair with deep green eyes. CEO of Garcia company and is the American mafia leader.James GarciaHe is 25 years old. James is officially the mama bear of the family. He is very protective of Addilyn and loves his siblings very much. When his brothers needed the mother figure, he filled that without hesitating. He has light brown hair with deep ocean blue eyes.Christopher GarciaHe is 23 years old. Christopher is the h
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I never expected this. When someone would have said this two months ago I would have laughed at their face would have called them mental.I never trusted in love nor was there any faith in God. I just believed in karma. One's actions. I always trusted that my actions would always give me reactions. Whether it be good or bad, my choices and decisions I took will always have consequences. And I knew I had to bear them.Because that is how life works. All those forms and layers of decisions and things we did decides us the path of living.But then now I want to question what this is. Did I ever expect this? The answer is absolutely no. The persons I tr
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Chapter 1
Children are playing around. They are innocent. I hope they wouldn't see the cruelty of the world. The cruelty that many others are bearing on their shoulders.The orphanage 'mother' came and told them to go inside as the sun was setting down. She is more of a mother to me than my own mother. Her name is Melanie. She always cares about the children as if she is their own mother. And I personally think she is. Love has no bounds. And just like that she loved everyone with her heart and it has no bounds.Melanie came from a very rich family and she married a person because her parents told her to. An arranged marriage. Her family is cruel. After one year of her marriage, when she was pregnant she got into an accident. An accident that took
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Chapter 2
Were they shitting with me right now? They were fucking up with my brain.My brothers....... are they really taking me in?" I questioned this is interesting. I thought they would not accept me.She took a deep breath " yes, your biological brothers."" Okay. Thanks for doing what I asked you to do." I said as I standed to go back to my- no orphanage room. But before I could go she closed the door. How the heck did she move there so fast. Is she some type of superman that I don't know.
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Chapter 3
It took approximately six and half hours to reach New York. Most of the time all I did was work. The pilot said that they have to take care of the plane and someone would wait for me outside the airport. As I went outside the airport dragging my luggage behind me I noticed a car. It was a black land rover defender. It was good but not as good as my car. As I was staring at it I felt someone coming from behind me and I felt my self defense kick in as I turned and punched him in the nose as I heard the crack. My reflexes are good.It was sebastian. One of my asshole brothers. I don't know if they remember me but I remember them all. I remember them playing and teasing me when I was small at the same time I remember them leaving me whe
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Chapter 4
As soon as we reached the house, I observed Sebastian observing me to see any reactions from my face. The house looked more like a mansion. After every answer I said to him, he looks angry. Hating me. Well bro, that's what I want anyway.He doesn't know anything about me. Though I wanted him to hate me I sometimes question why they are judging me when they don't even know me fully. It's wrong to judge someone without actually knowing them. How would he feel if I judged him?. I accepted all these judgements and never cared about it but still there is some unknown sadness when people do that.I shook those thoughts away as I entered the house.The hou
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Chapter 5
I made my way downstairs to the kitchen where all the others were already sitting while the dinner was unserved. I am not afraid but I fear they would send me away. I don't fear about my life but about the mission.I saw all my brothers seated at the dining table. As my eyes went from one face to another not leaking a trace of emotion to Mason, my elder brother. I was hit by a sudden rush of emotions. I never saw these people until now since I was a toddler. I would have hugged them, and talked to them about everything that would have happened if they took me when I was fourteen years older. But at that thought, my emotions have dried away and my determination strengthened."Mason," I said as my voice was devoid of every emotion that was going on in me. But, not only me, Mason was not any less either because before all of it went away,  I could see the surprise in his eyes, his eyes went blank and his face was not showing a trace of emotion just like mine. But he
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Chapter 6
After I sat beside my twin, everyone started eating. I just served myself a little bit of salad while all the others are eating as if they never ate. Except for mason who too was eating salad like me. And especially Noah and Liam who were eating like pigs. But I wouldn't judge them, I used to eat just like that. "Why don't you say a little bit about yourself ?" James said. As soon as he said all the attention was on me. Okay...... What should I say? The past that makes them run away from me and look at me with disgust or the present that I am eating or the future that I have no idea but the possibility that I would be six feet under the ground in one more month? What should I say? "I have nothing to say. " I said stiffly. Olivia scoffed and glared back. I just ignored her and again started eating while all were staring at me while Noah and Liam were both staring and eating. " I think you have to eat before your food cools down. Otherwise, iner
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Chapter 7
As soon as I ate Liam and Noah started trying to drag me around the house. The keyword is trying. But as soon as I started glaring at them they gulped down in fear and started walking and speaking like how normal human beings are supposed to be. If not for the human body I would have thought they were animals and will probably be putting them in a jungle for the sake of humans. Literally. Ethan tagged along with us. I could see that he wanted to speak like how twins were supposed to speak. I do want to. But it is much better like this. I don't want us to be so close, because the first reason is they are looking and it wouldn't be good for them. Secondly, if I do get close I don't think I could go away. There is not much time left for me anyway. Even if I do get close……….. But I couldn't............ because of them. I couldn't save him because of them......... I shook away those thoughts before the darkness would spread in my entire heart makin
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Chapter 8
As the sun rises, the rays enter through the window making shadows of the objects that are coming in its way.Soon it reached me and gave me the strength to start a new day.But even if there is a strength I don't feel it break through my shields.Even though there is the strength it is for the robotic actions that I have to do.Because as I thought, these rays couldn't penetrate through the shields I built. Instead, it reflects my surface on the mirror that is in front of me.The girl in front of me is broken. Her eyes looked lifeless. Blank. Her face is emotionless, ready to fight everything that comes in her way. I want to die...... but I promised him. She is just breathing not living. He asked me to live happily but didn't he know that I am lifeless...... Didn't he know that I am nothing without him.Before I could think anything further there wa
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