Demon Kings Queen (book two)

Demon Kings Queen (book two)

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"It wouldn't be the first nor the last time any one of you Titan Gods had affairs with ‘Greek Gods’ you know," Thaelia twisted her lips. Lukas face hardened and he tried to keep it like that, but one look at her face and a smile broke out of him and he's laughing hard. She accompanied him and chuckled softly, adorably, and it drove the son of Helios crazy. "Didn't know moon princesses could contain that much spite." "What can I say?" She lowered her voice, licking her lips. Her beauty was much more obvious, with her eyes the color of the sea, lined with gold, and lips rose. It was enough to make him realise he's drowning again, only this time it's on the color of her eyes. "You... inspire me." "Inspire you?" "Yes," She smiled sweetly *** There's two things that strikes Talia as she starts reading the book of her past—Lukas was a reckless son of Helios, Ajaxson was the son of Ajax who's head over heels in love with her while she was a moon princess desired by both of them. To add a Greek Goddess Hera made it impossible for her to stay happy with Lukas. It was just not written in the stars. ***

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Copyright and Introduction
All the characters, places, ideas or events mentioned in this book are purely fiction and does not relate to any living or dead. The story settings and other elements are purely my imagination and fictional. Most of the concept about Heaven and Hell are based on Buddhism and Christianity.    
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Part 1. The Past Story
*Mt. Olympus, Greece* "Thank you so much polyagapiménos" Thaelia exclaimed as the nymph finished filing her nails, leaving the moon princess with a perfect manicure. Eliza, the nymph smiled in response and parted with a bow, after taking her basin of filthy water with her. That's the thing with people working under her, they never uttered a single word, which she never understood. Why was it so forbidden for them to talk with her? Just a friendly chat? A sigh escaped her lips. That topic never left her mind, but also it’s useless to think over. It’s always been like that. She collapsed on the chair happily, content that her nails were back to the flawless state they should constantly be at. The moon princess took great delight in having these sessions in the salon room. Also, because of the interior of the room, huge white walls decorated with beautiful white lilies always provided her with a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Not to mention the soft music playing in the backgrou
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Part 2. Son of Helios
There was a weird feeling inside my gut. Was I going to find something I didn’t like? My heart thudded against my chest. I shook my head. No, I had to be positive. Taking a sharp breath, I settled back and flipped the page.     My eyes widened at the title of the page. Lukas. It read it all bold words. The thought of my mate made my head flutter, my eyes clenching as I missed his presence around.     Lukas woke up in a cold sweat, out of breath and panting hard as he bolted upright in his bed. He felt scared, terrified, absolutely hysterical over what he just dreamed. He didn’t remember much, but what he does remember was fire. The colours of orange and yellow burning away and destroying something pure. He doesn't remember what it was, but it was beautiful. The Sun of God remembered a person too, with eyes the colour of blue crystal. As blue a
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Part 3. Meeting Lukas
Thalia spotted Jysa, flittering about the party like a butterfly, talking to every guest and ensuring they all had a drink in their hand. Dionysus latest squeeze. Atleast that's what people were talking about. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Hera talking to a minor goddess she didn't know, just playing her part. It didn't surprise her at all.    
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Part 4. The Greek Temple
"Thank you" She breathed, blinking at the person in front of her.    There was something about him. Something about the way he was staring at her like she's the only one in the room. Or maybe it's just all in her head. Stepp
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Part 5. Lonely Princess
Talia was reading in her bedroom in her white cotton mid-thigh dress, legs sprawled on the bed. The usual. The moon princess was waiting for a response from her dear father after she abruptly cancelled their dinner plans. He would be disappointed as Zeus countless times reminded their dinner was his favourite thing of the week.    
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Part 6. Travel to Earth
Once they sat inside, Talia looked around the intricate details carved on the walls of the chariot. Their seat was plush and had a handle to secure them inside. She had many questions going around in her mind, but Lukas seemed to focus on his horses. To not end up in a ditch, the moon princess kept quiet.     The carriage landed on the Earth. Lukas wanted her to show the secret hide out he had been harbouring for years now. She couldn’t believe it. Talia heard about the place, the opportunities and the sights it held, but she never had the chance to stay back and soak in.    As soon as they got out, the moon princess took in a deep breath. She loved the smell of wild grasses on Mount Olympus, but here on Earth, they smelled even better. Clear and warm. Bending down, she picked a stem of grass and twirled it between her fingers, smiling like a fool. 
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Part 7. Spell on me
As they continued exploring, Talia turned to him, a glint in her eyes. "Umm...This is embarrassing, but I am kind of hungry."    The Prince sent a pointed look to Cruis, which was enough to make him alert. Lukas had almost forgotten that he should have taken her to the dining room after the tour of the first floor. His friend immediately turned around. "Alright," He said, shaking his hands over his head. "Sit tight, Talia, I'll set the table for both of you."   "Thanks," The moon princess smiled at him to which he shrugged and waved as he walked off, leaving them still in the hall.    She giggled, appreciative of the effort he was making to lighten the atmosphere on the way to the dining room. He noticed that she was beyond hungry at this point even to look around and appreciate the paintings in the room. 
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Part 8. The Last Dinner
Talia held her breath as the Prince crowded her. He had a lazy smile on his face, clutching the toga in his hands. The thought of him in her space, touching her made her abdomen clench. She was hyper-aware of the elevated breathing, her heart thudding against her chest and palms getting clammy.      Lukas breathed. "Lift your arms. I'll teach you." The smile that curved around his lips didn't help at all. Even though he's trying to reassure her, the moon princess shivered at their closeness.     Talia did as he told her to do, and Lukas started helping by draping part of the long cloth over her left shoulder and moving to wrap the rest around her body. From up close she could see all the pores on his skin.     The toga was secured in such a way that it was tight around her torso
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Part 9. The Despair
Talia had another dream. Well, most of the Gods and Goddess dream. It's part of the whole legacy. Her dreams were usually ordinary or boring, or sometimes she woke up forgetting them altogether. But that's different tonight. The moon princess woke up in a cold sweat, out of breath and panting hard as she bolt upright in her bed. She's scared, terrified, absolutely hysterical over her dream. Talia didn't remember much, but what she did remember was fire. The colours of orange and yellow burning away and destroying something pure. Again no recollection whatsoever of the object it destroyed but its beautiful, sacred and angelic.  If anything, she recalled those eyes. The eyes were full of sadness and despair, and the only thing she could tell before waking up was that they were directed at her. A chill shoot through her body as she shivered in her huge bed, all alone. Talia tried to go back to sleep after such a weird dream, but it
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