Devoured Astral

Devoured Astral

By:  Scarlet Fan  Ongoing
Language: English
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"The galaxy had fallen to its doom, and i had fallen for you." "I am not your knight in shining armor, neither way you're a damsel in distress." At the day of her mother's burial ceremony, instead of being awakened in her room, Anne found herself in an unfamiliar forestry. Snapping out from her daze, she looked around, only to be chased by a gigantic ravenous wolf to a cliff. Once she had fallen, she instanly concluded that she had lost the creature. However, later, she instinctively found it staring at her intently, ready to lunge an attack. Without restraints, the wolf swiftly ran towards her. Anne then immediately closed her eyes and started praying for a painless death. 3...2...1.. but nothing happened! When she opened her eyes, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her, done in a black suit. The person then slowly turned around meeting her gaze. Seeing its face, Anne shuddered in fear—its face was covered with black with only its mouth shown, grinning seemingly in a hideous manner. The man was called Toto, the guardian of the forestry. After a polite exchange, Toto agreed to help Anne get back to her home, however, in the last moments, Anne had lost her memory. But who knows where Toto would actually take her. "The astral would devoured its way to gave me a path to follow; and at the far end, I am certain to find you. Random belief, it's not—it's not but a conviction!" When a suicidal fiction enthusiast dreamt about wonderland and found herself in Neverland, what would become of her? In a world of battling vampires and wolves, elves and wizards, royalties drenched in etiquette, treachery, and confusion. When you fall in love, will you listen to your heart or will you betray the universe?

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Devoured Astral is a fantasy novel by Scarlet Fan about a girl who discovers an unfamiliar, dangerous world. On her mother's burial ceremony day, Anne suddenly finds herself in a forestry and is chased by a gigantic wolf until she falls off it. She thinks the wolf's gone but then she sees it's about to attack her again. She prepares herself for an inevitable demise but is suddenly saved by Toto, a guardian of the forestry. He decides to help her get back home, but Anne loses her memory at the last moment. Read the novel to learn more.

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6 Chapters
Chapter One: Historical Fantasy
"The astral would devoured its way, paving me a path to follow; and at the far end, I am certain to find you. Random belief, it's not—it's not but a conviction!" ———Each passing of the century, there is an astronomical occurrence which had been called 'the Devouring of Astral'; So far, it is the greatest astronomical event ever known in the entire galaxy.Often, they regard of it as 'both a marvelous and a terrifying event'. The whole force of the universe would descend on the globe, bringing end to its continents, which does not exclude the 'empyrean continent' completely. The 'Neverland' as long as it's still intact, it would served as a safeguard against the devouring of astral. During the occurrence of the event, a massive barrier would appear in the firmament, protecting the empyrean continent. With the heavenly barricade, the devouring of astral would only seemed as a great shower of stars, simply, a m
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Chapter Two: Fresh Start
The tenth grade student, Alice Hamilton, made her way out of her house and started to amble down the road, heading towards her school. When she'd walked out of the town, the cityscape filled her eyes. The school was at a walking distance, settling on the city. The town was near the borderline of the city, just separated by streets. When Alice strolled towards the intersection, there wasn't even any vehicles in sight. This was because it was still thirty minutes passed five when she'd left. And usually, the public transportation vehicles' schedule would start around the same time, transporting the commuters to their work places and etc.Turning towards the street where the direction of the school settled, Alice noticed a senior high schooler also heading towards the street.Her complexion was fair, her stature was quite tall. The sun shone on the horizon, complementing the lady's strawberry blonde locks. A gush of late winter wind passed throug
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Chapter Three: Unsaid Feelings
Alex Grey arrived at sharp five thirty today, casually waiting on the third floor hallway, looking out for someone. His school uniform suit him well, even with the indifferent visage of his. This young lad was charming enough to lure every lass in the school, even the girls in the senior high department were crushing on him. But who would not simp for Alex Grey, the ideal boy in town. But as though luck had turned its back on them, Alex didn't even spared them a glance. And the other burden was that he was anti-social, and indifferent. The girls could never in a million years have a relationship with him, even if it's of friends. But one time in the afternoon, during the intramurals on the second grading period, around his seventh grade year, the consistent second student in the class, Alice Hamilton, had fell in a feverish state and insisted to rest in their class room. He and their adviser, Lukas, went to the room to get the ball
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Chapter Four:Premonition of Misery
The bell rang, almost deafening Anne's ears as she made her way to the restroom. She then carefully closed the door behind her. When her gaze wandered around, catching her reflection in the mirror, her eyebrows instantly crossed. Standing in front of her was a teen in her neat uniform, perky and beautiful. But the figure had been deformed with the frown visible in her face. Yet she doesn't see it that way, only deeming herself as ugly and attention-unworthy. Everyone would showered her flattery flowers, of compliment, but she didn't dared to believe. This girl standing in front of the mirror was indeed dubious and was filled with issues regarding trust. But you can't  blame her for that. She didn't want attention, and they were giving it to her.Anne turned on the faucet, and filled a handful of water, immediately splashing it on her face. When you look closely at her eyes, there were hints of red; her eyes puffy, her nose drenched in light pink
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Chapter Five: Days had gone to dreams
A numbing sensation had grew on Anne's stomach, as though she was empty. After a few moments, the bell rang, and a smile inconspicuously reached out to her lips. 'A sandwich will do', she thought and patiently waited till her classmates gradually left the room, her hand tapping her seat impatiently, the rhythm sounded unstable. When everyone had finally disappear, least she thought no one was there, she stood up and headed towards the doorway. Halfway there, she felt an impression that someone was watching her. It felt as though a pair of eyes were piercing through her soul.Inwardly shaken, she instinctively turned around, her gaze focused on the guy at the other end of the row. At the same time, he turned his direction on the late morning light coming from the window, his fingertips propping up his chin, a faint smile then emerged on his lips.Anne let out a weak shudder and walked away, her hands fixed on her pocket. 'Weird,' she said to he
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Chapter Six: Dreams had gone to dust
When the fourth period in the morning had started, Anne woke up, the sound of her classmates greeting resounded on her ear. Before her vision came to focus, the familiar feeling of being watched started to disturbed her. Without thinking of it through, she turned to the other end on her side.The transferee had just settled down on his seat with everyone else after their perfunctory greeting to the teacher.  He knew Stella haven't wake up when the fourth teacher arrive. And he also knew that she was startled by the noise that she irritably came back to consciousness. He had been keeping an eye on her ever since they met. On his peripheral vision, he had caught her looking at him. He inwardly smiled and hid the sketch he made on his pocket. He immediately returned his gaze back to the front as he listened to the lesson, jotting down the keypoints of the discussion.Anne annoyingly turned her head to the front, grabbing her pen, notebook, and he
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