The Sword Master Only Wants to Protect

The Sword Master Only Wants to Protect

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"Master, do you miss this apprentice?" Lips painted in bright red ticked up in a sharp smile. Her eyes were a pool of dark red, like a swirl of the finest wine. One jaded hand in his throat, nails slightly digging in the skin there, the other was on his cheek carefully caressing. The clashing of both gestures were confusing, but Rion's mind only provided one instinctual response; to run away as far as possible. ----- Rion Ren, one of the strongest sword masters in the world, had to make a difficult decision to hand over his apprentice, Ruby, to the Demon Master when Ruby's real identity as a descendant of Demon Sovereign was revealed. Three years later, Ruby who had successfully taken the reign of the Demon Realm, came back to take revenge on her master that had betrayed and abandoned her in the hand of cruel demons. Rion swore on his life as a sword master, he only wanted to protect those who were precious to him, but how did it manage to turn the whole world into chaos? How would Rion face his own apprentice in a battle between life and death?!

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15 Chapters
1. Formidable Master of Liebu Mountain
Liebu Mountain Academy was the biggest, most renowned place for those who wished to learn swordsmanship. There were seven reputable sword masters who taught those young talents in this place. From a young master to a beggar on the road, Liebu Mountain didn't look at their background, but at their aptitude and moral conscience.In the middle of the large training grounds, many apprentices crowded the place. Some of them had obtained their spirit sword, while some younger ones still holding their training sword. All of them were equally amazed watching two of their masters sparring in the arena.One of those two masters swung his sword down hard. He smirked when his opponent withstood the blow with her own sword. The impact was so strong that sparks flew from the collided metal."Come on, Lulu. Tired already?" he asked, teasing. Even when he himself was panting lightly.The man was Rion Ren, one of the masters from Liebu Mountain. He was strong and his moves were fast and agile. Many pe
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2. The Master's Sticky Apprentice
Rion and Ludriev were about to enter the front yard of his bamboo house when he heard a shout from ahead of the pathway."Master!"A young girl ran in his direction cheerfully. Her face was flushed, maybe from running all the way here, as she smiled at him. Rion was about to warn her to slow down and be careful when her feet slipped and she fell forward right into Rion's arms, who was fast enough to catch her."Ruby, what did I say about no running around carelessly like that?"Ruby immediately pulled herself back from his arms. She flushed even harder. "I- I'm sorry, Master. I was too clumsy."Honestly, Rion got worried about this apprentice of his. Ruby was too clumsy. She often stumbled around like that and fell into his arms. Even more so when he taught her a sword move. He even gave her an extra hour for a private lesson because she had difficulty learning it.She stumbled and fell on him over a hundred times in their last private lesson.Rion felt like he should invite Lin over
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3. Fire Spitting Lizard Demon
"Get down!" Rion shouted harshly. Everyone complied with his order and immediately laid flat on the ground.Fire burst only one foot away above them. They could feel the heat on their back through layers of clothes. All those apprentices were frozen still and didn't dare to move.Rion took a brief pause after the demon finished spouting fire to bark another order at those youngsters. "Back off, all of you! Now!""Master Rion!""Master!"They were all shouting his name in relief and obediently rushed to retreat. Most of these apprentices were still too young. Ron only spot two of them who had their spirit sword, while the rest were still carrying their training sword. They were like stalks of bamboo shoot, still too young and too green.They must've gone down the mountain to see the festival, too. Rion felt bad for them.They had no time to dwell any longer here. He instructed, "Help to evacuate the common people. One of you, go back to Academy and tell Recuperation House about the sit
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4. The Emperor's Intention
"It's better if we go back to the evacuation place," Ludriev said after the situation calmed down.Rion hummed his consent and crouched down in front of the little girl who didn't dare to look at any of them the whole time. He used his most gentle voice to talk to her. "Hey, Little One. Let's go to the safe place, alright? Everything is fine now. We will protect you. Don't be scared anymore."The little girl slowly raised her head. Her face was red and tears stained her cheeks. "Mama...." she whimpered. More tears were falling from her big doe eyes."We will find your mama," Rion promised, carefully holding her hands. "Would you like to come with us?"The little girl nodded. Rion opened his arms, letting the girl hug him tight and bury her teary, snotty face in his shoulder. He held her so gently before slowly carrying her in his arms."Don't cry anymore. Look, the big sister is stopped crying. So, you stop crying too, okay?" Rion smiled teasingly at Ruby, who lowered her head in emba
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5. Immortal Apprentice Competition
Rion didn't think he was playing the favorite. It would be an awful thing to do as a teacher. So, absolutely not. He loved and cared about all of his apprentices equally.They were already back to Liebu Mountain after ensuring everyone in the town was safe and those who were wounded already gotten their wound tended to. There were still several senior apprentices patrolling in the town who stayed guard in case the demons launched a second attack.He was sitting on the floor. In front of him, some reports and grades about the students in his care, and also a list of those potential apprentices he needed to choose to attend the Immortal Apprentice Competition."Master."Ruby came through the front door holding a tray of still steaming breakfast. Her eyes were bright and her fair face flushed slightly. There were still little remains of baby fat on her cheeks. It made her even more charming. Like a little bud of a flower, innocent and pure.She changed so much from how she was when first
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6. Daughter of Demon Sovereign
Ruby had slain three small monsters and five big ones by midday. She wasn't sure how the other contestant was doing and how much more she needed to hunt to be in the first rank. Ruby didn't meet that many other contestants along the way. By far, she only met three from another academy she didn't know. They only exchanged glances and small nods as they passed by each other. Ruby didn't feel like making friends or enemies in this competition. She only had one goal: to be the strongest and reach the first place so she could make her master proud. She arrived in a big cave slightly hidden by vines and bushes. The inside of the cave was very dark. Ruby couldn't see anything from where she was hiding and watching outside. What kind of demon could occupy this place? It would be a disadvantage for her to go inside and fight the demon because the cave was its territory. Walking in there would be the same as walking willingly into a trap. Ruby was still thinking of the way to lure the monste
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7. Northern Realm's Princess
Rion didn't even blink from where he was towering in front of Ruby like an unmovable, protective mountain. He faced the celestial demon in front of him without any expression. He didn't look scared, nor did he look smug and overconfident of his own capability. His face was unreadable, and he wanted to keep it that way.Rion had heard a lot of stories about the celestial demon ancestry and descendant when he went on trips for demon hunting. He read a lot of information about it too in many books and texts he got his hands on during those trips. That was the reason why, even if it was the first time he met this celestial demon in front of him, Rion could guess precisely who he was facing right now.The celestial demon's dark hair and deep blue eyes. Her icy countenance, as well as the freezing wind around her. The frozen grasses where she was standing with a layer of ice already forming and crackling under her feet. The dark blue color of a celestial demon mark pulsing between her brows
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8. The Price for Holding Back
Valienne lunged at him with the ice sword glaring sharply in her hand beneath the sunlight. At the same time, the layer of frost beneath her feet was crackling dangerously fast towards Rion.Rion jumped away to evade the attack instinctively before he remembered Ruby was still behind him and needed protection. He hastily formed a seal with one hand and waved a protective barrier around his apprentice. The surge of ice cracked loudly and dispersed into crystal-like flakes upon colliding with the barrier he put around Ruby."You're not going to put a single hand on her hair before you defeat me," Rion said.Valienne retreated her sword from where she was slashing the barrier down to no avail. She turned to Rion with her impassive face. "Fair enough."Valienne suddenly disappeared, and in the next second, she showed up in front of Rion. He didn't even have the chance to blink as he reflexively raised his sword to deflect Valienne's attack. He realized Valienne didn't use her teleportatio
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9. As It Came to An End
The next time their sword collided, Rion raised his sword and felt the brimming of spirit energy flowing smoothly throughout his body before it settled and he channeled it onto his sword.When the metal and ice sword met in the air, the demonic energy and spirit energy also smashed against each other. Its huge impact created a big explosion between those two different species of individuals.Valienne gritted her teeth and tried to stand on her feet when that blast of mixed energies hit her twice stronger than the energy she let out. But no matter how much she tried to stay, the impact still threw her balance off and blew her several meters away.The blast of their mixed energies not only affected both of them but also the surrounding area. Rion didn't have the time to dodge or jump away before the blast, so he settled in forming a protective barrier around himself to prevent the impact from those energies from hurling him away like a puppet with its string cut.When the wind stopped a
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10. To Protect Your Smile
Rion's sword stroke in a swift movement downward, aiming the celestial ice demon's heart to kill her once and for all. The move of the blade was almost impossible to follow with human eyes, but Valienne was not a human. Her eyes were wide open, watching the tip of the sword gleaming toward her heart.Then his sword pricked a layer of ice, and couldn't move further.The layer of ice that covered Valienne's chest was thin, but it was very strong and had a peculiar dark blue color that swirled on the surface. The color was similar to Valienne's eyes. Frost rose and crackling rapidly along Rion's blade. He also felt a sharp prick of cold on his skin where he made contact with Valienne's body even through the layer of clothes he wore and the spirit energy that naturally flowed throughout his body.A new ice sword materialized in Valienne's left hand. Rion jerked back violently to evade the attack, releasing his hold on the celestial demon. He managed to avoid getting his neck cut. Instead,
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