Chapter 33: Never been yours

Shaira's world crumbled before her eyes, leaving her paralyzed. The silence that followed only intensified Stefani's fear.

Just as Shaira was beginning to recover from the shock, the elevator doors opened. Stefani was about to escape but without hesitation, Shaira grabbed her by the hair and forcefully pushed her back inside, causing her to collide with the railing and fell to the ground.

"F*ck you, Stefani! You can't manipulate me like this! How the hell did you expect me to react, you damn b*tch!" Shaira's anger knew no bounds, her face flushed with rage. "You won't make a fool out of me!"

Stefani attempted to stand, but the pain in her back prevented her from doing so. A single tear escaped the corner of her eye as she bravely locked eyes with Shaira and retorted, "Shaira, I never played with your emotions! But you need to understand that Jacob is my husband, and I have more rights than you! It was foolish of me to consider your feelings before my own. I almost lost my husband..."

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