Chapter 35: I love you

"I've heard from Liam that things are going much better between you and Jacob. Have you decided to focus solely on your relationship with him instead of worrying about others?" Summer asked, her brush gliding across the canvas.

"So Liam is your spy now, huh?" Stefani joked.

"Everyone is my spy in Carter Group. Even I don't show up, I have many eyes and ears! I will know everything!"

They were at the beach, painting in the early hours of the morning. It was Sunday, and Stefani and Jacob didn't have work.

Stefani chuckled at her mother's comment, continuing to paint as she replied, "I'm not entirely sure, but all I know is that I'm happy with him now and I don't want that to change. Everything just feels right... and I don't want that to end."

"Oh, sweetie, those are just the words of someone experiencing love for the first time, aren't they?" Summer grinned, pausing her painting to face Stefani. "But everything comes to an end. Everything needs their end."

Stefani's hand holding the br
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