Chapter 36: Make me yours

"Ahh..." Stefani let out a soft whimper, her delicate lips parting as Jaxon's hand slowly made its way from her stomach to her chest.

His touch was warm and commanding, but he knew he had to be patient, not wanting to frighten her.

His voice was barely a whisper as he murmured, "So soft..."

His lips grazed her earlobe, sending shivers down her spine.

"Ugh...!" Unable to contain herself any longer, Stefani released a breathy moan, completely lost in the pleasure that consumed her. She clung to Jaxon, her limbs entwined with his, her eyes glazed over with desire. "J-Jaxon..."

Under the gentle glow of the moon, Jaxon locked eyes with her, knowing that tonight was the beginning of something extraordinary. The moon bore witness to their intentions, its silent presence a testament to the passion that awaited them.

Jacob tenderly kissed her forehead, then trailed his lips down to her nose and finally to her lips. The taste of her lips was like a delectable delicacy, causing his senses to i
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Jessie Gearacam
who is Jaxon?
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Diana Rose Gano
another udate lls
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I'm sorry! It's Jacob.

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