Chapter 34: Get what she wants

Chapter 1

Their kiss lingered, stretching out in time. Jacob's kisses were forceful, matching Stefani's intensity. He pressed her against the table, sweeping away the papers and delving his hands beneath her dress.

Stefani blushed, feeling a mix of excitement and self-consciousness. She didn't protest, instead wrapping her arms around his neck. This was the longest kiss she had ever experienced, venturing beyond the realm of simple French or peck kisses.

As her breath grew shallow, she gently pushed against his chest. But Jacob, like a ravenous lion, remained unyielding, savoring the taste of her lips like a delectable treat. She tapped his chest repeatedly, eventually resorting to tilting her head to the side for air.

"I-I can't...breathe," she managed to gasp, her eyes locked with his in a dazed, intoxicated gaze.

Yet, Jacob's hunger remained unabated. He leaned in for another kiss, but Stefani abruptly stood up, adjusting her disheveled dress. Her face flushed like a ripe tomato.

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He doesn’t keep his promises
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Senyora Copong
I've expected for 3 chapters as you promised Ms Winter ...

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