Chapter 37: Her First

"Fuck! You're so tight, babe," Jacob said as he thrust inside Stefani.

Stefani was completely lost in the pleasure, unable to hear Jacob's words anymore. She held onto him tightly, as if her life depended on it. Jacob's movements became faster, intensifying the heat coursing through her body.

"Oh, faster... Ahh!"

Jacob whispered in her ear as he licked and sucked on her neck, "Do you like it?"

"Y-yeah. Yes... I don't know..." Stefani's voice was hoarse. "Sh-shit!"

Jacob chuckled at her reaction, becoming even more aroused. He closed his eyes impatiently, feeling himself reaching the peak of pleasure.

"I want to make you pregnant..."

As soon as he said those words, Stefani could feel him release inside her. A warm liquid flowed within her, and she instinctively touched her stomach, locking eyes with him. Exhaustion took over, and her eyelids eventually closed.

The next morning, Stefani woke up to find Jacob no longer beside her. She was already dressed in pajamas. Glancing at the side
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Bernice Opoku
Stef don’t give your happiness to anyone Jacob is into you not her Don’t be stupid this time be like your mama summer…she fought for steven
goodnovel comment avatar
Don't tell u give up on Jacob. Wether she is threathening her parents or commiting suicide the decision is still on Jacob not Stef so clear your conscience Stef it u who Jacob's loves now. Past is past
goodnovel comment avatar
Diana Rose Gano
longer chapter plssss

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