Doctor Step-Uncle, Be My Husband

Doctor Step-Uncle, Be My Husband

By:  Arsara-Chan  Updated just now
Language: English
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"Ethan... don't touch me there." It was so embarrassing that his hands moved so freely over my naked body. The sound of his breathing was heard which made my heart pound even more. "Sarah, I can't. "You're my patient." I bit my lip. I was indeed Ethan's patient. After the betrayal of my husband who chose to save another woman over me, I was injured and needed help. Ethan who is my husband's step-uncle is taking care of me, doing everything with his attitude that makes my heart pound. "Sarah, don't worry, I will help you."

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36 Chapters
Chapter 1
Sarah’s POV"Who are you?" I looked up at the strange men who had taken off my blindfold after tying me to a wooden chair. "What are you doing to me?" I looked down at myself, bound tightly by the rope.I shook my body violently to get out of there but to no avail. My efforts were in vain and only ended in laughter for them, which made me stop moving, raising my gaze to them, staring frantically at the terrifying strangers in front of me.One of them looked at me with a scornful smile. He tilted his head to look at me, saying, "Don't try too hard; it won't do any good. You'd better be quiet until we tell you to scream." He warned me with his face that had a stitched scar on his eye.My heart was beating wildly. What was happening? I stared at them, then moved my eyes, sweeping around, exploring what the place was. That place is precisely like an abandoned warehouse, but why did they bring me to this place? With my hands tied and like I was being held hostage?Taken hostage? I looked s
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Chapter 2
Sarah’s POVMy whole body felt like it was throbbing with pain, the skin on my body was throbbing so much that even the slightest movement was excruciating. Am I still alive? Am I still not dead?"Uh...." I let out a small moan, my whole body throbbing with pain. Even small movements made me feel tortured because of the pain. Not finished with the pain I was feeling, I heard a voice that made me open my eyes and look."Are you awake?" I moved my head with difficulty to the side, I looked at him sharply, with a sense of indignation in my chest. I knew who that man was, but why was he here?Ethan seemed to be sitting casually in front of her, staring at me with his predatory eyes. I was uncomfortable with the way he was looking at me, his gaze seemed to be watching my every move.I didn't like this, seeing it made me realize that I wasn't dead yet. I was still alive remembering this pain and seeing Ethan here."What are you doing in this place?" Why was he in front of me? I looked down
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Chapter 3
Sarah’s POV"You can't do it." Alex was being stubborn, he went against what I wanted when even he didn't know how to treat me.I stared at the man in astonishment, seeing him standing in front of me didn't make me forget in the slightest what my pain was like when facing him. His abandonment of me yesterday was the most painful thing I've ever received in my entire life."Of course he can do it." Ethan answered the question I was supposed to answer and it made me look up at him."I'll do it." Ethan's words made my confidence grow.He thinks I'll believe his bullshit? Am I that easy for him? Why is Alex treating me this badly? I can't accept it, I don't want to make peace with this situation like he wants, I don't want to apologize to him and obey what he wants, It's enough for me to ignore my pain.I then looked at him with my eyes trembling before him. "Go Alex, even if you refuse I won't change my mind. I will still file for divorce." My eyes that once looked at him warmly, now loo
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Chapter 4
Ethan’s POVI stared at Emma, my step-sister and Alex's mother, standing at my door.Judging by the look on her face and her decision to come to a house she'd never been to before, it looked like she had important business."What is it?" I asked, opening the door wider for her.There was no need for me to greet her or say hello, as our relationship as step-sisters had never been good.I watched as she walked into my house, put her bag on the sofa and sat there without me asking, like this was her home. "I heard the news about you and Sarah."Ah, so she wanted to discuss Sarah with me. I averted my eyes and sat down right on the sofa across from her. Emma, on the other hand, sat where she was with her annoying behavior. He glanced around, with a condescending gaze, then smiled haughtily. Maybe she felt better than me."What are you planning to do with her?" Her questions were probing, the expression on her face made it clear that she didn't believe a word I said.I folded my legs, acti
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Chapter 5
Sarah’s POvI then tried to contact Lila again. I wanted to tell her what I had found from the CCTV footage she had sent me. An answer on the other end replaced the ringing of the connected call, "Did you find anything?" asked Lila in a hurry.I don't know what she's doing right now, but a while ago, she told me that she would look for more evidence. I recalled the shape of the tie clip I had seen on the recording. "That tie clip wasn't something I gave him or he bought. His mistress probably bought it. I'm very suspicious of her." I felt very uneasy.I clearly remember what he often wears and keeps in his wardrobe because every time he goes to work or goes out, I'm the one who takes care of his clothes. I prepare them for him.Lila is silent on the other end. The only thing I can hear from her right now is her heavy breathing. She's the only one I share with who can feel my pain, so I'm sure she's also shocked and feels my pain right now. "So you're sure about the affair?""I'm very,
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Chapter 6
Sarah’s POV"What are you thinking about?" Ethan shook his hand right in front of my eyes. He caught my attention from the page.But seeing him there after daydreaming about what I was going to do made me then move my hand to reach his hand and hold it. "Hey, Ethan, how are you today?" I asked him in a cheerful tone. I showed him a bright smile and gaze.But he looked unresponsive at me. His eyes, which always had that sharp look, were slightly narrowed, moving elegantly yet nonchalantly. "What's wrong with you?" he snorted out a laugh with only the sound of his breathing audible.His skeptical question made me awkward, and I pulled my hand back from him. For a moment, my eyes still met his. I still tried to smile like nothing was strange, even though it was clear that my sudden change in attitude was strange to him."It looks like I need to check your head and do a CT scan to see if there might be a problem." He jumped to conclusions at will.Ethan and I were not close, nor did I hav
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Chapter 7
Sarah’s POVI looked at the man intently. His words about Diana made me curious, but I was too hesitant to ask what happened between them. Why Diana didn't like him when they were both sisters?But if I remember again, when I was with Alex, that man rarely mentioned Ethan. He didn't talk about it, nor did he seem close, even though they were only a few years apart. Normally, if the relationship between them was good, I'm sure the two of them would be close and meet often, considering Ethan is more suitable to be his brother than his uncle.On the contrary, occasionally, what I heard from him about Ethan was a slightly unpleasant talk towards Ethan, and then the look on his face changed. He didn't seem okay when the topic of Ethan was brought up with him. Why didn't I think about it before and find it strange? I didn't even pay attention to him and try to figure it out. I was really stupid."My relationship with Diana was not good from the start. She doesn't consider me part of her fam
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Chapter 8
Sarah’s POV"What is he doing in this place?" I stared in surprise for a moment as the door swung open without anyone knocking on it before, revealing the figure I least wanted to see walk into my room with a disgusting expression on his face.Alex walked over while throwing a smile at me. I didn't understand how her brain worked because she didn't seem to feel any guilt at all by showing her fine self in front of me."Hi, honey. How are you?" I gasped in horror as I heard his soft and sweet tone of voice towards me, and how could he ignore my fierce gaze that followed him every move as if it was not a nuisance to him?He came closer to look around me, fixing what he didn't need to fix because I didn't even need it. Then he looked back at me with a smile on his face. "I heard you were going to be discharged from the hospital today, so I brought this for you." He held out her hand, handing me a bouquet of roses. "I brought you your favorite flowers. Congratulations on finally being dis
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Chapter 9
Sarah’s POVI glanced at the back of Ethan's hand pressed against the car door frame as I tried to get in and sit down inside. The small detail he noticed made me watch him closely and feel amazed at his attitude.My instincts then wondered, and I unconsciously compared Ethan and Alex, who were completely opposite. Ethan might look indifferent and uncaring, but he was watching me and ensuring I didn't get hurt while being with him, and he was entirely under his observation.When I was with Alex, I was sure he didn't care. He walked by himself without paying attention to me, and he even left me behind a few times and didn't realize it because I was left far behind by him. It was frustrating as I recalled one by one my bad memories with him. I didn't want to remember it. It just came to me, asking me to be fully aware."What are you thinking about?" Ethan's heavy-sounding voice made me spontaneously turn to him, who had somehow moved and was now sitting on the bench next to me.I stared
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Chapter 10
Sarah’s POV"Come in and make this place your home." Lila opened the door to her apartment, then held the door open while holding the small bag I had brought because I didn't have much other than the medicines Ethan had prepared for me.I threw a smile at her, grateful that in the midst of the chaos, there was still Lila, who didn't turn away from me. She was still the same person as before. "Then I ask permission to stay for a while," I said back to her, and she snorted with a fierce glare at me."You can stay as long as you want. No need to think about it." I looked back, watching her, who was still there, and closed the door tightly. Then, later, she grabbed the slippers in the room, putting one on for me while he grabbed the other for her. "But what's with that guy?" she walked over first, glancing at me as she walked over and placed my bag on the table near the sofa.Lila's hand beckoned me to sit there first while her feet were still walking in the other direction. I then sat do
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