Don's Blackmail

Don's Blackmail

By:  Serafina Edes  Completed
Language: English
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Katelyn is a sweet 19 year old girl whose life exists only inside the luxury of her mansion. This arrangement was done by her father to keep her safe from his foes in the Mafia. Her life takes a major turn when Don Quisito, her father's trusted friend, blackmails her to sleep with him. He threatens to expose a secret of hers that only he knew. Afraid and desperate to save her dignity, the girl fights him back in every way possible. Her attempts to get back at him always lands her in trouble; But guess who appears as her knight in shining armor all the time? Despite her hatred, she finds herself attracted to the way he cares for her when they are together. She is affected by the possessiveness of his touch and the warmth in his deep blue eyes when he looks at her. But she is not sure whether he would follow through the promises offered by his kisses. There was a good chance that she might end up being heart broken and alone, just like in the beginning. The ruthless Don is a mysterious person who has eyes only for her. He gives her a taste of freedom that she craved for over a long time. But the man came to her life with a purpose. Even his blackmail was a means to an end. Once his duty is fulfilled, would he have to leave her or would he get a chance to make her his? There are buried secrets from the past that awaits Katelyn but the real question is, when everything is revealed, will it be too late for her to salvage the love of her life?

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wow...this book is just amazing and outstanding. everything about the story is so beautiful, the plot, the narration, their past, his care, her childlike behaviour, their love superbly written. I love the way he cares for her, even risking his life for her. waiting for more...
2023-09-20 22:22:41
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Renee Cameron
this book was actually amazing great story line
2023-08-27 08:43:03
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I Love ur story so much Author ... ur so talented ... will always encourage u to write stories as good as this one ......
2023-07-26 13:03:50
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Delinda Schumacher
36 chapters 7-15-23
2023-07-16 08:48:39
user avatar
Jasmine Jeon
glad to find this book here lots of love author ...️:>
2023-06-11 16:58:27
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Sarah Brown
Do read the book. An amazing one by an amazing author. Best of luck, dear.
2023-05-31 02:41:12
user avatar
love this book!!! so glad to find it here!
2023-05-26 17:00:07
42 Chapters
Author's Note
Hello my dear readers! This is the story of a mafia princess who is forced to give her body to a Don who is also her father's friend. When she realizes that she doesn’t have a gap to escape, she is hell bent on making her tormentor's life as miserable as possible. She is a teenager and he is an experienced man of the mafia kingdom; but nothing in life has prepared him for the stunts she pulls in order to get back at him. her body the only thing he blackmails her for? WARNING!!! This book contains graphic sexual scenes and is only intended for mature audience. I promise that this book will be an intense roller coaster ride and there will be a lot of fun scenes as well. So thank you for giving this book a chance and I expect a lot of support from you guys.
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His words tore through her already cracked soul, and she wasn’t even sure whether she could take it anymore.You gave your father a heart attack.You got yourself kidnapped.Your stupidity took eleven lives.Your fault....She wanted to argue with him that none of this would have happened if he hadn’t blackmailed her in the first place, but even before she could speak her part, he jumped in.“This is what happens when you shake hands with your enemy. Your father’s words will mean nothing to the Bratva if they find out what his daughter had done. The Mafia never forgives betrayers”Quisito looked down at her before continuing. “But somehow, I have managed to take care of everything and so you don’t have to worry”That was her breaking point. The pent-up emotions erupted inside her like a volcano.“Of course, you have taken care of everything! Now, when do you plan to use this information to blackmail me and fuck me like some cheap sex toy?.....I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU AND I H
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Meeting Him Again
“Why aren’t we eating……I’m hungry….” Katelyn whined, looking at her father who was swallowing the pills he had to take before dinner. “We are waiting for someone sweetheart, he’ll be here any minute now” her father replied, after drinking water and clearing his throat.“I would have eaten in my room…...if you had told me earlier you know” kate said grumpily as she stared at her food.Kate loved and appreciated her father for the little time he kept aside for spending with her because of his busy schedule. She was her father’s whole world and he did everything to fill the gap of her deceased mother. Kate used to argue with him frequently, but ever since he developed a heart condition, she has been very cautious not to speak anything that might upset him. She hated eating along with his other friends from the mafia but the love for her father never let her deny him.“Actually, you might remember him; you have seen him a few times before. It will be good to rekindle the old friendship” h
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Talking To Him
Kate took the food inside and thanked the maid while closing the door. Her hunger returned and so she sat on the bed to satisfy her growling stomach. Kate chewed on her food while absently calculating her future. She could not stop thinking about how he touched her leg under the table.Was that a.....warning ?For some reason her mind kept on telling her that Quisito was bad news. Sure, her father has met with Quisito before but this was the first time he has invited Quisito over for dinner. Kate hated the fact that Quisito was invited for dinner because it was also an invitation to stayover for the night; That was one of the ways in which men of mafia made their bonds stronger.Kate was rinsing her mouth when she heard a knock on her door.“In a minute” Kate informed the person on the other side of the door as she dried her hands. Kate tensed before opening the door but her father’s voice calmed her nerves.“Don Quisito will be staying in the room next to yours” her father said as so
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His Threat
The next day morning she was dreading to see Quisito but was relieved to know that he had left with Lena to the hospital.“It’s time for defense training, you are already 15 minutes late” one of her father’s men announced, making Kate groan in frustration. She loved the idea of being the healthy but just like most of the people, she hated to work for it.Although this was one of the important things that kept her active inside the mansion, the idea of having 100 bodyguards and having to learn self defense despite the fact that she rarely went out puzzled her. She learned the mechanism of weapons, granites and a lot of other things in there. Just because she was capable of handling a gun, she was allowed to keep one in her night stand, closer to the bed.Even though she was comfortable in using gun, the device became a nightmare after the incident that involved Quisito. It occurred 3 years ago and now she was 19 but the memory of that night has always bathed her in horror.Kate was cov
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Sleep With Him
His next words turned her world upside down.“If you sleep with me”.“I’m not your prostitute and you already have a girlfriend” she cried out in horror, not exactly knowing how she managed to find her voice after he said those words.“Lena is not my girlfriend. She is one of my close friend’s wife who is under my protection until her husband wraps up his business and comes here tomorrow. Yesterday she slept on the bed and I on the couch. I would have asked for separate rooms but I wanted to be close to her in order to keep an eye out for any possible danger to her life.”While Kate was processing the information, he continued “I’ll never treat you like a prostitute. You are more precious than the rarest gems in this universe”. She should have been flattered by his admission but it only made her more terrified than ever.“You are way older than me...” she put up another wall, trying to win the battle of wits.“I’ll admit that I am a decade older than you...but age is only a number...
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Dreadful Past
The past ( 3 years ago)It was her 16th birthday and was attended by mafia leaders from across the world. Clad in a floor length blue gown, she was the center of attention and everyone at the party wanted a dance with her. And so did Richard, her father’s most trusted partner. Quisito was also present at the event with his girlfriend by his side.When it was Richard’s turn, she innocently began dancing with him, unaware of his intentions. Richard’s hands moved towards her lower back, pulling her closer than what was considered as comfortable for her. Her eyes scanned the room for her father but had no luck. The lighting was dim and because of that, nobody saw her distress. Richard’s predatory eyes roamed across her body, his alcoholic breath twisting her insides. She tried to push him away gently at first but he wouldn’t budge. Adding a little more strength, she managed to pry herself out of his grip.“Excuse me” she left Richard and went into the restroom with bile rising up to her t
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The Proof
PresentKate’s sleep was interrupted by her father’s phone call, which she attended by rolling over in bed.“Hello”“Kate...listen, I am calling to inform you that I won’t be coming home for a few days” her father said, making a knot to twist in her stomach.“But dad...Quisito is here” she tried to reason, hoping that her father wouldn’t leave her alone with the man she feared.“Yes, about that...remember how you have been complaining to me about not being able to leave the mansion?”“Yeah....” she couldn’t help but sound confused. For the past 6 months she has been pestering her dad non stop about how much she missed the world outside the mansion but what did Quisito have to do with any of that?“Well... real the reason I avoided taking you out was due to the security issues but Quisito is far more powerful than me and is capable of shielding you from any possible harm. So I have asked him to take you out” her father explained calmly but her heart was ready to burst out of her chest.
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Stolen First Kiss
He may be relentless but she was equally adamant. She paced inside her room, trying to think of a way to break the friendship between her father and Quisito. The sound of heavy footsteps in the hallway followed by the furious unlock of the door to the next room indicated that Quisito was home; But something seemed off with him. She listened to his frustrated mutterings from the other room but eventually they died out. Was something wrong? She slowly walked out of her room and saw that the door to Quisito’s room was slightly open. After double checking the hallway, she poked her head inside his room and heard the shower running. The door to the bathroom was also not locked. Right then, a wicked plan bloomed in her mind. She knew it was risky but she had to do it, if she wanted to preserve her chastity for her prince charming. After fetching her phone from her bed, she tip-toed back to his room. She was careful not to step on his discarded cloths that were stained with blood. She kn
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Kate managed to walk back into her room with her phone, her body soaking wet, leaving a trail of water behind. Within moments she dried herself and changed into a new outfit. And by that time, her heart was burning with anger.How could he do this to me?Her anger burst into flames when she thought about the guy in her dreams. He had introduced himself as Chris and always assured her that he would come for her. As dumb and senseless as it may sound, Kate wanted Chris to be her first kiss.Most of her notebook backs have the scribbling ‘CHRIS WEDS KATELYN’. She did all of that because she was sure that in real life, one day, he would come for her. Chris was always patient with her, even made her laugh every now and then. He was one thing that made her feel alive every day, despite the circumstances.She desperately wanted to get back at Quisito for stealing her first kiss, for marking her like one would brand cattle.Evening part of the day slid in. People, animals and birds were getti
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