Don't Say You Love Me

Don't Say You Love Me

By:  Your Last Enemy  Completed
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Warning: 21+ Renee's family used to be a wealthy family. For Renee, their family is a happy family, even though her mother is a weak woman who is sickly, but apart from that she is the perfect mother. Until then Sean Bramasta came into their life. Sean literally destroyed her family, somehow her father's ownership of the business was just countered, everything was taken by Sean and controlled under his hands. Her father had nothing more than a monthly allowance for him and his family. Renee's family fell into poverty instantly. Renee was strong enough to endure it all, but not her mother. She broke down more the poorer they got, the more she suffered. Then one morning, her mother just died. After the death of her mother, her father was devastated. One day, her father drove their car, the only thing they had left. He crashed into the parapet until the car rolled over several times and her father died instantly on the spot. Because of that, the resentment that was buried deep in Renee's heart became even more intense after the death of her parents. All of this has its roots in Sean Bramasta. What will she do next? Will the plan work or is it futile?

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The frenetic atmosphere made Renee squint her eyes. She didn't like this kind of crowded and suffocating atmosphere. She missed her room, a quiet, peaceful room where she could sit and read while listening to faint music.But this extremely loud music is almost beyond her tolerance, it feels like she would leave this place, but she can't. That man, that evil man, according to the source she had heard would be coming to this place in a little while.Renee tried to pull down her short black skirt which was starting to feel uncomfortable. This waitress uniform was extremely uncomfortable, with her cleavage so low and the skirt so short that it was as if Renee was forced to disguise herself as someone she didn't know. But isn't that the point? She didn't want him to know her, even though that didn't seem like she should be afraid. They had met only once, during a brief, accidental encounter, when the man had met her father in her study. At that time, Renee's appearance was
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Sean Bramasta is feeling gloomy tonight. Somehow. He was in the mood to beat up someone, or if necessary, kill someone. Tonight he came to the club not for fun, but to find trouble. By surrounded by bodyguards who are always ready to guard him, even though not necessary, because Sean mastered several martial prowess. But when you have a lot of money, it's better if you let someone else do everything for you.The club owner himself welcomed him. Of course, considering how much he owed Sean. With hurriedly the fat man led him to the best VIP seat."You can choose anyone to accompany you," muttered the club owner in a livid tone.Sean glanced around in disinterestedness, staring at all the women there who were almost ant-like around him, with gazes wishing to be selected. Too cheap. He muttered to himself, all the humans in this world are cheap and sycophants. Sean decided not to choose anyone, when his gaze caught on to her. The girl who looks out of place in this
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Renee was stunned with anger to hear Sean's abuse of her. How much is hers? Huh! He thinks he's a king who can buy anything he wants? This demonic man must be taught that even though there are many women who bend their knees at his feet and beg for his possession, there are women who are unwilling to be touched by him. Furiously, Renee raised her chin to challenge Sean. "I'd rather die than sell myself to you," she muttered harshly. The sound throughout the club was immediately filled with anxious hum awaiting Sean's reaction. Unexpectedly, Sean smiled then glanced at the bodyguard. "There is nothing that can resist if I want to have it," he muttered dryly and gave his bodyguards his hand gesture. Everything was going fast. Renee didn't have time to run or panic, because suddenly Sean's bodyguard, who was the biggest one, grabbed and lifted her roughly and then slammed her on his shoulder like a bag of rice. Instantly filled with dizziness because her head wa
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"Do you think she 's ready for me?" Sean put on his black silk robe and sat on the sofa in his room, a full meal available to him at the table. Calmly, the man took a sip of his wine, then looked at Roger, his personal bodyguard and confidant who stood before him with his trademark expressionless face. "I think she is ready, not to surrender to you, but ready to kill you, her eyes are those of murderous hatred." Sean smiled faintly at Roger's answer. "Yes, her eyes burned, full of hatred." Sean took another sip of the wine, closing his eyes. "But you know how much I wanted to have her tonight." "Yes, I know," replied Roger calmly. "Will you force her?" "I don't like to force women, you know." Sean was used to being surrounded by women who gave themselves up to him. Not a single woman could resist the charm of Sean Bramasta. With jet-black hair that was slightly long against the collar, pale brown eyes and his aristocratic face could almost be said to
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Sean opened the door to the room where Renee was locked up slowly. It was late at night and Sean didn't expect Renee to still be up. The room was dark and dim, but Sean's eyes caught the tray of food that was still intact, only the drinks were gone. Stubborn girl. Sean growled in his heart, she thought she could threaten Sean by starving herself. She did not know that Sean would use any means to make Renee give up on him. The rustling of the bed made Sean turn his head warily. In the dimness of the room, Sean saw Renee lying there, restless. The woman hasn't slept yet and she looked… uneasy. Curious, Sean approached and found Renee lying there with a tormented gaze, her body writhing on the bed with white satin sheets as if she was hot. "Please ... hot ...." Renee's voice sighed, hoarse like in pain. Frowning, Sean sat on the edge of the bed and touched his fingers to her forehead, the temperature is normal, she has no fever. The frown
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"It's hurt!" Renee screamed, trying to push Sean's body. Her body screamed between pain and desire to be filled with passion, a tear dripped from the corner of her eye, the remains of her consciousness lingering. Sean pushed himself as deep as he could, finally breaking through the barrier, ignoring Renee's screams of pain. When finally Renee's screams died down, Sean lifted his head and gently kissed Renee's lips which were parted and panting. “After this, I will teach you how to satisfy me," the words echoed through the room, like a promise from the darkness. And Renee, already completely losing consciousness, her body writhed with a tingling pleasure as the pain finally disappeared, replaced by a hot pleasure that gave off a torturous tingle through her body. Sean felt Renee's hips move, felt her pulsation gripping his body heat, which was embedded deep inside Renee's body, pushing out boldly, pulling Sean closer and closer. Sean gritted his teeth,
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Renee was still stunned in bed, then a flash of pain between her thighs brought her back to her senses. The bloodstain was striking on the white sheet, seemed to laugh at her.How ironic, her virginity was taken away by the devil-hearted bastard she wanted to kill. Renee's body trembled, filled with a choking mixture as she tried to stand up. The red stain on the bed bothered her so much, to the point that Renee grabbed the sheet and slammed it on the floor. Renee's breath was gasping and for some reason then her body collapsed to the floor, crying emotionally.Her memories drifted to her father and mother, to her unanswered grudge and to her fate that had kept her trapped here, in the clutches of her great enemy.Now she was slumped here, in Sean's clutches and what was so painful was that she was helpless against him. Renee wiped her tears suddenly. No! She had cried enough, she had to fight back, at all costs!Renee slowly stepped into the bathroom, sh
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Surprised, Renee turned and nearly hit Sean's broad chest. The man stood very close behind her and pressed her against the door, his gaze burning with rage, like a devil ready to burn his enemies. "How dare you embarrass Roger like that, and how dare you try to run away from my house."Sean's large hand gripped Renee's arm roughly and then dragged the unwilling Renee away.Renee struggled, trying to survive, but Sean didn't care, still dragging Renee with her great strength, until Renee couldn't help but have to drag her along instead of breaking her hand. Sean dragged Renee up the stairs and back to the white room where Renee had been locked up. There were several of Sean's bodyguards gathered and Roger stood there, apparently he managed to contact Sean and was released from the bathroom.Renee frowned, she should have been faster, or maybe she hit Roger in the head with something so that the man passed out and couldn't reach his friends immediately.Sea
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Sean walked out of the bathroom, still angry. His hair was soaking wet and all of his wet clothes laid down on the floor. A movement in the corner of the room made him turn. Roger standing there, the marks of Sean's hitting still bruising here and there, but the man seemed to have been treated. "How is she?" he asked coldly."The doctor is working on her, she's got fluid in her lungs. You yourself, Mr. Sean, are you all right? Plunging down from the second floor like that just to save that girl."Sean glanced at Roger with a sharp gaze, then grabbed a towel to rub his wet hair. "I was going to kill her.""Then why did you save her?"Sean turned around and looked at Roger with fiery eyes. "Because I decided, it's not time for her to die yet." Sean's brown eyes sparkled in the dark. "And you, why did you let her escape on purpose?"Roger looked at Sean, there was surprise in his eyes even though in a moment he immediately put on a flat face. "I accid
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Bound and helpless, Renee watched as Sean took off her shirt and half crushed her. His mouth was so close to Renee's, that their breaths collided. Sean lowered his head, kissed the side of Renee's neck, made Renee tiptoe and try to struggle again."Sshhh ... You will hurt your arm if you keep struggling like that." Sean's lips crept up and landed on Renee's. The man kissed Renee's lips a little, then his tongue stuck in, opened Renee's soft lips, smacked them and felt the entire texture of Renee's lips which were warm and hot. His tongue hooked Renee's tongue and played with very skillful intensity. When Sean let go of his lips, Renee's breath coming out of breath, this kiss was the most intense kiss she had ever felt."You like it, don't you?" Sean whispered softly with his hot breath in Renee's ear. "I really like your lips and the sensation of softness on mine ..." Sean's hand crept down, touched Renee's neck skin. "Your whole body is warm, dear, as if to tease me .
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