Donavon's lost Luna

Donavon's lost Luna

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"I'm carrying your child, Alpha Donavon," I said, watching his reaction from the ground I sat on. "Repeat what you said," he said, and he walked towards me while I stood up from the ground to face him. "I'm carrying your chill..." I barely completed when I felt his hands on my throat, gripping it hard and cutting me short of breath. This cannot be my child! Because I'm impotent," he said, spat on my face while throwing me across the room, with my body sprawled on the ground.   When the daughter of Alpha Donavon's arch enemy tells him she's carrying his child after a night with her, he rejects and disposes of her claims because he's impotent. What happens when, years later, Alpha Donavon realizes that he's not impotent and Zuri is carrying his child when he sees them? Does he claim them as his, and does Zuri give him the chance to?

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15 Chapters
Donavon's lost LunaChapter 1Zuri "What makes you think I killed your father, Donavon?" My father's voice resounded from his office."Because I've got all the evidence with me, Lycus," the opposing voice replied."There's no evidence that you can hold, Don; I'm not and never will be the cause of your misfortune," my father replied.The sound of swords clanking was what I heard next, which made me hurry to see what and who it was."I'm telling you, Donavon, I did not kill your parents," he yelled amidst the sword fight."Zuri, princess, go back in," my father said, turning his attention towards me as I opened the door to his office. My eyes darted to the man whose voice I'd been hearing from the distance, and I had barely seen his face when my father's gasped, and I watched in horror as blood oozed from his slit throat."Father!" I screamed and bent to the floor in terror as I scrambled to meet him, seeing his blood drop from the edge of Donavon."Papa!" I yelled, shaking his body
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Donavon's lost LunaChapter 2Alpha Donavon walked towards me, satisfied with the gory sight of the battered wounds on my body.Send them to the maids' room and have them assigned to their various duties, except for her," Alpha Donovan said, and I raised my face to look at him. "Have her thrown in the dungeon; treat her the way every person thrown there is being treated and nothing less," he ordered and turned away, leaving me in the hands of the guards."Zuri," my best friend Hart called, but I couldn't afford to get him into the bane of Alpha Donavon.I turned towards his voice and nodded without saying anything. My steps faltered, and it earned me yet another slap behind my head. The coppery liquid metal dripped from my nose, and I was being met with the nonchalance of the guards, who cared less if I died or lived. Behind the cold metals of the dungeon that I was being thrown to, away from the light of the blue moon pack, to the dark, shadowy hell of a place, I felt life slippi
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Donavon's lost LunaChapter 3Alpha Donavon"I, Zuri Lycus, daughter of Alpha Lycus of the Edged Claws, will not, will never, and can never accept you, Donavon, as my Alpha," the girl before me said, taking me aback.No one, not even the eldest of the elders, dared to look me in the eyes and talk more about openly declaring that she'd never accept that I was her Alpha.I wanted her to; I needed her to succumb to self-loathing—the same pit of hell that I was.And the look in her eyes when she told me that her father knew nothing about my father and mother—I almost took it as the truth, but I knew better than to trust the words from the mouth of a person like her, the daughter of a murderer.I paused at my last thought. I'd officially become a murderer as well—a beast or more—but I cared less. My rage for revenge had made me not think twice before I slit his throat, and the way he looked at his daughter as if surrendering her to evil.It hurt that he took advantage of me to derive the j
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Donavon's lost LunaChapter 4 ZuriThe head maid had instructed me not to say anything, lest I earn myself another one of the hits.And I'd done as she had said, secretly hoping he wouldn't come until I finished the task assigned to me.And he had walked through the door. I took no indifferent action and instead continued cleaning while he sat.The air in the room was tense as I walked away. I hadn't healed from all the pains he'd caused me, and I wasn't willing to incur another.We had both shared some words before I walked out to meet an angry elder in the room.It wasn't a good time, but that was none of my business.It'd be best if I minded my Ps and Qs concerning Donavon.Curiosity, however, took the best, and I walked to the slightly open door to eavesdrop on what he was going to say.And just like I'd expected, he was met with the cruelty of his hatred for me, and when the sword was wielded, I could imagine how it was done.His growl from inside the room reverberated through t
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Donavon's lost LunaChapter 5 ZuriI watched as Hart paid no heed to my words or my pleas before turning around to leave."SSee Zuri, you'll be let out in the morning, and this is the most I can do for you. I know you want to save Donavon, but I don't see the reason you need to, though. He's a beast, Zuri. Have you thought about the way he treated you, made you feel, the cane and the fucking beating and strangling he's done to you before you decided to help him? He's killed your father, Zuri. Wise up. Not everyone deserves kindness," he lectured.Tears rolled from my face at the realisation of the truth. I'd had my fair share of misery from him, not that I was guilty; I was innocent, and my father was as well."Have you thought about it, Zuri? He took us captive and had your father's pack members be brought hostage while you, Zuri, you're a princess; one day you'd become Queen, and he lowered you to the position of a slave," he added again, several thoughts of how he'd burned the bod
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Chapter 6
Donavon's lost Luna. Chapter 6“Zuri, can you hear me? Are you okay?" I knew it would be Hart's voice from outside the door as I wriggled furiously in Alpha Donavon's hands.“Please, please, let me go. I'll go bring some other girl for you; I'm not the one you want!" I screamed in his face to no avail.His gaze had all blurred out, and as strong as she was, his movements were sloppy, but that wasn't enough for me to slip out of his arms."I don't care about who you are; all I want is to pin you down under this bed and have my way with you," Alpha Donavon growled, and I felt my body shudder with fear.Hart was hitting on the door as hard as he could, but it only resounded as a soft thud on the side of the bed.“Please, let me go. I just came to save you; I'm done with that now. “Let me go for goodness’s sake.” I purred and pleaded, but to no avail.Donavon forcefully placed me on the bed, and I could only watch as he stood over me, smiling.“Please…” I muttered, but it felt as though
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Chapter Seven
Donavon's Lost LunaChapter 7Zuri “Who's there,” the guard asked, flashing the flashlight in our direction.Hart held my shoulder as he pressed me down to the ground, barely escaping the guard's flashlight.The lights turned toward us briefly before moving away again, causing Hart and me to breathe heavily with the fear of almost getting caught."Careful," Hart said, holding my waist as he held my frail body back to the dungeon."Are you okay, Zuri?" Hart asked as we reached the dungeon's entrance."I think you should leave now. "I'll wear this sweater tonight and hide it somewhere tomorrow," I said as I turned to head back into the dungeon."I'm sorry, Zuri, and I promise we'll get through this together," Hart said softly, his forehead pressed against mine, holding my face gently, before kissing my forehead."Thank you too, Hart," I said and turned to leave."I'll bring you medication from the infirmary tomorrow," he said, dragging open the metal bars of the dungeon for me to go in
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Chapter Eight
DNLL 8Zuri"Get your hands off him, " one of the elders growled and Donavon smirked, and loosened his grip on the elder's neck before throwing him to the ground. "I tell you that the filthy tricks won't work on me, you deserve to be martial right," Donavon said, gripping the other man's shirt. He stared loathingly at the other men who shuddered from the intensity of his glare. Unable to breathe anymore, Donavon threw the man in his hands to the ground and strode away, stopping in front of me, he kicked the metal bucket I was cleaning with, splashing the foamy water in my eyes and the bucket hitting my calf. I seethed and moaned in pain, while he walked away without a care in the world. I blinked away the tears that were threatening to fall from my face and carried the pail away, leaving the almost dead men in the room to themselves."Maybe he deserved to not be saved last night, Maybe he deserved being usurped, after all when he was, I could be free from his slavery, "I muted To
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Chapter Nine
DNLL 9By dawn, the entire pack house had turned almost upside down. "Find me; I need to know the truth about what happened to me. I'm not going to look like an idiot in front of those good-for-nothing elders," he growled, and I heard his voice reverberate from the corner of the room that I stood in.He scanned his eyes around the room, and I shifted further into the corner to avoid being seen, when I bumped into an elder from the pack. My perfect plan to remain hidden for the entire day had failed woefully, and Alpha Donavon turned his gaze towards me.I moved to apologize when I felt the stinging slap of the man in my face. "How dare you, you lowly, lowlife servant?" he cussed, and he dragged me out of the corner of the room. I thought I'd seen wrong when Donavon's gaze softened; the search in his eyes halted when he saw me being dragged over, and he watched intently at the elder's harsh action. "Kneel and apologize for what you've done," the man said, and I stared, shocked, at
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Chapter Ten
DNLL 10 Donavon I looked around for that slave; Zuri, fuck that her name rolled off my tongue with so much ease. I needed to see, to have her glaring at me with hatred. A little tint of hatred, helplessness, and the damning fact that she was the only one who dared to look me in the eyes. Her emotions... Were what I couldn't describe. She replayed everything she thought without the consequences that came after. I somehow preferred the hate she gave than the fake love from whoever. And today, I hadn't seen her, but I could feel her presence. I could Only look around the room, to search for her as mildly as I could. And when I finally saw her, she'd gotten in trouble while avoiding me. "Good for her..." I thought, until the man's palms descended on her face and I looked again for him to send her back when he ordered her to kneel. That was it, I stood and watches what she would do, the Zuri I knew would Rather eat my sand
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