Gio felt the skin across his shoulderblades undulate and knew his wolf was close. Con looked unharmed at the woman's feet, but who knew for sure? If she could sneak up on two wolves in alert mode, who knew what else she was capable of.

"You must be looking for Charlotte?" The stranger remarked, tilting her head to the side, and Gio had the sensation of being knocked off balance. Here was one of the very few people who were still able to take him by surprise, and it wasn't a good feeling.

The feral sensation began to recede as they slowly regarded each other.

" Well, I'm Matilda, one of Charlotte's friends, and you must be the Alpha? Oh right, where're my manners? It's hazardous for you out here in the open, so I suggest we catch up at my apartment with your permission. Sound good?"

Gio nodded, and the world spun briefly, releasing a panicked growl from his throat. When he opened them again, they were standing in a home.

The woman-Matilda busie


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