Oh my...

Have you ever felt like the world you occupied was just a mirage? One that you are forced to live in until you've learned all the lessons you need to begin living? As Charlotte fell, time rewound, and the sensation of flying saturated her senses. Being caught by strong arms that made her skin sizzle put her in exactly that place.

A guttural roar burst from Ragnar's chest as his skin made contact with hers, and Charlotte could only describe the sensation as being akin to coming home. Without thinking, she curled into his muscular frame as if she'd done it countless times before and Ragnar breathed deeply, tightening his hold on her.

"What is this?" Charlotte murmured, feeling starstruck, and a deep chuckle was her only answer.

The door opened, and Demelza bustled through, looking flustered, "What are you doing here?" Charlotte asked in surprise, subtly trying to leave her boss's embrace, and Ragnar growled, letting her know it was futile.

"Well, um, that i

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