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‘Accept me and I will show you heaven’ he licked his lips with a sexy smirk..... ‘What if I don't' I questioned, turning away..... ‘Then’ he smirked, pulling my face towards his, 'you should know there is no other choice when I am our mate, it is either you willingly give yourself or I take you, either ways, you will be mine’ he growled and I knew I was in danger. My mate was unreasonable and possessive.

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Jeanthale (talia)
Love this story i really did enjoy it
2021-11-04 07:47:54
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Great job loved and enjoyed the entire book good job author
2021-05-24 09:19:09
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Emerald Splash
nice story! Kudos author
2021-03-15 11:39:20
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Suzanne Scott
I so wish they would talk to each other as they both have the same goals. I can't wait to read more
2021-02-18 00:18:34
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The book is so interesting... The plot is amazing, the style of writing is kinda interesting too. Not to mention the very attractive title. I love everything about this book so far 😍
2021-02-17 05:00:26
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sruji K
nyc story.... looking for more updates... can you please update it fast
2020-12-12 21:41:45
39 Chapters
Author's Note Hello, dear readers,? I am back again with another new werewolf story, hoping it would amaze you. I have improved my writing skills compared to my last book 'my lovable possessive mate' but if you do come across any grammatical errors do let me know, I am open to positive criticism.This book may not be updated daily because I am currently writing it. So I can't promise you daily or weekly updates until I reach chapter 15. So hope you can wait patiently till then...Do let me know how you felt about this book in the comments below?
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This is going to be a disturbing chapter*** CHAPTER 2 – past ‘Val’ I heard someone calling out to me, it was my father, his dimples were the cutest. When I got angry or sad, he would show me his dimples melting away all the worries that clouded my mind. He was a simple man, never after the riches or power, all he craved was a happy life.People change when they get their mates, my father used to tell, but that never happened, not with mother, whoring herself out to our pack Alpha, Dicken Red, a ruthless man who never obeyed the laws of moon goodness.There were times when she invited him over when father was out hunting and protecting the pack. I dint like the look in his eyes, his and his son’s. You can see the greed right through those people.Even w
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 The room was clean, the smell of antiseptic was enveloping me into a daze. I noticed I had drips attached to my right hand, my left elbow plastered, and I couldn’t even make a single movement. My entire body was aching in agony, but the question remained unanswered.‘where was I?’I noticed a window to my right, howls, and laughter echoing from it. Was I back in my pack? Had they traded me?Suddenly I hear footsteps near the door with a round of whispers. I closed my eyes, pretending to sleep. I need to know who they are before I plan my next escape.‘How is she, doctor?’ a man asked, his voice still grumpy.‘We have treated her Alpha. She has a fractured bone on her left elbow and cuts all over her body, nothing serious, she needs a bit of rest…and..’ the doctor’s voice hesitated. So, he is the Alpha of Green Blair, a group ranking below the Crimson Knight.Known for their
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CHAPTER 4 – CHANGE I know this is too much information for a 10-year-old child to bear, but I was fond of our existence as werewolves. Humans and werewolves lived on different continents, both of us separated by what we call the Blue spring, a sea spreading between our continents.As humans civilized, they started inventing new technology. The only reason humans accepted our trade was for the fine quality of gems our mines had, some rarer than the rarest investors craved to get their hands on. We fought for decades before the peace treaty was established, signing in new deals and opening foreign exchange programs.We lived in the age of democracy, but still, murderers’ events happened. There are 5 packs in total, each named after the color of the jewel in the area, My pack had the red diamond, it cost
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CHAPTER 5 – MEETING   Luna had finished cutting my hair, swimming her hands through my hair strands until they sat perfectly below my shoulder, it was short and right, grooming me into the girls I once fantasized about, but now they held no meaning, not when all I had was revenge.‘Do you have any preferred hair color’ she asked, going through the variety of bottles she had picked up. They always say Luna’s are perfect in anything, and I couldn’t have agreed more.‘White….’ I murmured. ‘what?’‘I would like it to be white,’ I replied.White, the color of the sky, some say, or the color of the moon, some appreciate, but for me it’s the sno
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10 years later, ‘SERA……SERA…..SERA…..S.E.R.A…….BECOMES…..SERA….WA.KEEEEEE….UPPPPPP’ I swear I am going to kill him someday. I groaned, sandwiching my head between the pillows, it did it’s best to cut down the noise. But I had miscalculated, I wasn’t supposed to cut down the voice but his throat. Because he never stopped, not even for a second. If I had a wish I would have begged the moon goddess to give me the power to mute him whenever I wanted, just like the Tv, but wishes dint happen that way.‘SEEEERAAAAA……SEEEEERAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA’ I pushed my blankets over my head sinking into the bed, hoping it would take me to a wonderland….but NO..that dint happen..I could still hear his rotten voice through the window, creeping into my ears.‘SEE
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‘Sera’ Cason called pushing his head out of the window. ‘yes, I’m coming’ I ran towards the car. Let’s figure it out later, I need to focus on my current battle. ‘that was long, it’s not like you were never going to see each other’ Zallen commented. ‘Come on Zallen, you know girls are sensitive’ L spoke. 
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The party went smoothly and so did the days. The time had finally arrived where we had to part. To the empire, a place known to send shivers down anyone’s spine. Cold and ruthless, some say. There is barely any sunlight you can fish out even in the morning. A gloomy place to be. Ruled by the siblings, they have barely made an appearance over the past few years.Rumors kept flooding the ears of many, and those rumors painted them as cruel trysts, I highly doubt that, since our country had developed to greater heights, in every industry. I wonder if it’s out of jealousy of their achievements. That dint matter to me anyway, because all I was aiming was for the Star knight position.‘Sera’ she looked at me, I was comfortably laying on the bed and skimming through my phone screen. ‘When are you going to pack?’ when she’s angry her eyes, become large
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 Hi dear readers,❤️❤️ I know my updates have been late, I'm sorry, I'm just caught up with too much work, so my releases might be slow. Please bear with me. happy reading to all. ***It was a straight 12-hour long flight and unless you were in business class, let’s just say your body won’t be listening to you for the next 12 hours. We were around 20 members excluding Cason, all awaiting to come back home as the winners.As easy as it sounded, death was inevitable. Once you step foot in the Arena, there is no turnin
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 Tyson Blue.All I ever lived for was my mate, all I wanted was her, but the moon goddess was cruel, NO I HATE HER. My mate was already dead, to this day I still remember the wrenching pain, my heart went through begging the moon goddess to release of her crimes, to not take her away. The agony I felt still breathes like a wave of fire when I remember her.It has been 10 years; time passes by quickly and I have lost my will to live. All I want now is to crown a prince and leave this castle, this kingdom that shackles me down. I have seen many ministers push their daughters to my bed, all of them with hideous smell, and fake smiles, it makes me puke seeing their flirtatious looks.There were even times when they resorted to drug me, but that night the women never lived to see the sunlight, the scent of blood had filled my room, a warning to those who defy me, but there are still times, like now which irritate me the most.&lsquo
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