Eency Weency Murder

Eency Weency Murder

By:  Misssweetblack  Ongoing
Language: English
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Detective Catharine Maximo whose sister also disappeared, came looking for the mastermind behind this mystery. Every year a girl would be found missing. She's been wanting to solve this and find out the culprit for months. Recently, a corpse was found. It was evident that the victim was brutally murdered. She digs information. But could she ever find her sister alive by then? What is the cost of solving the mystery of-- Eency Weency?

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Eency Weency Murder by Misssweetblack is a mystery thriller novel. Every year, one girl goes missing. No one knows who the criminal is. One victim is the younger sister of Catharine Maximo. She is a detective doing her best to resolve the case. As the investigation progresses, a dead body comes into the picture. It appears to be hurt and killed brutally. Catherine comes closer to the truth. But when she solves everything, will a reunion with her sister is possible? Or is it too late to save her? It is a raise against time to save more lives as much as possible.

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Well I managed to find&read this book and it's quite interesting, ryt from the start I can really tell that this will lead to something fun and thrilling and it lived up to my expectations, very specific about what the character is doing, good for imaginative readers, hoping to read more chapters!...
2023-01-21 22:28:18
5 Chapters
     Dark. Catharine could only see darkness after she tried to open her eyes. From that point, she knew her body including both her hands and feet were bounded to a chair, eyes and mouth were covered with thick cloth. She dozed. She tried to use her other senses. She heard chirping, cricket sounds, and other animals she's certain that lived in the forest. Thereafter Catharine concluded she was in a forest probably one she had been into because one thing she's sure of, the criminal had been head over heels for her in a way that it knows all her background information; what she liked, what places she went and such.     The person is twisted. Its belief was rooted to its ancestor: Satan. An hour or so from now, she was faced by the same Satan she suspected. Laughing, the mastermind had welcomed her, eyes were devoid of sympathy for the victims.     A spasm of pain jolted her arms
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Chapter 1: The case of Jennifer
     Catharine Maximo rushed her way from her house to the address her senior deputy told her to investigate. Said he received a call, that there has been a murder. For ages, cases like this was not heard in Paradiso City. It remained a peaceful town except for the missing people reported last year but that did not cause big commotion unlike now. The reason probably, as Catharine investigated months now, was the victims are not based in this place. Came a year ago and no family even bothered to track them down and  report them missing to the police. But beyond that, no certain crimes have been reported.      Paradiso City is a small town with population less than two thousand. Located at the end of the country, it is a town most of the people want to live in. She fished her keys out of her pocket and maneuvered to the address Senior Deputy Maxwell have given her. It's still 4:00 am yet she have to drive an appr
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Chapter 2: Interview and missing
     The drive took more than one hour, longer than what Catharine assumed. On their way, she recalled what led to Jennifer's home is an old tunnel. This could be a place to kill someone but then she remembered that Jennifer lived in Paradiso year ago and then she was not seen after that although she is not quite certain. Jennifer could have visited her parents before she was gone and then abducted by crazy people. What makes her sure that the death was made by more than one person is the strength it put to the victim. The bruises are proofs. She considered other factor; build of a person. It might also be possible but she's convinced the former one is true. There were small glimpse of humanity from the tunnel and Jennifer's house.               Jennifer's home was a moderate brick house with garden outside just like her parents' home. Many plants are placed outside where the sun could reach its rays. Among thes
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Chapter 3
Catharine slipped into her leather jacket she had bought from O'Connel boutique across Pineda street where her house stood. They sell clothes with cheaper prices and Catharine liked the leather the moment she saw it; an old one that hangs in the place that could barely be seen by customers. She looked for her keys and was momentarily nervous thinking it was inside the car. She uttered a short silent prayer when she found it below the book she had been reading. She wouldn't like to bother walking all the way to the school. As she maneuvered, Catharine thinks of the moments she and Carmela shared. She's what Catharine considered as the other half of her. Catharine is older by 8 years. She and her parents even thought that Catharine would be an only child but eight years later, Carmela was born. They were inseparable since then until Catharine's college years. When she transfered to Paradiso City five years ago, she still kept in touch with Carmela by
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Chapter 4
Alex was on his way home when he noticed something following him. He tried to miss it. IT being the most horrible and strange thing he's even seen. Had the setting sun still been a little bright, he surely would miss it but of course, the sun would play on him, encouraging him to bring the thing that was following him. He decided to ignore it. Maybe it would just stop there where it would sooner than later find its owner's house. But when Alex looked again to his rearview mirror, he was surprised that it is still following him. As if there's nothing he must do other than carrying what he assumed as a canine, Alex stopped the engine and went to get the dog. When he tried to touch it, thankful that it won't bite him, he felt a warm asphalt on his fingers. The dog looked to him in gratefulness that he has saved its life. Alex carried the canine to his car and placed a rag in the chair before positioning the dog above it. He hopes it would not freak i
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