Acknowledge fear is an illusion

Acknowledge fear is an illusion

By:  Lea Del Moro  Ongoing
Language: English
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The story follows a group of six terrified passengers trapped on a speeding train driven by a greedy Shinigami who make an offer in exchange for their lives. He gave us six different rings that represent their irrational fears as they faced their painful confrontation of the past. If they can succeed to overcome it, the Shinigami will set them free but if their fears swallow them up he will collect each of the souls and deliver it to hell. The passengers are headed by Senior Team Captain of Men’s Volleyball; William followed by a geek guy named Travis, Stefanie a fragile genius student, newly-hired fashion stylist Belinda, Brendan a college professor, and Paris an ambitious and perfectionist Architect. Without any choice, they are forced to make a deal with the Shinigami and wore those rings for the rest of their journey. Driven by monstrous intention, the Shinigami took advantage of their fears to control each one of them to fight their own battle as they experienced hallucinations through going back to their memories. Each memory and close encounter gave them a near-death experience that cost much of their lives. As their journey twisted in different events, it gave them a shocking revelation of finding oneself and turning back to God to repent for their sins.

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12 Chapters
Chapter One Train of Hell
Narrator: WILLIAMIt was a dull black Saturday night when I ride a train in the subway to travel along my way
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Chapter Two Hydrophobia
I am William and Hydrophobia is my waterloo it is the fear of water. This is my childhood nightmare during a summer morning of 1997 I was a little weak child. I jumped into a deep blue sea with my friends when suddenly the current change and I felt suffocated when the water entered my mouth and my body collapsed until I was drowned. I thought I was dead but my sister saved me from the trouble. Back then I’m helpless and I got a phobia with water. My mother forbids me to swim in the river, lakes, and othe
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Chapter Three Selenophobia
It’s a jungle out there. Trees grow all around you in the forest, birds and wild animals are nearby in the woods, and other eerie sounds coming up from somewhere. Those clouds block out the moonlight, though it keeps on playing peekaboo trust me, I know.I am Travis and I joined my wicked friends playing hide and seek one midnight in the forest. It was a terrible night because the full moon encircled the who
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Chapter Four Antropophobia
 I am Stefanie and soon I will become a valedictorian at my university. They said I have the guts but my problem was my weakness. Anthropophobia is a fear of rejection created by people. I got this during kindergarten where I faced my childhood classmates and my teacher with a sudden nervousness and shock. I was about to explain my family tree when three of my classmates mocked my sketch and compared it to the faces of monkeys. They laughed so hard until I can’t take what they have said and I tore my sketch with a loud cry. My teacher defends me but the pupils keep on mocking and bullied me until I reached high school.
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Chapter Five Necrophobia
         I am Belinda and I have a fear in corpse. It was all started when I saw a dead person in in the hospital where my father worked as a doctor during my childhood. I do believe in ghost stories about the people who died in the hospital and how they wandered in the afterlife.
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Chapter Six Phasmophobia
          My name is Brendan and I am Professor and I have Phasmophobia or fear of ghost that’s why I got my silver ring engraves of a Crow that symbolizes the spirit.
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Chapter Seven Catoptrophobia
My name is Paris and I am an architect. Designing buildings and other physical structures were my job and being a perfectionist fit my personality. One thing is for sure, I hate mirrors.Catoptrophobia is a fear of mirrors. It’s all started back in my high school life where I face myself in the mirror and I’m really disappointed when I saw the fat and ugly looks of me. Nasty boys bullied me and pretty girls hate me that is why I change my whole lifestyle, clothes, hobbies even my family and my work.
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Chapter Eight Amusement park
Narrator: WILLIAM             I opened my eyes; I woke up from total wary darkness of a faraway dimension that no other man can fully understand. It was just like drowning in a deep blue sea and someone gave you air to breathe and you are forced to come back to life. I wasn’t prepared but I wandered into a place where I sat in an elegant seat of moving Ferris wheel, surrounded
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Chapter Nine Angels from Heaven
 We go back from consciousness and we woke up inside the train. The lights go back to their life and the engine moves smoothly. We looked around and we saw the Shinigami from the other side sat down on a magnificent couch waiting for us. 
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Chapter Ten New Beginning
Every morning has a new beginning.It was Easter Sunday and we decided to go to church.The bell rang from the highest tower beside the church; we entered and sat down as the preacher delivered the word of God through Homily. According to Proverbs of Solomon son of David, king of Israel: “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” (Prov 1:7). It
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