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He is blind and has the money. She is poor and has eyes. Both are perfect together on their quest for revenge, which brought them into the turmoil of lust, love, and hate. *** Leonardo pulled Angela's arms hard and said, "You will serve me and do my wish." He then tore her dress. "This is a wrong move, Mr. Vera." Angela twisted her wrist from Leonardo's grip, but Leonardo's strength remained intact and overpowering; he instead made her a prisoner in his arms and then pinned her on the wall. She was almost , with only her lingerie covering her and below. And he touched her face, down to her neck, her . Angela's hatred escalated with his touch, and she struggled, but he persisted in taming her, dragging and pinning her to his bed. His weight over her made her immobile. And she remembered her gun in her bag and reached out for it at the side of the bed, as Leo’s hand grasped her other hand and pinned it above her head. He was blind, but he knew what he was going to do. A little voice in Angela’s mind screamed, "KILL HIM!" as she grasped the gun in one hand.

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Minakshi Doobree
I love this book
2022-08-06 14:49:39
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geraldine correa
im looking forward for your daily updates and new book...
2022-06-15 11:11:26
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geraldine correa
I love the thrill on this book...
2022-06-15 11:09:32
57 Chapters
Chapter 1: Today is a great day to kill
"Come inside, Miss," said the middle-aged woman who had opened the door and led her into the living room. The interior of the house was breathtakingly lovely. Every decoration was unquestionably pricey. She held her bag tighter, trying to feel the little semiautomatic 45 handgun filled with an 8-round magazine inside."Wait here," the lady said, motioning to a couch before departing from the living room. Her heart started to pound erratically. In just a few minutes, her promised vengeance will be realized. She had spent a long time preparing for this day. And she will exact her vengeance at this moment. She studied how to use firearms for months. The enemy must be killed with just one or two bullets. And today is an excellent day for murder. Justice must be served.She waited for another few minutes, and with each passing minute, her heart raced to a level of excitement she'd never felt before. She's going to murder a man, a famous man, and this will be the top story in all broadcas
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Chapter 2 :   Leonardo's agony
Leonardo Vera screamed, "Whoever you are, get lost! I don't want to hear your annoying voice any longer!!!" Leo's face reddened as he became enraged, as if his brain would explode in anger. He clutched his fist, ready to punch whenever the woman's voice came within earshot. "All of you get out!!!""May I remind you again, Mister, that your mother just hired me as your new nurse a few minutes ago," Angela said, firmly, adding, "And as a nurse, I should attend my duty religiously if I want to keep my job.""I don't care if my mother hires you. What I want you to do now are get lost before you regret it. I am the boss around here.""Not anymore.” Angela cut in. “No blind person can manage their lives without the assistance of others. That's the painful truth you must learn to accept. And the way I saw you now, you were in desperate need of a good bath and a good shave. You had a sloppy beard. You're not a rock singer, so you shouldn't keep that look. ""Shut up! Are you deaf? I said I di
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Chapter 3 : I'll Sing For You
Leonardo's girlfriend, Lara Chavez, was pounding harder on Leonardo's door. It echoed throughout the Vera mansion as Angela and Mrs. Gale rushed in from outside into the living room. Angela and Mrs. Gale entered the living room and saw a man who smiled at her. "Angela, he's Leonardo's best friend, Fredrick Milldam," Mrs. Gale said. "Nice to meet you, sir," Angela said warmly to Leo's best friend. "Are you Leo's new nurse?" Fredrick gave Angela a friendly smile. "You can call me Frex. That would make me very happy. We've come to see Leonardo. " Angela was drawn to Fredrick's boyish appearance. His curly hair was longer, as if he were a rock singer on the move. And his eyes were black, just like her sister Esper's. And she was warmed by his friendly demeanor toward her. Then Leonardo's yelling from his room filled the air once more, "Get out! Right now, I don't want any visitors! " All of their attention was focused on the direction of Leonardo's room when a door slammed and steps
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Chapter 4 : Touch Me or I'll Kill You
Two Years Ago3:00 a.m.December 10, 1980.Hope ParkThe park was deserted, but a woman in a red dress was crying into the phone, "Oh no, Esper! "Please don't do it! " The fear was reflected in her expression. She was upset and weeping.A distraught woman's voice on the other end of the line was crying and yelling, "I want to die!" There's no use in life without him! "The woman in red was attempting to console her younger sister. "It's not the end of the world yet," she trembled, her vision blurred by tears, "you can have another man who will truly love you, and please don't do this to me.""Please come home, Angela," she said, her voice trance-like."Yes, I'm on my way home; hold on, sweetie." I'll be there in a few days. I've got my ticket in my pocket; I'll be there soon. "However, the voice on the other end of the line shrieked, and it was a death cry.The woman in red was transfixed, dropped the phone inadvertently, and knew right then that her beloved younger sister would die.
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Chapter 5 : A Beautiful Day
One morning, Angela came in early to clean Leonardo's room. Leonardo was on the side of his bed when Angela entered. He suddenly turned at the door where Angela stood. His hearing was getting sharper. He sniffed the air. He wanted to recognize who came in."You're a stubborn woman!" Leonardo's voice echoed.But Angela was like a rock that sparkles in a rage when struck. And the more enraged Leonardo showed, the tougher she became. "No one has a soft head, unless you're abnormal.""Get out, please," Leonardo growled, his jaw gritting."I have to clean your room and bathe you later." Angela began quietly picking up some messes on the floor."What should I do to get you out?" He groaned."You don't have to do anything because I wouldn’t go out without you taking a bath and putting on new clothes," she declared casually, "You stink." She opened the cupboard for Leonardo's shirt and trousers.She stood in front of the open cupboard silently, staring at the thick, hung clothes."It's reall
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Chapter 6: The Paintings
"It's still your fault," Lara continued, "you're the one holding the phone, so all you have to do is give it to Leonardo. You know, I want to talk to him. It's still your fault. "Angela's pressure increased, and Lara appeared to be out of tune. "I can't do anything if my boss refuses to speak with you." You can come if you want to speak with him. "Bye," Angela said as she hung up the phone and made her way to Mr. Vera's room."Good day, Sir." Angela came to a halt when she noticed Mrs. Vera at the window. She appeared to be sobbing. She wanted to ask, but she held back and quietly placed Leonardo's food tray on the small table."You can eat right now, Sir." The food I brought is delicious. "I know those are your favorites," Angela said, looking at Leonardo's bed. Leonardo was just lying down."Who are you to tell me what my favorite is?" Leonardo mumbled. "You're extremely obstinate. Scram! ""Have mercy on yourself," his mother exclaimed, "don't be angry with the world, Leonardo.""
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Chapter 7 : A 360-Degree Turn
Leonardo's room was silent. He lay there, blindly staring at the ceiling. Angela walked in after the door opened. "I'm here, Sir," Angela said quietly. "Why did you come back?" he moaned. "Aare you provoking me?" "I have no intention of upsetting you, sir. I really looked after you. But I came back for a variety of reasons. First, to see if you actually ate, and to thank you for eating. Second, you've got visitors. " Leonardo muttered, "Get rid of whoever they are," he coughed, "you should have known what I wanted." "Perhaps you should drink some cough medicine," she snorted, "your girlfriend, Miss Lara Chavez, is looking for you again." "We broke up," he stated. "It's none of my business, and my third intention is to check your studio. Your paintings are... "Are you crazy?" exclaimed Leonardo. "Didn't I tell you I didn't want to hear those things anymore?" "Just don't yell at me because I'm just doing what they told me to do to tell you their plan," Angela objected. "You ha
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Chapter 8 : The Death Prone Street
Another day had gone by, five o'clock in the morning. Angela looked in the mirror at herself. Her entire plan had shifted. She sighed, stood up, and dressed in her white nurse uniform, pinning her hair back at her nape.She emerged from her room to begin her duties as Leonardo's nurse. The living room was deserted, and there was no sign of anyone nearby. But, before entering Leonardo's room, she decided to take a walk on the lawn to re-energize. She inhales fresh air into her lungs.It was very cold outside early in the morning. She noticed that someone was talking in the back of the house. She checked it out and saw Mrs. Gale with a male companion, to whom she gave instructions. "Stay here at the back, never enter the house without permission, and if you're thirsty or need something, call me." Mrs. Gale noticed Angela above the first step of the stairs. "Good morning, Angela. He's the new gardener, but he's not a stay-in here; his name is Mr. Villa.""Just call me Anton, Miss," the g
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Chapter 9 : The night of the crash
Angela was still nervous as she boarded the cab. She was already on Jaca Street, where Leonardo had been injured and her sister had died. Her emotions were conflicted. She was curious about what had happened, but she was also afraid of what she would find out. She was curious as to why two accidents occurred on the same night and in the same location. The cab pulled up in front of Mentara's Mall. Angela arrived at the location Leonardo was checking on at 2:00 p.m. The mall was deserted; there were few shoppers in the area due to the lack of public transportation. Angela stood beneath the lamppost. She scanned the area where the accident occurred. She had just read in the newspaper and heard on the news about what had happened in the area when her sister was in an accident and died instantly on that road. According to the news, her body was being dragged by the motor at high speed, and Esper died instantly. Worst of all, Angela was on the other side of the world when her sister die
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Chapter 10 : The Crying Lady
"When I say get out, you have to get out!" Lara dragged Angela to the door. Angela turned to her and said, "Don't touch me!" and pushed her so hard that she almost fell down. "You're rude!" Lara slapped Angela in the face, but Angela quickly retaliated by slapping back. Lara cried out in pain and anger, pulling Angela's hair, "You're such an animal!" "Let him go, Lara!" exclaimed Leonardo. Lara abruptly released Angela and went to Leonardo's bed, where she asked for defense. "Your nurse is rude; she slapped me; you should hire a more respectful nurse, Leonardo." She cried. "What brings you here?" Leonardo inquired dryly. "Of course, you're in the hospital, so I'll pay you a visit; I'm worried about you. Why did you slash your wrist? " She snorted, "Perhaps your nurse doesn't care?" "Can you leave now, Lara?" Leonardo asked. "You're going to dispatch me right away despite the fact that I've only just arrived?" "I don't require a visitor at this time." Then someone else opene
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