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He had one rule! No romantic relationship between the employer and the employee. What Freya had for her boss, andre was just a little crush. What happens when her little crush turns to something more when Andre needed her help to pretend as his wife for a year. Will her crush cloud her judgement ? Will Andre see the true beauty that lies within.. Read to find out!

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68 Chapters
Chapter one
Chapter one   Brrring!!.   The annoying sound of my alarm wakes me. It's 7:30 am and I have an interview by 8:30. So, I get up, go into the bathroom, brush my teeth, take my bath and get out, and in minutes, I  am on my way. In about 25 minutes, I am in front of 'A&S LTD'.   I get out of my car and practically run into the building with my slightly high stiletto heels which I am wearing to match my black suit. I get to the reception and tell the lady that I am here for the interview. She directs me to the elevator and instructs me to stop on the 3rd floor where the interview is to hold. I look towards the elevator and see that the doors are about to close. I look at my wristwatch and it is 8:28 am.     I make a run for the elevator and before the doors close, I am able to get my fingers in. The doors reopen and I step in and see a handsome guy. He has blue eye
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Chapter two
Chapter two   Whoa!!. That was intense. I still can't believe I said all those things. Anyways, thank God that's over. I spend the rest of the day with Jade my best friend and Asher, her boyfriend. We laugh and talk, and  I tell them about the interview, and just before we leave, Jade shows me her ring, a beautiful silver ring sparkling on the ring finger of her left hand .   "Oh, it's nice. This must have cost a lot. What have I told you about wasting money?" I question, frowning at her.   "It's not for fashion Freya"    It slowly begins to dawn on me.     "Then what's it for?" She looks at Asher and smiles.     "Should I tell her or do you want to?" She asks him.     "She's your best friend, so go ahead" he urges her.     "Wait, I don't understand, tell me what?"     "We're getting married" What! no
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Chapter three
      Chapter three   As soon as I get up, I change into my gym wear and go downstairs to my workout room. I turn on the treadmill, get on it, and work out for twenty minutes. Next, I lift 20-pound dumbells and when I am done, I go back upstairs to my room, take a shower, shave and get out. I go downstairs in my robe for an apple, with a towel wrapped around my head. On getting to the living room, I turn on the TV and watch the news.  It is 11:20 when  I check my phone, only to see two messages from Andre.     "Meet me at the new coffee place around cone Avenue"- 8:00 am     "Let's meet there at twelve noon"- 10:00 am.    Shit!. It’s almost twelve, don't wanna make a bad impression. I better get ready.     I run upstairs, dry, and curl my hair. I don a short, wine-colored gown and black flats. I put my phone in my purse an
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Chapter four
Chapter four I wake up on Sunday morning and pay a visit to 'THE GRILL' That is the name of the restaurant that I used to work. It’s a family restaurant owned by the 'Buyers'. I bump into Mrs. Buyers almost immediately after I enter the restaurant.   "Freya!” she exclaims. “it’s so good to see you, did you get the job?"   "Yes," I reply happily, and she smiles, giving me a warm hug.   "I knew you could do it, congratulations"   "Thanks"   "But I must say, we will miss you here at the grill"   "I know but I've got to go"   "Ok, go say hi to Ross, he's in the kitchen"   I sigh. Ross has been asking me out since I stepped into his restaurant for a job. The only relationship I see between us is a friendship, nothing more but he doesn't seem to get the message. I walked to the kitchen. &nbs
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Chapter five
I couldn't help but think about my new boss, Andre. He a very attractive person who loved to have everything under control. I wondered how I was going to cope with being in the same work environment as he was. It couldn't be that bad besides he made it clear nothing could happen between us. My not essentially his type of woman. He probably made up that rule when he noticed I liked him."Thank you very much" I said for the thousandth time."I don't want you going to the bar" He said in a very demanding tone. I should have protested but a part of me loved how he sounded like he actually cares for me."I'm so sorry. Thank you for saving me" I thanked him. I can't imagine what would have happened if he didn't come to my rescue the time he did.I walked round my small room to get myself ready for my first day at work. My room isn't what you can actually call small but it isn't big either. Either ways i'm comfortable with the room and I think it's beautiful. It
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Chapter six
I hurriedly make a new cup of coffee for Andre. I still can't believe he loves his coffee with a lot of sugar and milk in it. I knock on the door to his office and wait patiently for him to permit me to come in. I didn't hear him talk, he's probably not in his office anymore. As I turn to leave I heard him moan. He is really having sex in the office. I can't believe this.   "Freya" The sound of my name from his lips gave me permission to enter.   "Oh shit!. I'm so sorry!" I say dropping his coffee, running out of the office. He was masturbating in the office. Andre Smith masturbates, okay,  but why did he look so shocked when I entered the office?. That can only mean one thing, he was thinking about me while in the act.   "Mr. Smith seeks your attention," The secretary says, smiling at me. I smile back politely as I stand up. I walk nervously to his office. I can't get that image out of my head. I knock, hoping he i
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Chapter sevenIt has been two weeks since the kiss and Andre's behavior has suddenly changed. He is normally nice, maybe not so nice but nice at least.  However, since the kiss, he's been so different, snaps at me a lot, complains about anything I do and I don't find all these necessary. I didn't start the kiss that day so why is he being such a dickhead?. Baxter and I have gotten a lot closer in the past weeks. I think my so-called crush for my boss has suddenly vanished. Baxter has been a really lovely gentleman. He takes me for lunch. His smile is so charming. He's always very careful with me. I just don't think I can date him. He doesn't look like someone who could satisfy me. I mean he's super gentle with me like I'm an egg that will break if touched. I don't think someone like that can ever please me sexually. I don't mean to judge but with movies and novels I read I know I would love sex a little rough. "W
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Baxter pulls me closer to him as we walk out of the store. I can't stop the smile that is plastered on my face."See you after work girlfriend," He says, making me laugh."See you" I smile and walk back to my office only to meet an angry-looking Andre. Why is he angry?. It is not like I am late, I still have a few minutes left from my lunch break."Good afternoon sir," He immediately clenches his jaw, folding his hand into a fist."Don't call me sir." He barks. I nod quickly."I'm sorry MR Smith" I apologize sincerely."What were my rules when you started work here Miss Stanford." He asks angrily."Errrrr... tardiness is not welcome" I state, and it comes out more like a question than an answer. He doesn't look satisfied with my answer."No romantic relationships!" He yells, causing me to flinch a little. I am scared he is going to hit me."I'm sorry MR Smith. I don't know what you're talking about" I said, confusion lacing my voice."What is it that I
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I am frustrated all day. I can't get the thought of Andre out of my head. I want him and I feel bad because I'm in a relationship with someone else. Baxter already told me he would pick me up by seven pm so I decide to get dressed. I don't want to be late for my first date.I decide to go for something simple yet cute. I choose a white crop top and a body-hug skirt, matching the top. I let my hair down and pick a blue sandal, something convenient for me. I stare at myself in the mirror. Shaking my head in disapproval I changed my footwear to a different sandal. I think I'm fine. Right?I am busy battling with my curly hair when my phone starts to ring. I jump at the sound of it. I check the caller ID. I smile at the name appearing on my screen. Baxter."Hey, babe," He drawls, and. I smile."I'm almost ready," I say, brushing my hair with my hand, deciding to let my hair down."Good cause I'm at your door" I smile, hanging up the call as I run downstairs. I o
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Maybe I overreacted a little. I just wanted to make my point of not being called names clear and I think I did because Baxter has been a little less controlling. Being controlled in bed is enough. I don't want him taking charge of my life as he owns it.After Andre's weird talk the other day, I have decided to pay him no mind. I will ignore him till he gets sick of poking into my business."Miss Stanford are you with us?" Andre asks with a frown on his face. He doesn't look too happy, neither do the business partners. I smile nervously and nod."Yes. where were we?" I say with a smile. The business partners don't look too happy about what just happened. After the meeting, Andre calls me into his office."Miss Sandford, " He said not sparing me a glance before entering his office. I follow him and stand in front of him as he sits on his chair. The image of him jerking himself comes to my mind making my cheeks burn a bright red. Geez."I won't tolerate this be
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