Falling In Love With Her Prince Charming Again
Falling In Love With Her Prince Charming Again
Author: Phoebe Heather

Chapter 1: Ski Resort

Chapter 1: Ski Resort

"Good morning! Are you ready?" Kashmir excitedly asked her friends. She can't contain her excitement.

"Yes, we are ready!" her friends answered in chorus while giggling. They too are excited for today's activity.

Skiing is their favourite thing to do each time they come to Landgraaf for vacation. They aren't professional skiers but enjoyed doing it for 5 years. They would not want to miss it because they can't do it in their home land. All of them came from a tropical country. There's no snow in a tropical country, which means they can't ski in their country.

Kashmir and her friends headed to the elevator and went down to the hotel entrance as the shuttle bus is there to bring the tourist to the ski resort.

As they board the bus, Kashmir could sense an atmosphere of excitement in the bus. Most of the tourists who are on the bus consist of young people.

After a 30 minutes of ride they finally arrived at the ski resort. They went to the lobby and got their skiing equipment.

Kashmere and her company are enjoying themselves as they ski. An idea pops out on Queenie. She voices out what's in her mind telling her friends.

"Hey, let's have a race. Let's see who will be first to reach that tree over there."

"Oh, that's a great idea" agreed Joyce.

"What would be the prize for the person who wins?" Samantha asked, squinting her eyes looking at the spot they had to reach.

"Well, do we need to have a prize? We'll just do it for fun, without any prize." Kashmir replied to Samantha's question.

"But, it's a good idea if we have at least a token for the winner as remembrance. What do you think?" Joyce stated her opinion, winking on Kashmir.

"I couldn't agree more," Queenie said in agreement to what Joyce said.

Agreeing to her friends' idea "Ok then, let's do it" Kashmere said with a happy and excited voice.

They began the race. During the race, the four friends couldn't help but yell and laugh out their excitement while racing.

Kashmir was on the lead but suddenly she felt dizzy and her eyes became blurry. She couldn't help herself but to close her eyes and became oblivious to her surroundings. She lost control and swerved.

"Ahhh" she felt hitting something hard and rolled down. Her heart is pounding wildly as she is nervous because of what happened. She did not open her eyes for a few minutes.

While Kashmir is still recovering from her shock, the man whom she didn't know that she landed on top of him is also shocked because of their current position. Squinting his eyes, he looked at the lady who was on top of him and was surprised to see a very beautiful face.

Kashmir opened her eyes for she felt a warm breath and was flabbergasted to see the face of man staring at her. The man's eyes are blue, with long and thick eyelashes paired with dark eyebrows. His nose is perfect. His lips are red but she couldn't tell the shape of his lips because of his mustache and he has a thick beard. But she could tell that the man is really handsome. Their faces are only a few inches apart.

'What beautiful eyes, it's like I'm getting drowned in his eyes' Kashmir thought.

'She is breathtakingly beautiful.' the man told himself.

They could feel each other's warm breath and lost in their own world looking at each other as if the world stopped revolving.

"Girl, are you ok?" a worried voice that broke their reverie.

Instantly, Kashmir stood up. Her face is red because of blushing and the man stood up too.

"I.. I am sorry " stuttering Kashmir apologizes to the man. She can't look into his eyes because of embarrassment.

"There's nothing to worry about," he smiled.

"Are you ok? It seems you aren't feeling well?" asking her with concern in his voice.

"I... I am good" she answered shyly.

' By the way, I'm Amir. And you are?

Clearing her throat and was about to tell her name but was interrupted when Samantha worriedly yelled and pulled her to hug.

"Girl, we're so worried when we saw you losing your control and swerving!"

"What happened to you"

"I suddenly felt dizzy and had a blurry vision," Kashmir answered her worried friends.

Kashmir's friends were oblivious of Amir's presence, all their attention was on Kashmir. Knowing that Kashmir isn't feeling well, the group decided to go back to the hotel. Kashmir was about to talk to Amir but she was dragged by her worried friends. She wanted to thank him for helping her.

Upon reaching the hotel, they all freshened up and headed to the hotel's restaurant for their lunch. After they had their lunch, they made sure that Kashmir got a good rest so they stayed in the hotel and slept. It was 6 in the evening when they woke up.

Kashmir went to the bathroom and washed her face and brushed her teeth. She put on a cream because she doesn't want her face looking dry because cold weather tends to make skin dry.

She didn't put on makeup because she isn't fond of makeup. She only wears makeup on her work because she was required but she only wears light makeup. Even without a make up she is still strikingly beautiful. She wore her knitted olive color sweater and her skinny jeans and paired it with sneakers.

Kashmir's friends are all beautiful too but she is the most beautiful amongst the group. She has big brown eyes, thick and long eye lashes and perfect arched eyebrows. Her nose is a beautiful duchess shaped nose. A beautiful red and supple cupid bow lips. She has long wavy dark brown hair. Apart from being blessed with a beautiful face, she is also given a beautiful body. All her curves are perfectly in the right places. Given her height of five feet and seven and half inches. She couldn't ask for more. However, she is not aware of how beautiful she is.

They went to dine in a restaurant outside the hotel. As they came into the restaurant, men gazed at Kashmir; some were admiring her while others were ogling at her. They sat down and a waiter took their orders. Twenty minutes later, their food was served and they started to eat.

"Wow, the food here is superb," Samantha said complimenting the restaurant.

"How about you Kashmir? It seems that you did not enjoy the food here. You barely eat your food." A worry in Joyce's voice could be heard as she spoke.

"Hello... Kashmir. Are you with us" said Queenie when she did not reply to Joyce and saw that she was deep in thought.

"Huh? What did you say? Sorry, please come again." Kashmir said apologetically.

"Are you not feeling well? Why are you not eating your food? It's getting cold." Samantha said.

"I am fine. Don't worry about me. I was just thinking about something" Kashmir started to eat again.

"Thinking about something or about someone?" Joyce teasingly asks her.

"Maybe, our best friend is love sick." Queenie spoke while trying to keep herself from laughing.

Blushing with Queenie's words, Kashmir retorted. "Of course not"

Joyce spoke "I want coffee"

"There's a coffee shop near the hotel. We can hang out there" Samantha suggested.

"That's a great idea. Let's go." Kashmir stood up and walked to the door followed by her friends.

At the coffee shop, while they were chatting, Kashmir felt that someone was looking at her but she ignored it.

A man seated across Kashmir's group, drinking his coffee. He is hanging out with his friends. While his friends are chatting, he has his full attention on Kashmir who is sitting across from them. He was mesmerized by her beauty.

"Dude, are you with us? Liam tried to get his attention.

" It seems that you are enjoying yourself looking at a beautiful lady," he added.

"Well, who are you looking at?" Matthew curiously asked.

"Nothing" he curtly replied

Nevertheless, his friends’ curiosity weren't satisfied. So they followed the direction to which he was looking. They saw four beautiful ladies across their table.

"Wow, what a beautiful sight. Four stunning ladies across from us!" Liam exclaimed.

"How didn't we notice these beautiful creatures here" Matthew was eyeing the girls.

"Dude, I want the lady wearing the knitted olive sweater. She's hot and beautiful" Ali said while ogling Kashmir.

"Let's join them," Liam said and stood up.

"Oh come on, it looks like they aren't interested in men. They are oblivious about our presence. They are not here to flirt. I want to drink, let's go to the bar. There are lots of ladies in that place who want to flirt." he said this because he doesn't want Ali to flirt with Kashmir. He is protecting her from Ali because Ali is a playboy.

All of them got up and headed to the bar. Though he wants to stay at the coffee shop because he wants to see Kashmir, he forces himself so that his friends won't approach Kashmir's group.

At the bar, his friends already forgot about Kashmir's group and found ladies to flirt with. While his friends are busy flirting, he was reliving the incident this morning, in his memory he can see her face and feel her warm breath and his nostril filled with her unique smell. How he wanted to touch her face and sniff her scent.

When his friends left with the ladies, he left the bar and went to his suite to sleep.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination only. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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