Chapter 3: Welcome Home

Stepping outside the airport, a warm wind blew on her face welcoming her and it suddenly dawned on her that she was finally back to her homeland. 

'It's good to be back!’ After 5 years in the Netherlands’ she whispered to herself, she inhaled the warm air, filling her lungs.

"Ate [ah -teh] (elder sister) Kashmir!" she heard her younger sister Yolly called.

"Yolly!!!!" Kashmir embraced her sister.

"Ate Kashmir, you're so beautiful. You look like a celebrity" Yolly giggled.

"You too, you look stunning" she appreciated her sister. Both of them are beautiful but her sister is short in stature, she stands five feet in height.

Kashmir looked around and asked her sister "Where's nanay (mom)? She told me she is coming with you to pick me here"

" Tatay (father) isn't feeling well."

"What happened to tatay?" she yelped, hearing that her dad isn't feeling well.

"Don't worry, we had him checked by his doctor. He was just tired and needed to take a rest" Yolly pacified her.

"Well, do you religiously give him medication? And his by- monthly check up? Do you regularly bring him for a check up?" still worried about her dad's condition.

"Yes, there is nothing to worry about. The doctor said that he is better now than before, so relax." patting Kashmir's shoulder.

They both climbed into the car. They are going to Los Banos, it's one of the towns of Laguna province. She grew up in Manila but her parents are already old and want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of Manila. So, when they requested her to buy a farm in Los Banos, Laguna she didn't hesitate. She hasn't seen the farm yet, so she's excited to see it.

While they were travelling, "Oh, it's still the same. The road is congested" she murmured.

"With this traffic jam here, how many hours will it take to reach Los Banos?" , eyeing the driver.

"Approximately 4 hours. But without this traffic jam it will be one and a half hours" the driver answered.

She sighed in disappointment, she can't wait to see her mom and dad, she missed them badly.

"Yolly, I bought clothes, bags and shoes for you." She looked at her sister who was busy texting.

"Thanks, ate [ah – teh] (elder sister)" she said while texting.

"Yolly... uhhhhm... you seem to be busy texting your boyfriend" she teased her sister.

"Elder sister!" Yolly blushed.

"I don't have a boyfriend," she said.

"Oh, I don't buy it!" Kashmir smirking at her sister.

"Who would believe such a beauty like you has no boyfriend" Kashmir added.

"Said the beauty who has never had a boyfriend" Yolly answered back, teasing her sister.

"Honestly, I don't have a boyfriend now. After I discovered Jim cheating, I don't want to entertain suitors because I am afraid of getting hurt again." Yolly confessed.

"Well, don't stereotype that all men are cheaters because of what one man did to you." Kashmir advised her sister.

"There are men who are faithful,  one example is our father. He never cheated, he was always loyal and faithful to mom. There are many out there who are loyal and faithful, don't close your heart. You will eventually meet that man.” Kashmir explained lovingly. 

"It really hurts" tears started welling up from Yolly's eye

"Go on, have a good cry' Kashmir hugged her and stroked her back.

"Everything will be fine. You will soon forget your pain and start loving again." She continued.

"Elder sister, I'm just curious, why haven't you entertained suitors?  I thought you were a man hater." She asked while wiping her tear-stained face.

"I am not a man hater, it's just that I haven't met the man who will make my heart pound wildly" she laughed. And she was saddened when she remembered Amir.

"Oh! So, you are waiting for a man to make your heart beat, that it almost jumps out of your chest." Yolly grinned.

"Actually, I already met a man that could do that to my heart" Kashmir giggled.

"Really! Ayyyieeh! At last, my Ate Kashmir is in love" Yolly giggled.

"When and where did you meet him? Oh, come on Ate, tell me. Please!!!!"

Kashmir told Yolly about how, when and where she met Amir.

"Unfortunately, neither him nor I have asked for contact numbers. There it ends." Kashmir sighed.

"Awww, that's sad" Yolly pouted.

The two siblings chatted all throughout, they never realized that hours had passed. They did not notice that they entered the farm. The car stopped at the front of the house.

"Uuuhmmm... Ma'am we've arrived already." The driver called their attention and they alighted from the car.

"Wow! Finally!" Kashmir's eyes are misty.

Kashmir walked fast toward the house, she almost ran, for she's so eager to see her parents. But while walking she felt odd because the place seems to be so quiet. 

As she opened the door, "Welcome Home!" a loud shout surprised her. 

Her mom and dad are present, the farm workers and their families are also there. She was in tears as she looked at their smiling faces.

"Thank you" she smiles at them.

She walked towards her parents and embraced them.

"Mom, dad" she broke into tears, she sobbed and could not control herself. She hasn't seen them for five years.

They embraced for almost half an hour. Kashmir's stomach growled.

"My daughter, you're already hungry," her dad said laughing.

"Let's go to the patio, food is ready now" Mrs. Lara invited their guests. They all went to the patio, Kashmir drooled over the food that was set at the table.

"Mom, did you cook all this food? How I missed Filipino food" her eyes like a saucer looking at the variety of food.

"Yes, but I got many  assistants" pointing at the wives of the farm workers.

They all ate happily and enjoyed each other's company. After eating lunch, she excused herself to take a rest, she was so tired from the long journey.

"Son, welcome home!" Amir's mom hugged him.

"It's good that you are back, son." His dad patted his shoulder.

"How are you?" They all sat on the couch.

"Well, I am getting old. Son, as you know well that your elder brother has taken no interest on how to run a business and only you have taken interest on business that you have successfully made your company to the top. I am begging you to take over, I really can't do it. And I want to spend more time with your mother."

"Have you already spoken to my brother?" Amir asked

"Yes, we have already spoken to him numerous times. We have tried our best to convince him but he refused to handle the company." There's sadness in his father's eyes.

"Let me think about it." His father grimaced at what Amir said.

"Oh son, please. I am begging you. Your father's health is at stake.

"You both know that my brother and I have a strained relationship. Will it be fine for him if I take over the company?

"Yes, your brother has given consent for you to take over." His Father assured him.

"Ok, I will"

"Thank you, son!" both his parents are relieved.

"You don't have to thank me, it is my obligation as a son to take care of the company," he told his parents.

"Son, you have to rest. Tomorrow we'll go to the company."

"With your permission, I will take my leave" he hugged his father and mother and left.

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KC abba
I like it.
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love ... it
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I like to leave comment on every chapter ......... This chapter gives a glimpse of the main characters and supporting characters. I love the way they are introduced in the story.

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