Chapter - 01

In Wiltrin Estate

A young man was smiling while texting someone. He was lazily lying on the bed peacefully until his mischief brother decided to disturb him.

"Who are you talking to? Let me see." Said the young man's brother and snatched his phone away.

"Ellis Martin, give my phone back." Said the young man who was none other than Ethan Wilson.

"Oh you are talking with Dr. Adonis Williams." Said Ellis while checking Ethan's phone and started running when Ethan wanted to take his phone back.

"Don't check my messages, give my phone back to me." Said Ethan while running behind Ellis.

They started running around the room in circle motions but soon Ethan caught Ellis and snatched back his phone.

"Don't do it again." Said Ethan in a strict voice while glaring at Ellis.

"Aiya.... don't be mad. I just wanted to know how much do you progress" Said Ellis while pouting.

"Nothing much." Ethan sighed and sat on the bed.

"Still can't confess to him?" Asked Ellis while sitting beside Ethan.

"No.... I am afraid that he might reject me and then our friendship will end." Said Ethan.

"Who will reject my handsome brother. I am sure he will accept you." Said Ellis.

"How can you say that?" Asked Ethan curiously.

"Because he also loves you." Said Ellis casually.

"I don't think so." Said Ethan.

"Aiya.... can't you see or feel that he also loves you. He talks to you when he gets time. He tolerate your lame excuses knowing very well that you are fine and pretending to be sick to just meet him. If he didn't have feelings for you then he would have told you not to waste his time." Said Ellis.

"Well…it's make sense." Said Ethan while nodding his head.

"Yeah.... just confess to him." Said Ellis.

"I will think about it. I have duty tomorrow I need to sleep. You also go to sleep. Don't stay up at night." Said Ethan.

"Okay..... good night." Said Ellis.

"Good night." Said Ethan and Ellis left the room.

In Ellis Martin's Room

Ellis went to his room and lazily laid down on the bed. He started to thinking about his brother's love life. Suddenly an idea came in his mind and he smirked mischievously.

"Well, I think I have to do something to make them together cause I know very well that my love sick brother is not going to confess his love soon. I need to take action before anyone snatch Dr. Adonis Williams from my brother." With that Ellis drifted to sleep.

In the morning

Ethan came downstairs after getting ready to go to work. He saw his father Mr. Wilson was reading newspaper while his mother Mr. Martin was decorating the dining table for breakfast.

"Good morning, dad. Good morning mom." Ethan greeted his parents with a smile and they greeted him back.

"Already get ready for work." Said Mr. Wilson.

"Yeah." Replied Ethan while going towards the dining table.

"Where is your brother? Is Martin still sleeping?" Asked Mr. Martin.

"Maybe he is still sleeping. After all, he is a late riser." Replied Ethan and sat on his chair.

"Hey young man, where are going in the morning?" Asked Mr. Wilson.

Mr. Martin and Ethan turned towards to see what Mr. Wilson was talking about.

"Oh I am going out on a mission, dad." Replied Ellis who just came downstairs with a big luggage.

"Mission?" Ethan raised his eyebrows.

Ellis nodded then ran to his room again leaving everyone dumbfounded.

"What is he up to again?" Asked Mr. Martin.

"Who knows?" Replied Ethan.

Then again Ellis came with another big luggage. He was huffing. Then he went to the dining table and drank a glass of water while sitting on his chair. Mr. Wilson also joined his family on the dining table.

"Are you sure you are going on a mission?" Asked Ethan while Mr. Martin served them breakfast.

"Yeah. Why did you ask?" Asked Ellis while putting food on his mouth. He was very hungry.

"Who went on a mission with big luggages? I know that people go on a mission with a back pack but I think you pack your whole cupboard." Teased Ethan.

"I am going. Do you have any problem?" Ellis understood that his brother was teasing him.

"Yeah, my little baby is different from others. Now eat." Said Mr. Martin and everyone started eating.

"Seriously, Ellis where are you going?" Asked Mr. Wilson.

"I am moving to Phoenix mansion." Replied Ellis.

"Why?" Asked Mr. Martin.

"I said I am going on a mission." Replied Ellis.

"Which mission?" Asked Ethan.

"It's a secret mission. I will come back after few days. Don't worry." Replied Ellis.

"Ok as my little baby wishes." Said Mr. Martin and patted Ellis's head which earned him a smile from Ellis.

"Mom, dad, I am also going on a mission." Said Ethan.

"You too?" Asked Mr. Martin and Ethan nodded.

"Where are you going this time?" Asked Mr. Wilson.

"Liverpool. I will be back after a week." Replied Ethan.

"Be careful." Said Mr. Martin.

They didn't ask anything more because it's confidential. Ethan couldn't share any information even with his family members.

After finishing their breakfast, Ethan went to his room and came back with a back pack. He hugged his parents and kissed their cheeks.

"Brother, can you give me a ride please." Said Ellis while making puppy eyes.

Ethan sighed and nodded. How could he refuse his cute brother. He took Ellis's one luggage and Ellis took another one after hugging his parents and kissing their cheeks.

"Be careful of both of you." Said Mr. Wilson.

"Don't worry, dad." Said Ethan.

"Stay safe and take care of yourself." Said Mr. Martin.

"You two also take care of yourself. I will call you regularly." Said Ellis and the twins left the mansion.

Ellis and Ethan got on Ethan's car and Ethan drove the car towards Phoenix Mansion. On the way, the twins listened some relaxing music.

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