Chapter - 11

In Wiltrin Empire

"We have reached." Said Allen when they came in front of the main company of WILTRIN EMPIRE.

Allen got out of the car and opened the door for Ellis. Ellis straightened his suit before came out of the car. Then Allen gave the car keys to a nearby security guard to park the car.

Although Allen was a secret bodyguard. He was also Ellis's personal secretary, driver and all. He acted according to the situation.

Ellis entered the company with Allen and everyone bowed to them in respect. Ellis just nodded.

Then they headed to the private elevator. They entered the elevator and pressed the top floor button which was the office of the CEO and Chairman of the company.

Ellis didn't take any position in the main company but his opinion was very important. Ellis and Ethan were the board members of the company. They didn't like business much, that's why their parents didn't force them to take over any position.

Everyone in the company knew about Ellis and Ethan but didn't know a
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