Chapter - 12

When two guys entered the restaurant with security guards, the manager of the restaurant and the other employees bow to them in respect. The younger of them was looking very handsome and beside him was standing his secretary who was also handsome like him.

"Welcome sir! It's our great honor that you come." Said the manager.

"It looks like everything is going well here." Said the older guy who was none other than Mr. Martin.

Mr. Martin had a meeting in this restaurant which was owned by them. So, he wanted to check the restaurant and attended the meeting at the same time.

Ellis also came with his mother. He just wanted to spend time with his parents and his mother was going out so even if it's a meeting still he could enjoy it unlike with his father who was attending meetings with some old men and women. So, he came with his mother.

"It's good. We manage everything as your order." Said the manager.

"Good. Have the clients already arrived?" Mr. Martin asked.

"Yes sir. They arrived 10
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