His Last Wish

His Last Wish

By:  Zhen Xin Xin  Completed
Language: English
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Raymond Cooper—a former police detective at Morozov city, decided to resign from his job and move to Cirillo city to reinvestigate the murder case of his late friend, Arnold Walter, after the police decided it as a failed robbery attempt that led to the murder. With a piece of paper that he found in his friend's hand, he searched for clues leading him to a girl named Amanda Chloe. All the investigations he carried out in Cirillo city led him to the trauma and old wounds he had received from his past. Will he be able to deal with his trauma and find the answer to his friend's murder?

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Aprilia Choi
kisah yang bagus sekali, alurnya juga menarik. saling dukung yuk kak, jangan lupa mampir ke ceritaku ...
2022-05-13 17:07:23
43 Chapters
Chapter 1
Raymond Cooper inhaled deeply, then exhaled slowly, enjoying the sensation of the scent produced by the cigarette. His eyes were hidden behind his sunglasses, observing the atmosphere outside the airport. Sitting in the designated smoking area made it a little difficult to do that, but this was much better than having to refrain from smoking until he got to the hotel. The espresso he ordered to keep him awake after the six-hour flight from Morozov city to Cirillo city on Andreas Island was getting cold. Reluctantly, he drank the coffee in one gulp, then stubbed out the remaining cigarette into the cigarette ashtray on the table with a deep sigh. His sturdy, slender hands pulled out a shabby scrap of paper from the brown coat he was wearing. His sensitive nose could still smell the lingering scent of blood on the shabby paper. Amanda Chloe Cirillo City 26 October 20xx "Amanda, eh?" he said, propping his head on the table. Even at his last moment, Arnold struggled to grasp the pa
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Chapter 2
It has been two months since he set foot in the town of Cirillo and lived together with a woman named Hazel Skylar. That was after going through a rigorous screening selection from that damn property agent who kept preventing the woman from staying with him. He could not understand why the property agent was so desperately trying to prevent the woman from living with him as if that man was the woman's father. The decision should be in the woman's hands, although he hoped that many of them will accept his offer because it would save the cost of renting the apartment. The man kept giving him a bad image, describing him as a wild beast that could attack her at any time. He had to admit that he had been attracted to her from their first meeting, but that did not mean he was going to attack her like the damn agent's description. He still had his pride. Silently he continued to curse that man's insolence. “I don't think it's good for you to describe someone you just met as you said. I thi
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Chapter 3
The next day, Raymond decided to leave the house, relaxing his mind after spending nearly two months in his apartment. All the information was complete; he just needed to think about how to approach Amanda Chloe without making that girl suspicious of him. Not only that, but the reason was that he needed a new job. There was no way he could depend on his dwindling savings to survive. The problem was, what job should he take? He only has five years of experience as a police detective. Only that. He could not apply for a job as a policeman in the city of Cirillo either, given the impossible procedure because he was not a Cirillo citizen. He could not think of any options now. There was also no way for him to apply for a job at Ignatius High School, where Amanda Chloe attended. It would arouse her suspicions. After all, it was not like a fictional tale that could easily sneak into the school as a teacher (or a school student, if he is gifted with a baby face that he, unfortunately, did n
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Chapter 4
It was only a few days ago that he got a job at the cafe where Hazel worked and got new information about the girl, whom Arnold mentioned on the paper he saved. He also spared his time to visit the cafe to observe the girl and the situation. Rachel told him everything she knew about Amanda after he discovered Edward scolding Rachel and her three friends for abdicating responsibility that should have been theirs. He took the opportunity to ask Rachel in exchange for saving them from Edward's tantrum. Luckily, Rachel was a reliable type. And now, his intuition seemed to tell him that Amanda's life was in danger. He was reluctant to follow his intuition because it meant he had to sacrifice his day off, wanting to give his body a moment to rest. Unfortunately, his intuition was always right, so he could not just ignore it. It was thanks to his always precise intuition and keen sense of smell that he was able to get his job as a police detective. Shit. It left him no option. His intui
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Chapter 5
Seriously?Raymond looked at the boy with glasses who was staring at him sharply on his first day of work and currently standing in front of him after leaving the shop. He had to refuse Martha's offers to drink tea while talking about the past several times before he left the shop and now he regretted his decision. Maybe he should have stayed with his sister if he did not forget the risk he was facing right now. He did not want to involve Martha in his problems. He watched that boy quietly. He did not expect that the friend Amanda was calling was Gerald, although he had to admit that the boy was a reliable type. Why, among all of her friends, Amanda chose Gerald Tan? He thought Amanda would contact Priskaーan athletic girl who was good at sports. Not that he meant to doubt Gerald's abilities, but Raymond felt that Gerald was not
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Chapter 6
Raymond opened his eyes. In front of him, he saw Hazel's figure with her long dark brown hair draped over her left ear, watching him from a very close distance. As soon as she saw him woken up, Hazel's worried face vanished, changing with relief. He looked around him. He only saw Hazel. Has Martha left? Or did Martha just call the ambulance and leave when the ambulance arrived to pick her up?‘How do you feel? Still hurts?’His body still felt weak from the effects of the anaesthetics. He looked around before his attention fell on Hazel who was sitting next to him. Since when has he been in the clinic? And why was Hazel here?‘Should I call a doctor?’‘No need. I’m fine,’ He took a deep breath, then exhaled slowly. Slowly he tried to get up and sat back down with the pillow Hazel quickly put behind him to support his back. Very nice. This was much better than before. Looks like he successfully passed the critical pe
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Chapter 7
They arrived in front of Amanda Chloe's house. There was no activity in the house, indicating that the girl was at Gerald Tan's house. While continuing to hold onto Hazel's hand that he had not let go of since earlier, they walked past three houses before finally arriving at Gerald Tan's. Almost all the houses here had a similar design because they are located in a residential area, making people a little confused if this was their first time visiting this place and did not pay attention to other details that describe the profile of the owner of the house. For example, Amanda's house has a black gate, while the house in front of her has a white gate with a golden lion carving. Raymond took out his smartphone briefly before putting it back in his pocket to check the time.9 PM. It was still early. Those two should be still awake. A little hesitant, Raymond pressed the button for the bell near the fence.‘Who is that?’ Gerald's voice came from the voi
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Chapter 8
Raymond gazed at the morning view of the city that could be seen from the balcony of his apartment while enjoying the smell of cigarettes which he inhaled deeply to calm his mind. It looked like Hazel was sleeping in her room because he did not find Hazel when he woke up. Seeing the view of the city made him remember the history lessons he learned when he was in school. In the past, the world was faced with a difficult situation due to wars raging in several Middle Eastern countries, most of which were instigated by extremists. As a result, many residents of that country decided to leave their country, sacrificing their property and citizenship status. Looking for a much safer place for the safety of themselves and their families, they fled to European countries to get what they could not get in their home countries: security. At first, the European countries welcomed them with open arms out of sympathy, but over time, the number of refugee
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Chapter 9
Raymond sipped the chamomile tea that Hazel prepared for him slowly, along with toast, scrambled eggs, and carrots bacon, giving off a scent that should have whetted his appetite. Instead, he just stared at his plate with a spiritless look and took another sip of tea until there was little left.‘Is my cooking not good?’Raymond shook his head.‘Sorry. It must not be as delicious as yours…’‘That's not the problem…’The woman no longer responded. He looked at Hazel, busy enjoying her breakfast with her calm face.‘Don't take your medicine after drinking the tea. Not good.’Raymond nodded. Deep in his heart, he did not intend to take the pain reliever. It was better if he just let the pain remain, to remind him of the reason that had brought him to this city.‘Oops. I nearly forgot to tell you,’ Hazel wiped her lips, sipping the water from the glass on the
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Chapter 10
Raymond returned to his apartment, greeted with Hazel who glared at him, standing in front of the door. After he cried and felt a little better, he left the coffee shop ignoring Martha who insisted on driving him back to the apartment because of the heavy rain. He walked through the rain, ignoring his wet clothes. ‘Come in,’ Hazel ran into her room, and came back with a towel in her hand, thrust it at him then turned back, facing him. ‘The porridge will be ready soon.'‘O-okay…’ Raymond replied reluctantly. He wanted to say that he did not get an appetite, but he gave up because he felt bad for Hazel, who must have worked so hard to make porridge for him. Hazel did not even ask why he left this morning, and he felt relieved because, honestly, he was not ready to tell Hazel everything. Not for now.‘Oh, I forgot,’ Hazel turned back to face him. ‘After you finish eating the porridge, can you eat the cake I just made? I'm experiment
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