Find Me (English translation)

Find Me (English translation)

By:  Belle Cassy  Ongoing
Language: English
Crystal OduwaMate: Crystal Oduwa
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Jack, who has a girlfriend, named Angel, fell in love with someone that he never once met. Being in a long-distance relationship was hard for both of them, but things became more complicated when Angel started to change. She always argued with him and sometimes ignored him which hurts Jack the most. Then one day, while resting in the park he found a letter with a content says, ‘‘FIND ME’’ he responded to the letter just for fun, and left it in the same place where he found the letter, and he unexpectedly found another letter for him the next day he went there. Since then, they became close, kept talking through letters but never met each other personally. Jack fell in love with the woman behind the letters. Will he crash his girlfriend’s heart for someone he has to find? For someone, he never once met? Or will he stay with his girlfriend and forget about the girl? “I never imagined that one letter would write my love story.” - JACK

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6 Chapters
Find Me: English translationAlright reserved.© 2020 Belle CassyThis book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.Introduction...Jack’s PerspectiveI was standing on the balcony, having some fresh air and I was thinking of something deeper than the sea, trying to understand my own creatures and perceptions. And then, I sighed when I remembered her… A woman that I couldn’t get off of my mind, she was always inside my brain no matter how hard I tried to move on.It’s funny to move on to someone that never became your partner, I mean relationships like girlfriends and boyfriends.“I waited, but years have passed and I didn’t still have any idea where could I see or find you,” whispered my mind while I was smiling like crazy but it has a mixture of sadness and pain. I honestly felt spines in my flesh that slowly crawling, and keeping the
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Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Jack's Perspective 2nd-year in high school and I didn't have anything to do but to stare at her, stare at Angel, the most prettiest girl I ever saw. It's been a year since I first saw her, and honestly, I couldn't believe that love, at first sight, was true, I didn't believe in that saying...for me, it was not loved, it was only a sentimental gush, but, the moment I saw her, I guessed I was wrong because I fell in love immediately, funny but it's true. Who won't fall in love with someone like her; someone like Angel, she was almost perfect. Beautiful, tall, has white skin like snow and belongs to a wealthy family. Well, I didn't care if she was rich, I'm not saying this to brag things about me, but I also belong to a wealthy family, that's why I didn't ask for more. Only one thing was missing, it was Angel. She was all I need to complete my life, haha, I laughed at myself about what I was just imagining. "Haist, she was really beautiful," my mind whispered and I couldn't
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Chapter 2: First time With her
Chapter 2: First time With herJack's PerspectiveOne month Later... Rainy days again, the weather I hated the most because it's kinda lonely or sad every time it rains, the places were too silent and it was too shady in my opinion. Well, I felt lazy about going to school, but I had to, that's why I hurriedly fixed myself because I was actually late for my study."Dad, I need to go now, time is running too fast," I said to my father and waved goodbye, and he just nodded. By the way, I was inside a hospital cause my father was a Doctor that's why when I came out of his office all I could see was pure white, every individual I was passing by was also wearing colored white suits. And every nurse that I was passing by was greeting me, they sometimes calling me "sir" because I'm my father's son, the great owner of this place. My father was a well-known doctor for being
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Chapter 3: We're Getting Closer
Chapter 3:  We're Getting Closer Jack's Perspective "Jack, what's now?" Zio was teasing me, and he was so annoying because he kept asking me about Angel since yesterday... And I kept telling him many times that Angel and I were not dating. That we just accidentally bumped to each other, that's it and nothing more happened. But he doesn't believe me, and just kept asking the same questions, over and over again."Zio, I have nothing to tell you. If we are dating, I have been at her room after class to pick her up yesterday," I explained, and finally he stopped- finally he realized that my alibi was reasonable....But I was wrong!"How should I know? What if your relationship with her is under privacy matters, bro," I was shocked by what he just say, I didn't know if I was supposed to laugh or not. Like for real? Me? In a secret relationship?
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Angel's Perspective "Haha," I just laughed when he knew what I was planning to do. Well, I was really surprised, I was a fool at that time, why did I say I would buy clothes for me? I should have told him at first that it was for my father. Urgh! Angel, it was embarrassing, I thought."You okay? Let's go?" Jack said and I frowned."Go?" I had no idea, "Go where?" I asked."Come on, where else? Let's go home, I walked you home," he responded, and honestly, me? I shuddered there."But I haven't bought you clothes yet," I insisted.He smiled, "What are you saying? I told you already, I'm fine, he said.But of course, I won't let him win, haha.I immediately pulled his hand, it was cold yet smooth, what a man's hand. When I grabbed him, I noticed that he got stunned and then unexpectedly blushed. Oh my! It was the very first time I saw
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Chapter 5: Meeting My father
Chapter 5: Meeting My fatherJack's PerspectiveI waited for Angel, near outside their room, I could not help but smile because I was too happy. Who would have thought that someone like her would give me a chance, and I was the luckiest man in the world, haha, gosh it tickled my heart!While waiting outside I heard my phone ring.Ring...Ring... Ring..."Bro, where are you? You suddenly disappeared after dismissal, I was about to ask if you could come along with me," Zio texted.I chuckled as I read his message, I intentionally hid from Zio and ran away, honestly... I made sure he wouldn't see me coming out after class, I also didn't want to let him know, that I was already courting Angel, not today, not yet because he would definitely tease me non-stop like before, that's his normality, he loved teasing people, and I didn't have time for that because I was planning to pick up Angel, and here I was, happily waiting."I should take this chance to win Angel's heart, bro, I'm sorry," I th
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