First Kiss

First Kiss

By:  Ifara Lee  Ongoing
Language: English
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Before, I believed in First Love, but my First Love was defeated with a First Kiss. And only the First Kiss can change everything."It's not something you see ... It's just how you feel it".

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59 Chapters
Paula and Bryan were walking side by side, holding hands and talking about their future. Paula doesn't get tired of looking at the face of her lover, her first love. How happy it is to be Paula, because her 5 years of waiting have been answered. Yes, she was the first to love Bryan, before Bryan loved Paula. They were currently standing in a place where there weren't too many people. Only some of the students passed by or sat on benches that were quite far from them. And the lonely atmosphere makes one not free to see Paula and Bryan interactions. That's why he chose to stand behind a tree far from the school garden. Luckily this tree is fat, so its body is perfectly covered behind the tree.Whereas now Paula and Bryan were staring at each other. Seeing the love that radiated from each other's eyes, their distance slowly drew closer. Paula could feel Bryan warm breath on her face. Paula closed her eyes, making Bryan excited to finally get perm
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"We present it, Paula Fransiska Pitaloka. Come here, let us welcome the champion of Pelita High School". All Pelita High School students and teachers applaud the success of Paula, who won first place in the science Olympiad. Paula walked to the middle of the field to receive an award from the head school. His smile grew when he received the results of his efforts in the competition. For Paula, learning science is very easy. Without learning, all the formulas related to science have stuck in her brain. So, it's no wonder Paula is often dubbed the champion of the Pelita High School.Paula returned to where she was, and turned to the boy who had been watching her. His smile suddenly broadened to see the boy, Bryan Gerland.____________________            The recess bell has rung. Paula who heard the voice immediately smiled with relief. He couldn't wait to go to the canteen. One of her friends named Ayu Anggina
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Bruk! A girl fell down because someone pushed her from behind. His knees and palms stung, fresh blood started to come out of his skin. The Dnakes gang put on an arrogant smile."Hi Bianca bitch! How are you? Oh, you tired of living!" Bryan said curtlyBianca shook her head lightly. Her eyes glanced at her knees and palms, sore, that's what Bianca felt now. Bianca got up from her fall, tidied up her uniform for a moment, then walked about to leave Bryan and his friends."Eitss ... It's not that easy bitch!" Bryan grabbed Bianca's arm so that the girl's body was pulled back and accidentally got close to Bryan. Bryan's friends could only pay attention to Bryan's behavior. Want to follow, but too scared."It turns out that the bitch has been looking for trouble with Paula. So, whatever is about Paula then it will deal with Bryan. Because Paula is mine," Bryan said firmly.Bianca was silent, she did
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"Paula, want to go home together?" asked Saras."Go on, Saras. I still want to go to the library" Paula replied."Do you need help?" asked Saras again. Really this is Saras, he is so possessive with the people closest to him. Huff ..."No need, I can do it myself" Paula assured Saras."Okay, I'll go first" said goodbye to Paula Saras. Meanwhile, Paula smiled as she waved, "Bye ... Be careful on the road".Just a few steps Saras stopped, he remembered something then turned back to Paula, "where is the adopted child?" asked Saras.Paula understands what Saras means, the adopted child is Ayu's teasing name. "He went home first. With his friend, who knows who, "Paula replied nervously. Actually Paula knows that Ayu comes home with Dimas, a member of the Dnakes, who tries to approach Ayu. But Paula doesn't dare to tell Saras. Because, you know right? Saras is possessiv
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During recess. Bryan is busy feeding Paula to eat the porridge that Bryan just bought. It felt like the world belonged to both of them. Suddenly, the two of them heard a noise from the outside of the 'School Health Unit'. It was like someone was arguing, Paula thought.Not long after, the voice grew louder."Saras, hurry up and open the door!" told Ayu."You just have to open it. What's so hard!" Saras doesn't want to budge."That door, right in front of your face, Saras!"You guys think, Ayu wants to open the door first. If Saras doesn't want to. Likewise with Ayu. Saras and Ayu are actually afraid to go inside. Because the chairman of the Dnakes, Bryan. Inside, looking after Paula."Eungh .. You, do not see. My hands are filled with these snacks" reasons Saras, while showing both hands in front of Ayu's face.Ayu, who is annoyed with Saras, suddenly gets an idea, so she can
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The students in this class are laughing together seeing Yovi and Reza's behavior that look like idiots. Yovi tunes to Dj through his cellphone, while Reza is cool dancing, he feels like he is in a night club. Reza is getting crazy, he attracts a girl in his class who is known to be naughty to sit on his lap. The girl is Flora Gabriella. Then Reza kissed Flora so brutally, without caring about her surroundings that were getting more and more excited. Likewise with Yovi, he started flirting with the women in his class to have fun. Instantly everyone fell silent when they saw the Dnakes gang leader who was standing in the doorway. Reza turned to the doorway and found Bryan who was staring at him sharply, then Reza pushed Flora from the top of his lap roughly. Flora, who was annoyed at being treated like that, walked back to her seat with a shirtless state. Flora didn't care about the hungry gazes of the men. What a child today! 
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Drrt! Paula immediately reached into her pocket deeply, when she felt her cell phone vibrate. 'Handsome Bryan' Paula reflexively sneered when she saw a name on her cellphone screen. The girl was very sure that Bryan himself had changed the name of the contact on his cellphone with his narcissistic nature.Handsome Bryan: Take care, Princess!Paula smiled at a message from Bryan, short but very sweet. In fact, every day we meet, Bryan always sends him a message, whether it's encouraging, praising, often even asking questions that are not important. But all of that never made Paula feel bored facing the nature of a Bryan. Paula is actually grateful because she has the figure of an understanding boyfriend who really complements her life. Paula loves Bryan so much!Paula walked into a cafe at a crossroads not too far from her house. Tonight he wants to eat out, because his father and mother are out of town to set
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Today Paula spends time with Bryan on the playground.  Yes, you could say if they were dating.  Really Paula felt that everything was perfect. "I am happy!" "Happy?" "Yes, happy. As long as I'm with you, happiness will always be there," Bryan said. Paula smiled broadly.  Right under the garden lights that sparkled beautifully, Paula saw that not a single lie could be seen in Bryan's eyes. "I love you." "I love you more, Paula," Bryan replied with a soft smile.  He grabbed Paula's hand, then he hugged her tightly.  Bryan didn't care if they were in public now, Bryan thought that only Paula always made him feel comfortable."Bryan?" "Yes, dear?" "Please let me go" Bryan shook his head, "I won't!" "Lots of people, Brya
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Paula who was already at her house, and she rushed to the bathroom to clean her slightly sticky body. How hot Paula was!Not long after, Paula had finished showering and getting dressed. She was sitting on the bed, and she was thinking about something.At times like this, Bryan's face suddenly crossed his mind. Unconsciously Paula smiled to herself. The girl grabbed her cellphone which was located above the nightstand.She opened the gallery, looked at the photos with Bryan one by one. Bryan's funny face made Paula laugh."Oh my God, come on! Just now I was with him and now I miss him again. Seriously ?!""Could it be that I loved Bryan even more?"Paula's face turned red, as she remembered how romantic Bryan was. Paula turns on a song entitled 'I miss you - Czarina' this song is perfect for Paula who is suffering from longing."Oh my God! I really miss Bryan!"
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Bryan walked down the hallway, holding Paula's hand tightly. Now the two of them have become the center of attention. The gazes of envy and admiration have mixed into one. Paula and Bryan relationship can be said to be lasting, smooth and without obstacles."Bryan! After school, we'll go for a walk again," said Paula."Sorry, honey. Today I have to hang out with the Dnakes gang," Bryan said to the point."Actually your girlfriend, me or the Dnakes gang?" asked Paula irritably.Bryan sighed for a moment, "Yes, of course you, my love. Besides, every day I always have time to be with you. Do you feel lacking, honey?""YES! It's still lacking, and it's all your fault!""Why?""Because you always make me miss!"Paula's words made Bryan ruffled his hair anxiously. "I promise, after hanging out with the Dnakes gang. We'll both go out to dinner tonight."
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