You are forever mine

You are forever mine

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Maybe before now you thought it's safe to walk alone at night or stay alone in a dark room, sorry I have a sad news , it's not. You are thinking we humans are the only beings living on Earth, then here's another bad news for you, we're not. Other beings exist out there too. Immortals are real Werewolves are real Vampires are real The earlier you start believing in them the better, if not you may end up like me. Even though I was born in a wealthy family, I lived like a pauper, praying to have a well paying job one day, that prayer was answered, even though it took a long time. I signed a contract with the most notorious player as a nanny for his adorable son, but I never knew I just signed my soul away, a heavy price I had paid for stumbling across a shocking truth. Can you keep a secret? If "no" then back off now , because you may be the next.

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46 Chapters
Torak Donovan stared blankly at the window, his troubled mind wouldn't stop thinking, he felt so uneasy like never before.'How will the night end?', he asked himself for the hundredth time, In just that few minutes, since he got the news. The old man must have set up this family gathering to honor her.How could he even imagine Anastasia would turn him down at the last minute?What meeting is more important than going to see his father ?Even though the windows are open, he still feels suffocated. He roughly un_do his tie. frustrated, he threw it on the floor.The old man will never stop pestering him until he gives him solid proof that he's in a relationship now. That was why he mentioned Sia to him.Out of my numerous girlfriends, Sia has proven to be different. That is why our relationship has successfully exceeded the normal six months and is now going to two years.Apart from being good in bed, Sia is a social person and very understanding, unlike my other girlfriends who are af
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LOLAI held my Chin gracefully high, as I used my a*s to push his chauffeur aside and boldly walked towards him, looking up at him I scoffed loudly " you hit me and you can't even apologize, mister", I drawled." Sorry, but you're mistaken ma'am, I didn't hit you, my driver almost did. Now get into the car. " He ordered, pointing at the car." What is the difference? And why will I get into your car? When I'm fine"this guy must be an arrogant fish." I have to make sure you won't come after me in the future with fake injury and blackmailing me, so please" he stood his ground. It looked like this person wouldn't take no for an answer.I looked up from his expensive shoes up to his neatly styled hair. I really like running into weirdos. What is so special about him? Is he a celebrity or what? I'm also from a wealthy family. Why will I go about blackmailing some arrogant celebrity " excuse me, have you been deceived all your life?" I asked with a mocking smirk. I meant for him to be so f
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Take my hand
TorakGlaring at her, I wondered how I got myself entangled with such a stubborn ass like her. I was in a bad mood and didn't need any disturbance, but here she was disrupting every form of silence I needed.I slumped back in my seat, letting her have her way. All I need is her statement, and once I lay my hands on it, she's out of my life forever.I couldn't believe I was admiring her curves moments ago. Imagine how it will feel to be on top of her, but the shiver I got the moment we touched sent off a warning alarm that she was definitely dangerous. I can never forget the last time I had that feeling; the memories will forever remain in my heart to remind me how dangerous that path was.It's just tonight, and she's gone. If our paths don't cross, we will remain strangers.Trust and love will never be on my agenda, and probably until I vanish from this world.Even though Tasha and I were an item, she knows I wasn't in love with her and that I hang out with her because she's a good c
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Fake date
LOLAMy heart shredded to pieces when I saw those two standing there smiling at the camera. I will believe it, Jeff was the same person building a hospital for Leah. While he never stopped telling me how much he hated working ladies , he said I was special to him, he was the only one who really cared for me.But it turned out everything was a charade from the start. They must have been in this together. I was made to flee the scene but something Mr arrogant said made me rethink. He was wrong. No lady deserves to be treated this way. It would be unlike me to just leave this way, recalling how I escaped from the house just to share this day with him even at the risk of being disowned by my father, and this is what I get.I made my way back to them. He was yet to see me, but when he finally did he flinched, but that was only for a moment before I pounced on him, giving no f**k about the consequences. Earlier, I refused to attend Leah's engagement for fear that I would end up bringing her
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Not fit for my world
Torak" How do I look?" Lola said, making a pose.I looked up from the magazine I was going through and my jaw dropped." Wow! You look different and sexy Lola." I complimented her and I saw a blush creep up her face. I smiled. She deserves it." Hm, Lola, I think we should get going, my old man doesn't have that much of a patience and I've kept him waiting for a long time. " I reminded myself." Yah, let's get going then" she stepped out of the makeup studio. While I handled the bill before joining her, I opened the door for her. When she was settled, I looked around us, trying to make sure we were not being followed." Who are you searching for?" She asked immediately. I sat down beside her." No one, just making sure we're not being followed. " I answered, signaling Caleb to hit the road." Followed? Why would anyone want to follow you, it's as if you are some celebrity or politician or some... " She trailed off, " I understand, you are probably checking out for some bad guys, you
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My idol
LolaI began hastening my pace, trying to catch up with Torak, when out of nowhere I tripped and almost fell, but someone's hand captured me by my waist midway to kissing the ground.I stared at him only to discover our lips were just an inch from meeting. I gulped nervously as if there was this huge lump in my throat when he began leaning in. Was he going to kiss me? Kiss me?! What the hell is going on? What if this is a test? My God! I'm really screwed." What's going on here?" Someone asked to save my ass. He gently let me go, making sure I was stable enough not to fall again. Sobering, I regained my posture while trying to hide the blush on my face as my cheek began to burn. I don't know if this is just me, but I have this feeling that he's doing all this on purpose, flirting with me any time he gets the chance." Tasha," Torak called casually. I turned to the direction he was looking in and just behind me was a down-to-earth beautiful woman with spotless milky white skin. Her red
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Bringing hell over
TorakI wasn't expecting things to get weird and heated, I was just teasing her, not trying to kiss her, but since we're in contact, the pull was so strong that she also couldn't resist. It was a good thing that Tasha interrupted. If not, we would have done something we'll probably regret afterwards. I knew Tasha had the right to be suspicious, but our relationship wasn't based on trust. I made it clear to her from the start, so she got all possessive and interrogative.I knew she wasn't stupid to forfeit a dinner with the Donovans over some stupid business meeting, her parents would probably disown her. She was with me for a reason which was something I was very aware ofOur relationship is built to satisfy her sexual needs. I was never the faithful guy and she cheated on me, which she has every right to, because I don't care. I don't see what gave her the right to be furious when I'm with another lady.Well, I'll just play along with her for the night. My heart hurt like hell when I
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LOLAI can't believe I just met Nora. We kept on chatting like two lost friends who had just found each other. Nora was a carefree person, unlike other rich kids would be. She was different, friendly and humble." You girls should enjoy yourselves while I go to greet my friend. " Ryan said, kissing the back of my hand." Nora, make sure you take good care of Lola, you know she's new here, " he playfully instructed Nora, who glared at him with a sneer." Who said you are permitted to leave your bad wolf," Nora said, capturing his hand and refusing to let him leave. Two of them kept dragging it, refusing to back down, while I watched their child-like attitude with envy. It was something I could only wish for, a family who would love and accept me, but Leah would never let that happen. Even though we're twins, I only joined the family when I was eight, so I don't know much about wealthy people's lives. I was relying on my sister for guidance, who would have thought that she was a viper an
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My woman
TorakI gave the best offer because I knew Ryan wouldn't dare to bid such an amount even in his next life just for a woman. I flashed him a sinister smirk, daring him to try double the amount. He should have known I wouldn't back down and allow my Lola to go to him, not after all my trouble, to bring her here."Grow up the both of you!" Father said, but we growled at him. I turned to Ryan, eyeing him viciously.Lola is coming with me whether they like it or not. Ryan tried talking her out but I'm certain she's already mine since she needs that money more than anything else. The few minutes I spent with her were enough to get to know her.Ryan was busy bad mouthing my son but I couldn't say anything to defend him because whatever the proud d*ck was saying that brat was the honest truth,if not that I didn't want to lose to Ryan,, wouldn't allow Lola to work under. The cam , the spoiled brat, had already fired six nannies. Three of them retired after being seriously injured by him.But t
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LolaI groaned loudly, turning to my left side still feeling sleepy , but my body face popped on someone , making my heart skip a beat. My eyes flew open only to be welcomed by darkness, I turned my light off because I find it hard to sleep when it's on.I reached out under my pillow searching for my small dagger. To my amusement it was gone, I became frightened trying not to alarm the intruder, I've always been a light sleeper how did I doze off without noticing this person's presence. I blindly reached out to my bedside lamp to switch it on, when I did I gasped by the sight that graced my eyes so early in the morning. An innocuous angry was sleeping peacefully by my side with no care of the vicious world we're living in, my heart melted the moment I caught sight of his choppy face, he was just too adorable, I was too carried away by his beauty that I momentarily forgot that I was yet to have a child of my own, so there's no f*cking way a child should be in my little apartment.I imm
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