Forbidden Forest

Forbidden Forest

By:  wbunni  Completed
Language: English
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After being betrayed by her sister (Novella) Ezra find herself in a dangerous situation where she faces uncertainly In her desperation she marries the king of the werewolf (Nolan). However, the marriage is more than she bargains for as she struggles to adjust to her new role as queen. Ezra fine herself in a dying kingdom with a king that will do anything to survive. Ezra waits patiently for the right time for revenge Will she ever gets revenge on her sister? Will Ezra and Nolan fall in love?

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love reading
this book is entertaining, I read it before on another website but then the authors took the book down despite the few grammar errors. this book is still good you will fall inlove with the characters it full of drama and suspends
2021-08-17 12:40:36
user avatar
This is interesting💙 Thank you author.
2021-04-27 17:35:51
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Wbunni( Wild Bunni)
Wonderful story, it take a while to build up but it worth it
2021-04-21 13:39:40
user avatar
Michael Palmer
Honestly I don’t like female lead not my ,but I like this one the more you read . You be come hook on what going to happen next. I love the part about Matthew
2021-04-06 11:57:54
user avatar
Book lover
This book is interesting in the firsts being it catches your attention because the plot is so good . High recommend😍😍😍
2021-04-06 11:51:42
81 Chapters
Lair lair
A young Ezra looks out of the horse carriage window; she stares in amazement at the beautiful and vibrant flowers. She is reminded of pleasant memories when she was little, how she would go to the family's garden to pick flowers with her mother. A slight breeze passes her face; she could smell the sweet smell of the flowers.Where it all started A long time ago, before life was created, the earth was dark and lifeless. The God of life saw that the earth was lifeless. He said to his self "I will make life wonderful and full of magic."He made the earth by his Design with Magical Creatures and a Beautiful environment. The God of life made four different environments to fit the Creature's needs.The land is divide into four sections. The first land is called The lucky kingdom; it is a beautiful land with diverse creatures living in the city. Most of the creatures living there are Elves, Demi-humans, and Humans. The Second Kingdom is the Moonlight kingdom for sensitivit
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jealous pt1
Novella stood there in shock; she was confused about why her mother and father would try to kill Ezra, their daughter. She wanted to know that truth. But most importantly, she tried to protect her little sister. Ezra finally came out of the dressing hall and went to meet Novella. However, Novella redirects Ezra away from the dining hall and into the ballroom. Novella made small talk while walking to the ballroom. Ezra told her all about the adventures that she incurred while traveling. Ezra also talked about a young prince she met while traveling from different Cities. Novella remembers that Ezra had a lot of mail that was sent to her. Novella put all the mail inside of her room; meanwhile, they arrive at the ballroom.At the ballroomNovella pushes the big doors open to the ballroom; white and gold decorations were beautifully everywhere."This is beautiful what is this for, " Ezra said"This is a welcome back party/Marriage interview," Novella said,"Fat
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jealous pt2
The Dining HallEzra walked into the dining hall smiling; she yells "Good morning family!!"The King and Queen were irritated. It showed on their faces; they quickly put on a fake smile and said good morning back. Ezra did not seem to notice their facial expression, but her sister did; she wanted to know why they acted that way toward her.Ezra sat down at the table and started a normal conversation with her parents. After breakfast, she went to her office to write a report on her travels. She went to the training area Novella found her practicing her sword skills, and she ran up to Ezra with a dress in her hand."Ohh Ezra looked what I got," Novella sang.Ezra turns and looks at Novella, who had a sliver slim silk dress in her hand. The dress was very sparkly, with two thin straps on each shoulder."That dress is pretty are you wearing it to the banquet," Ezra asked"Of course not... but you are" Novella grinned"Novella I don't I want to go I am
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Jealous pt 3
Inside the ballroomOne of the Princes locked the door so they can be alone. The Princes surround Novella. Everyone started to interrogate her with a question about the rumors that were spreading."Everyone shut the hell up," Prince Kanji yelled.He walked in the middle of the crowd and stood in front of Novella. Prince Kanji was six feet tall with smooth golden skin. He has light brown eyes with light brown hair. His hair is medium length with a silky straight texture.Prince Kanji always wears his hair in front of his face; He played many sports, so he is muscular."You have such a pretty face its too bad if those rumors are true about you," Kanji said, glazing her."You can't believe everything you hear," Novella Replied."I don't think this just hearsay, why else would three hundred princes leave your event, "Kanji spat back."Why don't you go and ask them," Novella said, rolling her eyes."Well I did, I was told last year yo
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Lust Lustpt1
Ezra was walking away from the table Sunddeny Kanji  Pick up an apple and threw it at her Ezra Reacted just in time to catch it in her hands. With fearsome Fixed Glances at Kanji, She Stared Down his Soul While taking a Bite into the Apple.Everyone at the Table was Amaze at Ezra reaction time" You are an amazing woman I didn't expect you to catch that," Kanji said," Please Try to food throwing to a minimum," Ezra said,'' Oh, I am Sorry, I just thought you might be hungry since you didn't touch your food," Kanji said,''Thank you For this'' EzraThen she walks out of the room with confidence the men were in Awe of her  Ezra went to the Soldier Base For an Insentse training session. A few Men got up from the table and went to the soldier base to watch Ezra. Novella Was Left at the Table Alone and that Where he Harted Started to Burn Deep inside her.The men Followed Ezra around trying to get her attention, of course, she d
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Lust,Lust pt2
After Erza was finishing her work, she went to the dressing area and the maids told her that Novella took her dress. The maid explains everything Erza decided to wear Novella's dress. The maids put a nice curly bun in Erza's hair. Ezra walked down the main staircase. Soon people start to turn around and look toward the staircase. Her dress was shiny that it caught everyone's attention. Her natural beauty wowed everyone she was like a diamond that shined.Prince Van saw her coming down the stairs and walked over to the main staircase to meet up with her. He reached his hand out and waited for her to take it. When she got to the bottom of the stairs she took his hand then he leads her onto the dance floor.They danced even though Erza wasn't that good at getting attention, Ezra and Novella didn't like that she felt betrayed by her sister. It was supposed to be her night but instead, everyone was paying attention to Ezra. She began to hate her sister for the night then sh
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Pride Pride Part One
A week later Van went back to his home town Novella wanted to find a way that could be together. Novella being to hate Ezra because Van was in love with her.Three Week LaterOver the week's Novella being to treat Ezra badly, Novella was feeling unwell her mother called the doctor. The doctor did an examination and then told the Mother and Father that she was three weeks pregnant. It came as a shocked to the King and Queen shame came over Novella and her parent. They charge in the room and started to yell at her at the same time. They were very upset and demanded answers.  Under pre-pressure, Novelle told them everything about what happened with Van and her. Her parents soon clam down about and decide to cover this situation. The parent decides to make Van married Novella instead of Ezra.Novella was put on bed rest she wasn't allowed to have outside visitors one day her the Queen came to visit Novella.Because Novella was jealous of Erza she asked h
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pride pride 2
She notices that it was a lot of trees surrounding by the goblins. She steps back a few meters and quickly with great speed she ran toward the nearest tree that was standing horizontally to the where the goblin was unconscious. With great speed, Ezra ran on top of the tree then on the last tree closet to the globin. She leaps off with her back feet which land her in mid-air for a few secs. Erza was holding the sword in her left hand. Ezra decides to cross the sword over to her right shoulder for better impact and with a strong swing. She aims horizontally downward for the goblin head.The goblin didn't know what hit him. The blade slice through his skin like butter. His head came clean off and the blue blood sprayed everywhere Ezra notices that the blood was melting some part of her clothes off. Erza was very dizzy but she plans to run in the woods she didn't know where she was going. but she started to hear a scream in front of her she ran toward it. As she got
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pride pride 3
   MoonValleyMoon Valley is an open land Surrounded by trees there is one Castle overlooking the kingdom. the Citizen made the house out of straw and Rocks. The Castle is made out of special rock that can reflect light bricks. The Castle was built a long time ago. Because the land is open Nolan have guarding night and day and also Trap around their land. Jea ran toward the guards and told them everything that happens.One of the guard's named Peter took her to the doctor the other guard informs Leela. Leela is the second command of the kingdom she also a Princess. She told her brother what the guard told her. The doctor took good care of a Jea and Erza. A few days later Jea was healthy and She went to report to Nolan. Jea was nervous she softly knocked on Nolan door.''Come in ''Nolan said,Jea walked in the office she also saw Leela standing next to Nolan desked Jea bowed low to Nolan and Leela in honor of them."My King you wan
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Dark Time Part One
Back at moon valleyNolan set up a system to feed everyone in the Kingdom. Nolan Cook prepares big meals for the whole Kingdom. They all eat at the same time. The citizens all have jobs the kingdom doesn't have a payment system for the citizen. The only money they use is lucky Kingdom money for trading goods and buying. Nolan made a feeding center to feed the citizens of Moon valley.Also, the citizen was working on building New house for themself Willis is in charge of that project. The Werewolf also sleep at the same time when the full moon is out. Nalon clan have great night vision however to make easy to identify who everyone is. Nolan order that his clan wears a mask that shows the rank, Age and names the mask have different design and symbol on it.The masked Decorate in glow in the dark paint they also have advancement and badge that a werewolf may have. It became late So everyone in the Kingdom went to bed. Leela watches over Erza for a little bit just i
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