By:  Amber  Ongoing
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Ashley, a Turkish woman, who came to Switzerland to fulfil her dreams and in search of a happy and calm life. Hudson, a singer who is trying to make his name and be famous. As opposite attracts, they both, one who wants a peaceful life and another who strives for a famous, starry life, fell in love with each other. Meredith, Ashley’s friend and Hudson’s sister was the reason they both met and the story started. Life had other plans, Ashley’s marriage is already fixed by her family, who happens to be Meredith’s love. How would Ashley fight her family and reunite Meredith with her crush? Ashley strives hard and convinces her family. The wedding day appears and she is on the ninth cloud. But where is the groom? With the bride waiting on the altar, the groom disappeared. Will their love survive when they meet each other after 5 years? Will Ashley be able to love him again or will she find support in her loneliness? Will Hudson be able to justify his reason for running away from his own wedding or would a sweet love story end up in another despair?

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enjoy this story so much... do you have any social media I can follow?
2021-07-16 18:10:29
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Mummy's baby.loves writing
nice story
2021-05-22 02:26:09
75 Chapters
Chapter 1
Ashley's POV:  It's Monday. A day who's hated by most people in the world. Actually, I didn't like Mondays too but since I finished my apprenticeship as a childcare worker two weeks ago I'm not stressed anymore. Now I can follow my real dream and become an English teacher.  
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Chapter 2
Ashley's POV:  My dad looks so confused but not that angry I expected him to be.  "Anne, are you serious right now? I didn't say I'm going to leave you. This kind of stuff is called language stay." I try
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Chapter 3
Ashley's POV:  What am I going to do? My dad wants to marry me by force! How can any parent do this to his own child? Marry her and know that she's not happy with it. I could say I hate my family but I can't. I have a good bond with them even if they're not very understanding about my dreams. 
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Chapter 4
Ashley's POV: Before Meredith continued telling me more about her plan I heard my brothers at the front door. I immediately begin to panic because I know they will enter my room as soon as they say hello to my parents.  
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Chapter 5
Ashley's POV:  I did a lot with my family just in case to have enough memories when I leave. I'm pretty sure they're going to be mad but I already booked my flight.  So it's the day. The last day I'm goi
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Chapter 6
Ashley's POV:  "Ma'am, please wake up we've already arrived in London." A women's voice says. When I open my eyes I see the stewardess who gave me drinks and meals on this flight. I probably fell asleep right after I listen to some songs. I still hear my playlist in my Airpods.  
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Chapter 7
Ashley's POV:  I stand up from the bed and he joins. I remember that I have on my pajamas and feel a little embarrassed.  "Your house?" I say with an obviously confused look. I am very confused. Who's th
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Chapter 8
Ashley's POV:  When I enter Meredith's room I remember that I forgot my phone in the guest room. I mean... Hudson's room.  "Fuck!" I mumble. I don't want to wake Meredith up. I want to get my phone but I
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Chapter 9
Ashley's POV:  "Uhm... yes, we met in the lobby today morning but again, nice to meet you." I shake Hudson's hand and smile. Phew, that was close! Why am I such an idiot?  "Me too, Ashley." He says kinda
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Chapter 10
Ashley's POV:  "Samir listen I can explain..." I sob even though I don't know how to explain them.   "No Asli, you listen! Mom and dad don't know you left. I told them you are at the grocery store."
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