Forced to Become His Maid

Forced to Become His Maid

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Jessica Monroe, who has just started working, is suddenly fired directly by her boss; not stopping there, Jessica finds that her father is in huge debt to none other than her former boss, Morgan. Unable to repay her father's debt, Jessica is forced to become the personal maid of the wealthy and arrogant Mr Morgan. Now, her new life as a maid begins! ------- From one of the popular MegaNovel authors

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31 Chapters
Chapter 1: Fired
Morgan Morris is a 35-year-old man with all the power in his hand.Arrogant and cruel men are slow and hard to talk to.It's no longer about being economical with words. If Morgan, who is usually called, has spoken and smiled, then be careful with her.Because behind Morgan's smile, there must be something hidden."Sir, this meeting will be held at the Paramount Hotel to discuss the construction of the new mall," said Morgan's right-hand man, Jonathan, informing him of the agenda.But as usual, there was no answer or anything.Morgan just followed the schedule. Suppose the person concerned with it is even a little late. You can be sure that the company will suffer a lot of losses. Even if Morgan wanted to, their business would only be a name."And today, Miss Scarlett will arrive here at 2 pm," Jonathan added."Let her be!" was her only reply.Scarlett is his forced fiancée, who his mum and dad have arranged.She neither rejected nor accepted. The engagement was still ongoing, but she
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Chapter 2: Plan
Morgan was furious with his father, who was already in his twilight years but still playing with young women!Morgan frequents nightclubs and is accompanied by many women, but he doesn't like his valuables in the possession of random people.Moreover, his mum is sick, and his dad can play crazy again, this time with his new secretary, who is still young!"Sorry, Young Master, you can't come in," prevented his father's assistant from getting up ahead.Morgan just glanced at Jonathan, and Jonathan immediately understood.SMACK!!!"Damn it!" cursed her father, who was making out with a woman who was already without a top.Seeing his son coming, Mr Sebastian gave him the secretary's clothes."Get out now!" said Mr Sebastian to his secretary.The woman looked down, ashamed to have been caught by this son of her master."What brings you here, Morgan?" asked his father.Morgan just watched without speaking."You didn't come here just to catch me, did you? You know who I am!""Stop your nonse
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Chapter 3: Become a Maid
Morgan closely watched his prey; who else, if not Jessica?Morgan directly monitored Jessica's activities from an iPad connected to his men observing Jessica."No matter how hard you try, your place will only end here," Morgan muttered, looking at his iPad.Morgan waited long enough to do her homework.Morgan had to go to his headquarters to check on his illicit goods. But not drugs! Morgan hates the very name of drugs."Pick him up! Bring her here," Morgan said, driving off in his car towards the headquarters.Morgan had to know about all the incoming items. Of course, he also had to see the results of Jonathan's auction on his behalf.There was one item that she got. A purple-edged diamond necklace that was eye-catching.***Jessica was tired. She had been trying to find a loan for her parents' inheritance for three days.But the result was the same. Jessica was rejected with a result that she felt made no sense.Jessica is not a fool who doesn't know the real reason. This must be M
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Chapter 4: First Day Work
Jessica was still waiting for Mr Morgan to come out of the dressing room, and when he did…Jessica's eyes bulged as if her eyeballs wanted to jump out of place. How could she not? With his arrogant style, Mr Morgan came out in his trousers while bare-chested.Really! This is a sight that Jessica should always see from now on.Jessica swallowed hard at seeing his muscular body with its many tattoos and fine hair.What a hot guy, according to Jessica."Sorry, sir," Jessica moved closer to Morgan, who was staring at her intently.Jessica felt a sense of distress as she helped Mr Morgan get ready.Morgan, who saw Jessica's agitation, continued to stare at her as usual."No!" cried Jessica, shocked to be lifted and placed on the long table in this room, where clean towels were kept."Noisy!" said MorganJessica could only look down in fear as Mr Morgan stared at her."I'm sorry," Jessica whispered, feeling guilty.She continued to do her duty this morning. Helping her Master get ready.Jes
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Chapter 5: Care
Jessica could only stay in Mr Morgan's room as her master ordered. She only went out to have lunch at the dining table set up by the maids.It was all on the direct orders of the host who contacted Faye."Miss, lunch is ready," Faye called from outside Mr Morgan's room."Ah yes, Faye, I'll be down in a minute," Jessica went downstairs for lunch.While walking to the dining table, Jessica met the maid who had ignored her the day before.She smiled sincerely there and walked back to the dining table.PLUCK!!!"Ouch," Jessica was deliberately tripped and fell there.Jessica's skin was white and sensitive, so her knees were reddened and bruised.Jessica looked at the maid named Mia. But she had no idea what the maid's name was."Miss, are you alright?" Faye came to help Jessica up."I'm fine, Faye. Thank you," Jessica smiled again and continued her walk towards the dining table."Why is there so much food, Faye? Who would eat this much?" Jessica asked again.As Jessica was about to eat, s
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Chapter 6: Don't Know What to Do
As Morgan was about to wrap her arms around Jessica's tiny body, her sharp eyes fell on Jessica's bruised knee. Examined it more closely, and it was indeed a bruise. "What happened to this woman? Why so careless?" Ultimately, Morgan left it alone and will be treated by Maid tomorrow morning. If Morgan were the one treating, Morgan wouldn't know where the medicine box was and what medicine to treat the bruises. He only knew that if he got a gunshot wound, he would immediately cut himself with a knife doused in alcohol, and that was normal for him. But about women's injuries? He didn't know at all. Eventually, Morgan fell asleep next to Jessica. Unwittingly, Jessica was delighted and broke out in a cold sweat. "Papa... Mama... I miss..." As time went on, Jessica's whimpers and cries became fainter and fainter sobs. Jessica even hugged Morgan's body tightly. She felt safe in Morgan's arms. Morgan just held on stiffly as Jessica hugged him. Having not lost his tightness when tou
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Chapter 7: Anger
After the day when Jessica went on a shopping spree, it hasn't been able to fill her closet anymore. As a result, a boutique person deliberately delivered clothes and other equipment again for Jessica. I don't know! It's been almost a month since she lived in Mr Morgan's luxurious mansion, and his attitude is still the same! Cold and creepy! But when he sleeps, Mr Morgan will look a little cuter. Today, Jessica asked for permission to walk in the mansion's garden, and Morgan granted her permission. "Sir..." "Hm," Morgan answered on his phone. "Can I go out? Hmm, you mean play in the garden? I'm bored in my room and reading room." There was no answer, and the room remained silent. Jessica has given up! Maybe Morgan didn't give her permission. "Sir, I'm sorry. I'll just go back to my room." "Go away! I'm eating at home tonight! Get my things ready!" "Ahh... Yes, thank you, sir," Jessica said excitedly. Morgan tugged at the corners of her lips only slightly, and it was so sli
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Chapter 8: Revenge
WHACK! Morgan had kicked the Chair, breaking it instantly. Jessica's body trembled even more in fear. "Sir... I'm fine... It's just..." Jessica could not continue as Morgan's sharp eyes pierced her heart. Jessica lowered her head because she was really scared at the moment. "Take her to the room and treat her. If he gets out of bed, you will suffer the consequences!" "Disperse!" Morgan shouted again. When he was about to go to his office and check the CCTV that he had passed earlier during the file signing, his mobile phone also died out of power. Ms Faye stopped her. "Miss Scarlet, Mr..." Morgan stopped and looked straight at Ms Faye. "Please forgive my negligence, sir," Ms Faye regretted. As the head maid here, she felt sorry for not being able to protect Miss Jessica. Ms Faye is also still confused about the relationship between her young master. Ms Faye was her nanny as a child. Ms Faye chose to be single all her life because she was hurt by her ex-boyfriend, who cheate
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Chapter 9
"Sir, wake up... It's noon." Jessica felt uncomfortable being hugged every night by Morgan.Even if she was conscious like this, she felt very tight. Morgan's big hands were heavy on her stomach."Sir..." Jessica called again.Morgan woke up instantly and chuckled lazily every time Jessica woke up his beautiful morning."There you are!" He shooed Jessica away.He was annoyed; why did Jessica ask to be released every morning?He still wanted to sleep hugging the little bunny. Since Jessica's arrival, Morgan has slept comfortably and peacefully.I don't know what spell Jessica cast on her, making her addicted to that tiny body.Jessica could breathe a sigh of relief; even though she had to endure Morgan's harsh words every morning when she built the lion, she felt relieved.So far, Morgan has never hurt her. Can Jessica even think Morgan is protecting her?Is it wrong for her to feel that way?"I'm on my own! Don't help me; I'm too lazy to look at you!""Huh, thankfully, I was spared th
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Chapter 10
Jessica was bored in Mr Morgan's office, not knowing what to do at this very moment.Soon, a beautiful woman entered, carrying several boxes that she had no idea what they contained."Sorry, Miss, this is your order." The beautiful woman gave the box to Jessica."What is this?" Jessica asked."This is Mr Morgan's order, Miss. He said it belongs to him." Jessica opened it and found it was chocolate.Yes, it's brown like the one she saw this morning and even more luxurious.It means that he saw it this morning when Tuan asked for his mobile phone."Oh my!" Jessica was shocked again when she remembered something.She just remembered that she had seen the woman's underwear and that Jessica had not expected Mr Morgan to see it.Jessica left Mr Morgan's room and searched for the meeting room.WHACK!Jessica walked into the room without remembering Morgan's message.Morgan stared at Jessica, who entered sud
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